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The Slow Mo Guys -Slapping Sam Pepper in Slow Motion

I figure now might be a good time to bring back this old video in light of recent events


Watanabe Miyuki’s Seitansai 140922 - Letter from her mother

To Miyuki,

Like last year, I will be writing your seitansai letter this year as well. First of all, Happy 21st Birthday. From when Miyu came into this world, the time we’ve been able to spend together has been very little, and recently I’ve been looking back at the time from when you were a baby to your ealier years. 

Half a year after you were born, you were put into a nursery school. Because of that, I have only been able to witness events in your life such as when you were able to hold your head up by yourself or when you rolled over, but all the other major events happening as you were growing up occurred at the nursery school. In order to cure my loneliness because of this, you leapt straight into having a lively school life, without being a bother to your teachers or me. 

The Miyu in primary school was an energetic girl, and loved playing outside. The moment I have never forgotten was when you were in your first year at school and you had come home. I was putting your clothes in the washing machine when I decided to check your pocket, and inside were a huge number of bugs. Not just in one pocket, but in both pockets. At the time, I thought I was going to have a heart attack from how disgusting it was.

When I asked Miyu about why you had so many bugs in your pocket, you told me ‘These are the bugs that Miyu likes the most so I wanted to take them home to give to you and make you happy’. But when I told you that ‘These bugs have lives too,’ you apologised to the bugs, saying ‘I’m sorry bugs’ and carried them back to where you found them while crying.

You still have that kindness within you now. When you eat food that you find delicious, you always take me there afterwards so I can try it as well, or you would bring some home for me as a gift, and you have so much kindness within you that I can’t even put it into words. 

You know Miyu, I’m so happy to be your mother. That’s why I want you to always give your fans, those who help cheer you on, encourage you and support you, happiness. I’d like Miyu to be able to make your dreams come true along with the fans. I’ll be supporting Miyu on from the shadows as well. To everyone surrounding Miyu, thank you very much for always supporting her. 

Lastly, to all the members of the seitansai committee who put this amazing seitansai together, to everyone who came today, thank you very much. I am so thankful to all the people who cheer on and support Miyu no matter what. Please continue to watch the dreams the Miyuki envisions along with her. Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu.

P.S. I didn’t get to say this yet, but congratulations on winning the janken tournament! You’re finally standing on the start line where you can give back to your fans. Please continue on while hold the feeling of thankfulness in your heart for all the people who support you. 

From your mama

anonymous said:

How did you recover from depression?

I chose to recover. 
Every day, I woke up and decided to fight. 
Every day, I told myself to keep going no matter what. 
I chose to get better. 
I chose to work on improving. 
I started seeing a therapist once a week. Six years later and I’m still at it. 
I made the decision recently to start taking medication to help balance out the chemicals in my brain that I was lacking because of my depression. 
I chose to take care of myself. 
I chose to love myself. 
I chose to stop hurting myself. I haven’t self harmed in over two years. 
I was honest with my family and told them I needed help. 
I said “Not today” to my suicidal thoughts and postponed them to tomorrow. When tomorrow came, I’d say it all over again and postpone it day after day after day in hopes that one day I wouldn’t have a suicidal thought. 
I got rid of the toxic things and people in my life. 
I chose to disconnect myself from the problems of others. 
I accepted that I was not to blame for the actions of others. I was not to blame for my alcoholic father yelling at me and abandoning me. I was not to blame for my abusive ex-boyfriend. I was not to blame for my manipulative old friends. I am responsible for me. 
I hoped for better days. I knew they would come I just had to be patient. 
I had to realize that ending my life wasn’t going to solve anything. I had to realize that letting my depression win wasn’t going to solve anything. 

So I chose to recover. 
And everyday I choose recovery. 
And for the rest of my life, I will choose recovery. 

I mean if you’re gonna thirst message someone and your avi isn’t of you AND you have no tagged me pics, your most recent post better fuckin be of your face bc????????

#love in a dangerous time


Hodge Podge x Abbey Sy

I recently did another collaboration with Hodge Podge. My designs will be available as bookmarks, keychains - and their new addition, pens!

Hodge Podge is also giving these away (you get first dibs!) and all you have to do is check out this link for more info. They’ll also be selling this next weekend at the BGC Art Mart (I’ll also be selling #madebyabc merch) so hope you guys can drop by!

For those who are interested, you can also order these through Hodge Podge’s Facebook page. :) 

Recent vandalization of this blog:

This morning, I discovered that someone had accessed my laptop a few nights ago at a house party, and used it to vandalize this blog with very controversial 4chan and GamerGate-related content, then deleted the posts before I had a chance to see them.

If you’ve been following me for any amount of time, you’ll know that I never use this blog to talk about any serious issues nor give any personal opinions on them, especially ones like GamerGate. I never talk about the “real world” beyond how it relates to Namco, so when I learned that this blog had been used to “troll” my followers, I had to address that. Namco Museum Online is a very neutral haven where all the controversial garbage that goes on outside isn’t allowed to come in, and you can just read about cool Namco stuff without having to concern yourself with the problems of the outside world.

I take a certain amount of pride in keeping this blog focused purely on gaming, and you have my word that this blog will never be compromised again.

Watch Pensola’s Tonight with Yulwiss S04E02 on Tonight will comedian and actor Morten Ramm visit the brothers. Morten has recently played in the Norwegian movie “The Hunt for Berlusconi”, a comedy about racehorse theft, and has entertained thursdays for years. Tonight he helps Bård, Vegard, Calle and Magnus to fill the audience with craziness and fun.

I have changed my icon to be bright green so that people will easier recognize me in the chat. I’m watching the thing live while the stream is about 12 seconds behind (no idea how to fix it), so I can translate stuff and post it on the chat either before or as the event happens.


Happy Autumn Equinox! Today we have 6 Autumn tree dragons, previewed as adults here, all born today, who are looking for new homes! Take them home to cuddle while you sip your pumpkin spice latte or hot chocolate :3

Male - Slate/Lemon/Banana

Female - Brown/Banana/Lemon

Male - Brown/Fire/Orange 

Female - Chocolate/Sunshine/Sunshine

Male - Chocolate/Sunshine/Gold

Female - Chocolate/Sunshine/Orange

Pinging: misspurr-rising for your recent interest and riftersrising - Sorry there’s no stone/lemon, but there is a slate/lemon, so I figured it was worth the ping. 

header photo: Still by Nicholas Tonelli

Good morning guys! 

I slept in this morning but had a lovely nights sleep. It’s not often I run and lift on two consecutive days, well not recently and so I was a little tuckered to say the least. I have made a few decisions regarding food and I have decided to use myfitnesspal again to track my food and my macros. If you want to add me on there, it’s the same as my URL! I’ll also probably post more about this on my personal blog as I unfortunately have to hold back from posting things on here in case of someone being offended by me being myself.

I’m really, REALLY excited to see Ab bab this weekend pizzafuelledduathlete, I’m sure she’s gonna cheer me up and vice versa! I think we’re going to go swimming too eeek.

So I’m contemplating doing some sprints or an easy jog around the woods this evening but my butt cheeks hurt and so do my hammies so I may have to re-think. I’m 100% getting back with keto this week so I can run the half marathon and then eat a chinese buffet LOL.

I also need to make plans to see loverunningx becuase she’s missing me that much from being in New York for so long!!! ;)

I hope you all have a wonderful day and to anyone who has sent me a supportive message, thank you ever so much! I will reply as soon as I possibly can!

anonymous said:

TBH If the writers didn't bring me back for Frozen interviews ( ABC special-nothing about Hans ) and did not credit my name during the Oscars, I wouldn't feel enjoyable about the character I voiced either, I would feel like I voiced satan. Not to mention poor Santino had to tell everybody during a show recently that just because he voiced a villian, doesn't mean that HE is a villian. Poor Santino. The guy only had a dream to voice a Disney Prince, he wanted to voice Eugene or Kristoff too.

I can definitely see that!

Yet, I don’t hold the writers or Disney fully responsible for not including Santino or Hans in stuff. I mostly blame the fans and the viewers of Frozen who have this deep irrational hatred of Hans. I bet JLee and Santino weren’t expecting people to react so harshly towards Hans and I honestly believe Santino when he said JLee ("The writers who are great friends as well…") had an idea to redeem Hans. However, I did notice after he said that he uttered, “I’m not going to hold by breath though,” and the reason I think he uttered that is because of the unexpected and blatant hatred towards Hans so the writers might not be able to go through it.

JLee said in a couple interviews that a lot fans misinterpreted characters and some of the events that transpired in the film and “there’s a discourse going on because of it.” She’s hesitant to further progress the characters and the Frozen story in the way she original intended because she doesn’t want to mess with fans’ head-canons/views/imaginations.

 People do view Hans as Satan and I honestly don’t get it! When people say Hans is the worst/evilest Disney villain ever I really just want to smack them hard across the face because in all honesty he’s not even close. I don’t think that it was JLee’s intention to make Hans this hated of a character and I do think she is still protective of him in some ways. JLee was pretty quick to dispel that one rumor about Hans being executed on her Twitter page, which is shocking considering she is so against responding to Frozen fans’ questions/head-canons/views in order to not disturb their imaginations. She obviously doesn’t want people thinking or head-canoning that Hans has been executed, which kind of proves that she still cares about Hans and his future. 

Poor Santino is caught in the middle of all this mess and it’s not right that the majority of the Frozen fandom and audience are essentially pushing him and his character out of the franchise simply because they don’t get Hans. Lasseter better give JLee the green light to redeem Hans so Santino can give a big fat middle finger to all those Hans haters out there because he and Hans deserve that recognition. 

ximen said:

Having seen your recent link to it, now I want more Bucky and cat doodles. ¬.¬

Sorry it’s taken me 2 weeks, but I’m finally not super busy and stressed anymore!  So here’s some Bucky and cat.


The idea is that Bucky’s arm can lock in any position without expending any more energy.  He’s reading and Sam’s trying to engage in conversation.  He generally likes Sam, but not when he’s not ready to socialize.

(Bucky and cat previously seen here)

NEW YORK, Sept 22, 2014 – A star-studded cast heads season four of CINEMAX’s hit action drama series STRIKE BACK, which recently resumed production in Europe. Stars Sullivan Stapleton (“300: The Rise of an Empire,” “Gangster Squad”) and Philip Winchester (“Crusoe,” “Camelot,” the upcoming “Undrafted”) return as an unlikely pair of counterterrorism operatives, Scott and Stonebridge, and are joined by Robson Green (“Wire in the Blood,” “Grantchester”), Michelle Lukes (“Doctors”) and Milauna Jackson (“Blood Done Sign My Name,” the upcoming “Bolden!”) as their fellow Section 20 members.

New cast members include award winner Michelle Yeoh (“Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon II”), Dustin Clare (the “Spartacus” series), Will Yun Lee (“The Wolverine,” HBO’s “True Blood”), James Wilby (“Gosford Park”), Adrian Paul (the “Highlander” series), Joseph Gatt (HBO’s “Game of Thrones”; “Teen Wolf”; CINEMAX’s “Banshee”), Christian Antidormi (“Spartacus: War of the Damned”) and British mixed martial arts champion and UFC fighter Michael Bisping.

The series recently resumed shooting in Europe and will continue through the fall, with additional production in Thailand. The production had been on hiatus to allow Stapleton to recuperate from a non-set injury sustained earlier this year. STRIKE BACK’s fourth and final season of ten episodes will air on CINEMAX and UK partner Sky 1 in 2015.

Suggestion for non-indigenous Australian pagans and witches:

before doing a sabbat ritual or anything with other witches, it’s a good idea to do an acknowledgement of country to pay your respects to the traditional owners of the land.

here’s an example of one I did for a recent sabbat celebration with my circle:

Before we begin I’d like to acknowledge the Elders, families and descendants of the ________ people, who have been the custodians of this land for thousands of years. I acknowledge that the land in which we meet was the place of age-old ceremonies of celebration, initiation, and renewal. This land always was, and always will be aboriginal land.

obviously fill the blanks with the relevant names for your area, which you can find here

The Ex. Harry Styles One Shot.


I walked through the front door of mine and Harry’s house with a smile on my face. It had been a long day and I wanted to snuggle with my boy while we watched this weeks episode of The Tomorrow People.
The house was silent and I checked all of the rooms downstairs for Harry before heading upstairs. I walked into our bedroom and heard the shower running in our en suite. Harry was singing loudly, a song he’d recently written with Ariana Grande and my heart melted at the sound of his voice.
I threw my jacket on the bed, leaving me in just my black skirt and white shirt, then headed into the steamy bathroom.
Harry had his back to me and I sat on the counter watching him wash his hair. The veins in his neck were visible as he hit the high note of the song and I wanted to jump in the shower with him. But this was too good of a show, I rarely get to hear Harry sing like this because he’s too tired when he’s home.
When Harry finished the song, he turned his head and a heart-breaking smile appeared on his dripping face. His green eyes glistened as he looked me up and down and stopped the water.
I couldn’t help but stare at his beautiful naked body as he stepped out of the shower and put a towel around his waist, silently making his way towards me.
He stopped a foot away and smirked at me “How long have you been in here?”.
“Not long” I smiled back “I would have joined you but I prefer watching you”.
“That’s because you’re a pervert” he chuckled.
He suddenly lifted me off the counter and I squeeled as he wrapped my legs around his warm, wet waist.
Harry kissed me longingly, his lips were moist and urgent as he carried me through to our bedroom “God, I missed you today”.
I smiled widely as he laid me down on the bed, hovering over me “I missed you, too. Have you been bored without me on your first day off?”.
“Yes” he grumbled as he leant down and kissed my neck “How was your day without me?”.
“Fine” I said chirpily. Then I remembered who I ran into this morning and my face fell.
Harry looked up and before I could disguise my discomfort, he frowned. “Y/N, what’s wrong?”.
I hadn’t planned on telling Harry but I didn’t want to lie to him “I ran into Blake this morning”.
Harry’s body stiffened above me and his face went blank. Droplets of water ran down his hair and onto my face but I didn’t move.
“As in Blake that you were with for two years, Blake?”.
I nodded slowly.
“How was it?” He asked emotionless.
I looked down to avoid his blazing stare “He told me he misses me and he wants to take me out sometime to catch up or something”.
Harry was silent. I looked up out of curiosity and he was clenching his jaw. “And what did you say?”.
I cupped his face in my hands and frowned “Don’t be mad, Harry. I told him that he could have taken me out during the two years that we were together and that it’s too late now because I’ve found someone that I love more than I’ve ever loved anyone or anything”.
Harry’s face softened “You said that?”.
“I did”.
He buried his face in the crook of my neck and nuzzled his stubble against my skin. It was one of his ways of telling me he loves me without using words.
I ran my hands through his wet hair and we lay in silence for a few minutes.
“You’re mine now, not his. And you will be forever” he said, his voice was muffled against my throat.
I smiled “He’s just the ex. He always will be”.
Harry looked up at me again and pressed a sweet kiss on my lips “I love you, baby”.