TheDruid’sForest First Official Giveaway! Litha Themed!

**This giveaway is in no way affiliated with tumblr, all information is shared with me and only me, not with tumblr**

Yay hello! I wanted to do a giveaway when I reached 10,000 followers, but 12,000 will have to do. With the upcoming season, I prepared a huge batch of casting herbs and decided to put a lot of other Litha necessities together and here we are! 

What you will be recieving!

  • Of course, a jar of my Litha casting herbs :) These contain a whole bunch of herbs–which have been drizzled with gardenia essential oils, and are topped off with one jade and one emerald stone.
  • One sachet of random stones that I either could not identify or could not wrap to place in my shop!
  • Two green spell candles!
  • One packet of AuroShikha Gardenia incense sticks!
  • One Amethyst and one Clear Quartz point!
  • One bronze pentacle charm; your choice, on a chain or not.
  • One Green Aventurine and one Clear Quartz heart pendants; again, your choice of on a chain or not.
  • One item valued up to $15 from my Etsy shop, your choice!

Now for some rules!

  • This giveaway is for my followers, so you must be following me to enter!
  • You must be living in the USA to enter! (Sorry, tumblr’s rules, not mine!)
  • You must be 18 or older to enter, or have a guardian’s permission and I must receive their shipping address.
  • You (and your guardian) must be comfortable with giving out you or your guardian’s shipping address; this will stay confidential with me and is only for shipping purposes.
  • Do NOT tag this post as giveaway! I will be checking!
  • This might be self-explanatory, but you’d be surprised. Do NOT DELETE THIS TEXT oh my lordy. And do not unsource me. Too much of my photography has been stolen like this. Ok thanks.
  • Check out my Etsy shop! After June 23rd, the shop will be at THIS address! After all, one of the prizes is an item from my shop! :)
  • I will message the winner once the giveaway has ended; if the winner does not respond within 48 hours, a new winner will be chosen.

Giveaway ends on June 30th! Have fun, and good luck! :D <3


I recieved my Free Morgan mindlet today. 

Along with the mindlet itself comes a paper with Morgan’s story on it, a Free Morgan sticker and a thank you note. 

By buying this mindlet I have donated money to Morgan’s case. If you also want to buy a mindlet in order to help Morgan click here to see where you can buy it.

(FYI: the other orca mindlet was sent to me as the first Morgan mindlet I ordered got lost in the mail. I was given the extra orca mindlet as an apology for the long wait for the Morgan one. Just so you know that you won’t get the other orca mindlet if you order the Morgan one)



MANA is premium category cold-pressed juice, that does not have an analog in Lithuania. Product targets and active and eager people who care for a healthy lifestyle in daily consumption. The main message “instead of 25 minutes, one click” invites to discover a ritual of drinking fresh juice for people who don’t have time to juice themselves.
The aim of packaging design is to stand out from shelves full of rustic juice packaging, which is most common in lithuanian product design.
Clean, minimalist graphics remind pharmaceutical labels which emphasize product quality, positive effects on health and has a clear communication. Label indicates only key elements and necessary information of the product, nothing more and nothing less.
Symbol of the logo replicates the geometry of letters and the drop icon with a straw symbolizes juice drink.

Recieved “Good Design Award 2015”

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How can I find out what kind of wand I have? - A wizard that has muggle parents.

Go to Olivander’s once you turned 11 and recieved your Hogwarts letter! (otherwise, sign on to Pottermore ;D)

So apparently Polina Gagarina ( the russian eurovision contestant ) has recieved critisism in her home country for her comments about equality and sharing a platonic kiss with Conchita Wurst.

This woman was so brave for standing up and I’m so proud of her and saddened to hear that. Stay strong Polina

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How are Hermes kids claimed?

Idk tbh

Maybe a message is sent to them ?

Maybe they recieve like mini keyring versions of his winged shoes ?????

Or maybe both
Like the little winged shoes come flying down with a little note attached saying


all the tbirds prompts i have recieved but not written for

and i am very sorry about that. but i’m opening up my inbox so that i can make these prompts public, that way they’re open for anybody that would like to fill them!!! go nuts, guys, there’s some good stuff in here just ripe for the writing.

some of these were sent to me a very, very long time ago! and i am sorry about that, too. i never want to be leavin’ you hanging.

still. here they all are! thank you so much for submitting these to me, i’m just sorry i couldn’t get them done for you. now, they’ve got another chance at seeing completion. ta-ta!


Ok, there was some madness on here earlier, so for now anon messaging is off. Sorry to those who genuinely need to use the anon function for whatever reason, but this blog is for my work and not for people trying to cause problems and generally being kinda shitty.

Anyway, my Space Witch comic is finally done and available to buy…way later than i intended it to be! It was around 90% inked back in March and then i lost all motivation to get the last few panels drawn and inked let alone thinking about getting them all scanned in and tidied/worked on in manga studio. But in the last couple of weeks i worked my butt off and got it finished. Im pretty proud!

It had it’s debut (a secretive one!) at diycultures last weekend as was pretty well recieved which im really grateful for, thank you peeps! I currently only have a couple of copies ready done left after that event.

It’s available on storenvy and etsy as usual. And as a side note, i have closed my storenvy marketplace store (my own store front is still there) due to to fees both they and stripe take. If i were a bigger store, taking bigger/more frequent orders then i’d deal with it, but as a little individual seller those fees really take a chunk out of my earnings. It’s not so great.

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Last Text Message I Recieved From The Signs

Aries: I’m done goodbye
Gemini: smoke weed everyday
Taurus: U r a qt
Cancer: Hello!
Leo: goodnight sleep tight
Virgo: lol loser
Libra: hah I deleted it
Scorpio: I’m corny (he met horny)
Sagittarius: ily
Capricorn: I am concerned
Aquarius: Um help mEEeeno
Pisces: uh hello you need Jesus please go to church I will pick u up ok ok

Plus, worked real hard on sketches for one of the asks I recieved.


spork relationoship tip of the day: although you shouldn’t ever be treated like less than you deserve. when it comes to little things, stop asking urself ‘why aren’t they doing this for me’ but rather ‘why haven’t i been doing this for them’. giving is the first step to recieving. and after a while if they dont reciprocate stab them in the eyes with a spork bye