My brain keeps labeling Ghirahim as ‘Very hot. Yes, very much attractive.’


I don’t know why. There is nothing i can do. I must accept him as my new lord and savior.

Sayaka would recline in the driver’s seat, patiently waiting for someone who was inside a tiny gas station at two in the morning. That pink-haired certain someone couldn’t stay awake this late without some intervention from sweet bean juice and when she finally got her snickerdoodle-flavored cappuccino she would step outside and breathe in the sweet steam. 

"Does baby need her coffee?" Sayaka would ask in a joking snide voice, earning herself a slight pout from Madoka. It didn’t take long for the coffee to start disappearing, and as it faded the light in Madoka’s eyes would start to reappear. Her other hand that had been clenched shut would open and allow the change from her drink to drop into the empty second cupholder with a loud clunking noise. 

Now that Madoka would be nice and awake Sayaka would hop over into the backseat and rummage around for the blankets. This roadtrip that started out short was now going as far as they could afford to let it so they were sleeping in shifts. After all, who wanted a roadtrip with your girlfriend to come to an end?

Leaning forward, Sayaka would steal a kiss from Madoka before settling in. 

"Remember the rule. "

"Wake you up if I see any beautiful sunsets, fields of flowers, small diners, or beaches. I know." 

"That’s my girl." 

No Shows (Frerard Thoughts)

Okay, so I’ve been meaning to write this for a while, as well as a “Stomachaches” analysis but never got around to it out of pure laziness. Everyone else has probably already said their two cents on the topic so I’m hella late for the bandwagon already. Joy.

Back onto “No Shows”, however.

Loved the song, thought the music video was funny as fuck because Gerard’s lipsyncing was shit and he looked like Carrot Top but, jokes aside, bought the album, wasted my college fund. Fuck yeah.

Ever since I looked at the lyrics and just thought about them, I’ve been marginally confused on the topic, although certain sentences have stood out.

I’m mostly winging this one and just saying what comes to mind so either I’ll be tame or completely far fetched so bear with me. Or don’t, I can’t say I blame you.

"Been weeks I been living and your smiles are giving me all types of treble."

First off, this reminds me of The Help. Gerard you need a valium and some grammar lessons, I’m sorry.

Moving on…

Treble is basically just another way of saying “trouble”, that’s pretty damn blatant, and I’ve been leaning towards this song definitely being about Frank, not really out of bias but I can’t picture this having been written for Lyn Z.

Even if you absolutely hate Frerard, I don’t really believe you’d like to hear that guess what? Gerard doesn’t really love Lyn Z, he’s just fucking her, cause that’s what the song says.

Considering they’re married and have been for years, I’d like to assume he cares for her. Maybe that’s just me being foolish, I’m unsure, but once having a kid together you would think he actually loves her.

Also I can’t understand why she’d be making him upset or “troubled” since they’re a supposedly happy couple.

Frank on the other hand, considering all the bumps their relationship has had to withstand (MCR’s hiatus, Projekt Rev., the break up, Leathermouth, etc.) it truly would hurt Gerard to think about the good times they’ve shared and all that bad shit.

"Weak knees I been given and those nights are making me star-struck and metal."

Weak knees is just an idiom for being frightened, an emotion that contributes to why Gerard never admitted his sexuality or pursued a public relationship with Frank. He cares too much about what others think about him, seeing his value in the eyes of everyone else rather than himself (ex.

On the other hand, Frank really doesn’t give a shit about what people have to say, he never has. He isn’t ashamed of his sexuality, he only lies because of Gerard and the chaos that would ensue.

He’s pretty much an open book, talking freely about his depression and all around emotions

Take Leathermouth for an example, he poured his heart out to us then, with his poetry, and especially newer material.

(also check out this cool discovery;

"But I’m at peace with who I am, and I’m at war in my own head." - Neverenders - Frnkiero and The Cellabration

"But I can’t help who I like. This may not cost my life, but I’m branded forever lame. This was not my decision." - Eighth Grade - Pencey Prep

Also for the “star-struck” part, Gerard is married to the bassist of a band he’s always adored, hence why that would apply. Instead of being with Frank, those nights he’s spending with Lyn Z.

"Stay free
Don’t go
Cuz we don’t need no shows.”

My initial reaction was something most have been saying about this song, that being how they don’t need concerts or MCR to keep them together. When on stage, they could finally be themselves, comfortably kissing, touching, and acting as a couple without being judged or committing to a specific sexuality. They did it under the guise of “stage gay” and had nothing thought of it.

Doing that in public would be a whole other story though, which is why their shows had been so crucial. See Projekt Rev. for an example, and also those who don’t believe Frerard was ever real.

They obviously believe Gerard’s excuses so I guess he did something right.

"Try to be living as your vice and can you be my type?"

To many, whether inherited by religion or just plain ignorance, Homosexuality is considered a sin, corrupt, and something to be ashamed of. The definition to vice is to be immoral, which Gerard would be considered once entering their relationship once more. He would have to live like that daily.

I’m sad to say that they’d be judged, have slurs thrown at them and maybe even hated for cheating on their wives. It wouldn’t be a pretty sight; I feel sorry for them.

That’s what Gerard and their relationship would be — vice.

"Pay for the devil a plug to a pedal I’m your type."

This just ties into what I said earlier. The Devil, Satan, whatever the fuck you want to call him, feeds off of sin and inhabits Hell, which religious text says Homosexuals are going. Gerard has written songs mentioning religion and even wrote “Catholic” on his neck before, I’m unsure if he’s actually religious or has been in the past but I imagine so.

For being together, they’d basically just be giving their souls to the Devil.

Also, I find the “plug to a pedal” part interesting because guitars use pedals, and of course, Frank is a fucking guitarist.

"Guitar pedals, sometimes called effects pedals or the less formal ‘stomp boxes,’ are devices that alter the electronic signal produced from an electric guitar and therefore change its tone. These pedals can be used to produce a myriad of different tones, from a heavy distortion to an airy reverb effect."

"She’s sweet as battery, man I got nothin"

This could either be about Frank (changed to ‘she’ for blatant reasoning) or Lyn Z, seeing how she’s always been the better, safest option for Gerard to go to. That’s the whole reason their marriage happened in the first place.

Don’t get me wrong, I have no doubt he loves her but they were only dating for around a month and during that time he had been fucking his guitarist and basically having sex on stage.

As for the “picking up where we left off” thing Gerard has said in the past; no, just no. During that time he was on drugs and drinking so just imagine the conversations that must’ve ensued, that’s no way to form a healthy, committed relationship and I don’t believe it for a second.

Also he was dating another woman at that time/rumored to be fucking Bert (which I think happened imo) and during Black Parade had also been with Eliza.

So either he cheated or that’s horse shit.

Being with Frank would be hard, Gay marriage is still illegal in most states and even just being Homosexual can be punishable by law. This movement has a long way to go, it’ll take some time, sadly.

"You kiss an enemy’s hands, I got nothing."

Probs abouts Jamia, that’s all I’m going to say, it’s obvious.

"It’s not love if it’s just fucking."

Now, the meaning behind this lyric is still fuzzy to me and has been since I heard the song. Personally, it feels as if Gerard is trying to disassociate himself from the fact that he loves Frank, rather seeing it as “just fucking” and trying to convince himself that he’s happy with Lyn Z.

It could also be past tense, something he thought at the beginning of their relationship which was seemingly lust fueled. They were humping each other’s heads during Projekt Rev.; those men have definitely fucked.

For this to be about Jamia or Lyn Z just seems unlikely to me, and after years spent with these women, I couldn’t see Gerard/Frank simply not loving them at all. I’m pretty open minded but I just can’t really see that being where his mind was with that lyric.

"We don’t need no shows"

In other words, “we don’t need to be on stage to be together”.

So yeah, that’s all my thoughts on “No Shows”, feel free to add shit or come up with some theories of your own. I’m half awake right now and basically confused to everything Gerard Way since he’s pretty enigmatic but whateves.

Peace, fuckers.

Watch on

I finally got around to watching GameSpot’s trailer for the Games Journalism Hunger Games event at PAX and… Fuck, I love Danny O’Dwyer.