how ur sign will die
  • Aries:ballin
  • Taurus:accidentally drank cyanide because u thought it was vodka
  • Gemini:murdered by pigeons
  • Cancer:forgot how to move and died sitting on the couch in a blanket
  • Leo:got into a car accident because u saw a dog
  • Virgo:died of sadness when ur otp didn't work out
  • Libra:crushed under the same stampede of buffaloes that killed Mufasa
  • Scorpio:suffocated under the weight of ur own bitterness
  • Sagittarius:u did it for the vine
  • Capricorn:stepped outside and incinerated by sunlight because u hadn't been outside in so long
  • Aquarius:ur moshi pet came to life and killed u for neglecting it
  • Pisces:choked to death on cinnamon in 2010

Hello friends!
Imogen (imogenasana), Tamar (amant-terram) and I have created a June yoga challenge for you to participate in starting June 1st. This four week challenge is called supple solstice in anticipation of the summer solstice on June 21st!

In this challenge we will be focusing on strengthening and opening our chest, back, legs, hips, arms and shoulders. Every day a word is given and you may choose a pose that represents this word and that corresponds to the body area that we are focusing on for that week! You may also share with us why you chose this pose :D

Please be safe when getting into whichever pose you choose. Also don’t forget to have fun with it as well!! :D


Week 1: CHEST

June 1: Space
June 2: Stability
June 3: Love  
June 4: Patience 
June 5: Hope  
June 6: Tranquility 
June 7: Happiness

Week 2: BACK

June 8: Positivity  
June 9: Peace  
June 10: Reflect  
June 11: Quiet 
June 12: Relax  
June 13: Breathe  
June 14: Flow  

Week 3: LEGS + HIPS

June 15: Earth  
June 16: Animalistic
June 17: Energy
June 18: Symbolic
June 19: Free  
June 20: Honour
June 21: Sun


June 22: Strength  
June 23: Change  
June 24: Power  
June 25: Attitude  
June 26: Balance  
June 27: Calm
June 28: Growth  
June 29: Embrace
June 30: Roots

Happy yogaing!! :)


The 25 Companies Where Top Millennials Most Want To Work In 2015

Where do members of the millennial generation most want to work right now? According to a new survey by an organization called the National Society of High School Scholars (NSHSS), the No. 1 choice is a technology company with a stellar reputation for treating employees well: Google. Walt Disney Company, a perennial youth favorite, ranks second. In third place: St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital in Memphis, TN, a pediatric treatment and research hospital that focuses on catastrophic children’s diseases like cancer and aplastic anemia.

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a thing i missed

i was going to do something for it but then I didn’t and now I’m past it and it’s too late?  it happened in the middle of ancestor night tho so I guess that was my 7000-follower event thingy. :u yaaayyy

anonymous asked:

You'll never be as good as the other fic writers, so why keep publishing so much crap?

You sound a lot like that annoying little voice in my head, but to answer your question - I don’t write for the purpose of being better than anyone, or matching their levels of skill. It isn’t a competition. Even if I didn’t publish fanfic, I would still be writing because it’s what I love, it’s what I’m most passionate about. So much so that it’ll never be about being “as good” as someone else and the day it turns into that is the day I stop writing. I’m fully aware that there are MANY writers who are better than me, there always will be, and while that can be a bit intimidating at times, it’s by no means what I’m focused on.