there are bumps on the roof of your mouth
where you held your tongue for too long
afraid to face the inevitable shame
that comes with confessing wrongs

bruises painted upon your shoulders
so deep, tattoos representing
the painful battles faced alone
too guilty to open the gates

when you’re on your knees
finally pulling your last straw of strength
with no other resort to run to
to find the freedom you seek

He fills the empty silences in perfect ways
there is only one father i know of
who can softly rebuke while
giving loving grace

don’t listen to the wicked lies
from the one that wants you destroyed
saying you’re too far from home
too imperfect for love

He loves you no matter what you do
you never earned a thing
strive for that never ending devotion
and you’ll find your sins wiped clean

—  strive for Him, not perfection - c.h.

olivestwerkblog asked:

im a guy and ill will make you a twerk video wearing a pink thong or gstring (you pick!) and fishnets to any song u want and with a sign saying anything u want haha i swear. i have pink mini dress too haha

ok could the sign please have the likeness of my face on it, it can be printed but i’d prefer it to be hand drawn also i need my body to have tiny warios photoshopped onto every visible surface but you can leave my face clear maybe put a tiny wario on my nose? And please perform the dance fully clothed you can put the pink thong over it if you want its just that its sunday and i just finished my confessions and my mom would get mad at me if i sinned this early in the week you know how it is. do you think you can manage that

In short, white evangelicalism shies away from the apocalyptic language of cosmic struggle when describing the economic, social, and political relationships we find ourselves in. We worry about a “realized eschatology” that puts too much hope in human ability to change this world. Even as we remind ourselves that Jesus could come back anytime, we know that time of reckoning is yet to come.
—  Free To Be Bound, Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove
The Wrath of -A; Closed Rp


One more month of hiding about their feelings. One more. Liana could almost feel the happiness over joying her. She recieved her letter from her top college in the mail this morning and after school she knocked on Mr. Fitz door. “Do you have a minute?”

Pet peeve

*Recieves text message*

"Call me."

👆 that right there, you get no phone call and no text back.
Why don’t you just pick up the phone and call the same way you sent that text.

you know what my favorite thing about this website is?

i love that as a dumb teenager, living in a location that you can’t even drive out of, i can still touch people’s lives, and make connections all over the world. i love that we slip off our parent’s desire for anonymity on the internet little by little so we can make friends, and change those people for the better. i love that you can learn a lot about yourself as well as other people by coming out of your shell and learning to trust a little. i love that i had the opportunity to talk someone down from taking their own life, once, on this website. i love that you can and will make friends for the rest of your life because you happened to send or recieve a message of “hi, i’m-! :)” i love that i hold people close to my heart that live a state away, across the country, or even halfway around the world.

that’s my favorite thing about this website.

okay so consider this:

angie recieving an invitation to beth’s wedding

they haven’t really spoken since beth had broken things off, since  beth chose paul over her, it had been months so the invitation to the engagement party catches her off guard ( she doesn’t go).

the invitation to the wedding shows up a month later, they still only see each other at work. she doesn’t know why she agrees to go, she tells herself it’s because she wants to make sure beth is happy

she makes it through the ceremony with a fake smile before she’s dragged to the reception avoiding beth all the time until beth followed her into the bathroom

'thank you for coming. it means a lot.'

angie doesn’t know what to make of beth’s hollow words and the smile that doesn’t reach her eyes, so she matches the empty sentiment (it’s not like she can change anything now anyway)


Ships for Confessions
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I don’t want to post this, I really don’t. To be honest, I hate my body. I have big boobs that everyone call me out for, usually along the lines of them being fake. They aren’t.

My thighs are big and ugly.

I’m also fat, or at least I think so. I feel very ugly. I have scars all over my body (mostly self-harm), and I starve myself.

Do you want to know why I feel like this, and why I did/do what I did/do?

Because I’ve grown up in a world where shaming people on self-confidence and how they look and who they are is a normal.

You know what, though? It’s still possible to love yourself. I’m learning to try and love what I see in the mirror. I’m trying to eat again, and I haven’t self harmed in a week. You can rise up, too. In my case, the more people I help, the more respect I have for myself. So please, listen to me. Look at this post.

I’m so sorry for posting pictures like this. I feel it’s extremely wrong to post “nudes”, or even send them, and I don’t want to get arrested for this. If you’re a cop, I’m not doing this to spread child pornography. I’m doing this to boost people self-esteem. If I have to, I will take this post down.

Scream (part 8)

It’s been a while, Scream fans! I recieved a request from the lovely ayeehood (go check her out, she is just too nice and her work is so beautiful and detailed that it actually made me cry oops). Hope you enjoy this love :3 Be sure to check out the other parts if you haven’t otherwise this will make no sense x’D

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After about 15 minutes in the car, you arrived at Michael’s house. He flicked off the headlights and the engine, leaving you and the others sitting in pitch black silence for a few minutes before Ash broke the silence, clearing his throat and getting out of the car, with you, Cal and Mikey following. “Holy shit, it’s already 10 pm..!” Cal cursed under his breath, holding up his phone, the screen painfully bright after the darkness of the car, making everybody else wince and turn their head away, when a rumble of someone’s stomach broke the silence, followed by a little girly giggle, probably from Ashton. “[Y/N], was that you..?” Michael laughed, with Cal snorting and Ash still giggling. “Gah, sorry..” you muttered, feeling your cheeks burning. “I haven’t eaten anything since before..” you trailed off, frowning. A short silence followed, before Michael pulled you into a tight hug, with Ash patting you reassuringly on the shoulder. “Hey, where’s my hug?” a childish voice piped up, making you giggle, your face still in Michael’s chest. “Come here..” you sniffled, pulling both Calum and Ash into the hug, so that the 4 of you stood in a tight circle on Michael’s driveway, with Cal’s phone lighting up the gravel underneath your feet.

A few minutes passed before the others broke up the hug, with 2 complaining of the cold and the lack of food, so finally Michael gave in and let everyone into his apartment, with Calum rushing off immediately to find the number for the pizza delivery and Ash going to a seperate room to ring his Mum, which left you and Michael standing in the dimly lit hallway. “So..” you began, before he instantly cut you off, crashing his lips into yours and holding you against the wall, making your breath hitch as you gradually succumbed to him, wrapping your arms around him. You find yourself gradually falling for Michael, and yet you didn’t think that you could after you fell head over heels for Luke, and yet here you were, snogging Michael Clifford’s face off. How could you do this, especially under the circumstances? But then again, Michael was like a drug you couldn’t get enough of. His kiss was perfect, and just his touch as he hugged you or ran his hands through your hair like he was doing now set off fireworks in your chest. All these thoughts were spinning around your head as Michael smirked to himself, still holding you against the wall for a few more seconds until you heard a faint snort of laughter behind you coming from the doorway to the living room, making you both turn to the source of the sound. To your horror you saw Calum in the doorway, giggling to himself with Ash behind him, with a mixture of horror, amusement and shock on his face, leaving you and Michael to flush bright red and shuffle away from the other. “Am I seeing things or did that really just happen?” Calum grinned, obviously enjoying your embarrassment and humiliation. “[Y/N], we need to talk. Garden. Now.” Ashton raised an eyebrow, folding his arms as you sheepishly trailed down the hallway, your head low. What did you get yourself into..