Days 9/18/14

Hitting the Pub after a two on two basketball game…Rafe & Lucas vs. Sonny & Ben.  Ben & Sonny won.  Loving all the trash-talk.  Haha.  I’m having flashbacks to WilSon, T, Chad, and Brian coming to the Pub after their pick up game victory before Ari was born!  Oh Lucas…what are you going to ask Ben about Jordan?  Lucas…what in the world are you doing?!?  You need a girlfriend of your own; not on that is still in love with your friend!  Stop being so pathetic, Lucas!!!!!!!!!!  You’re gross.  Lucas, no one believes that you were simply asking how Jordan was doing.  “I’ve been the rebound guy a few times in my life. I don’t want to be that guy again.”  *sigh*  My Lumi heart is so broken and bruised…it looks like a stepped on plum.  

Sonny and Will took Ari to see Gabi yesterday.  Aww.  Why is Rafe thanking Sonny for that?  It has nothing to do with Rafe.  Will and Sonny took their daughter to visit her mother.  I have an aunt who thanks people for stupid shit like that, that doesn’t involve her any way, shape, or form.  It’s obnoxious and condescending.  Nice farmer’s tan on Rafe’s arms.  Haha.  Of course, Gabi’s worried about Rafe…but I don’t frankly care.  Who cares that Gabi blames herself for what happened with Rafe and Jordan?!?  It had nothing to do with Gabi!  Rafe slept with Kate and cheated on Jordan.  End of sentence.  See how Gabi’s name is no where in that sentence?  Because she wasn’t involved!!  Thank you, Rafe…it is all your fault.

Bye, Sonny.  Rafe is tell Ben that it’s cool that he came and played, knowing that Rafe would be there.  “You think I’d pass up a chance to knock you on your ass again?”  Is threatening a police detective really a smart idea?  Like honestly?  Yes, Rafe hurt Jordan, but Ben should watch his step.  Rafe could’ve already arrested him for assaulting him before in the park.  

Jeremiah, let go of Jordan’s arm.  Chad isn’t afraid of you and he isn’t going away…so keep your hands to yourself, you big bully.  Thanks for showing up, Chad.  And “Mr. DiMera-ing” him.  Haha.  Oh yeah…her name is Jordan…and it’s Tammy Sue…it’s kind of a long story, Chad.  Lol.  “Jordan suits you.”  Aww.  Chad, are you hitting on Jordan?  Nice.  Too bad, so sad for Lucas.  Haha.  So she’s meeting Abigail for lunch?  Nice save, Jordan.  “Thanks for coming to my rescue. It was very gallant.”  LOL.

Ugh, Clyde and Kate.  She doesn’t want you to buy her lunch!  No, Kate, you haven’t given him the wrong idea.  He is just doesn’t understand the mean of the word, “NO.”  What the fuck does “women are women” mean, Clyde?  I doubt the women back home were lining up for dates with you.  No woman in Salem wants anything to do with you…especially Kate.  OMG!  Please don’t have Clyde assault Kate!  There is no subtext here, Clyde…Kate doesn’t like you.  You creep her out, just like you creep everyone else out.  She doesn’t want to have lunch with you, she doesn’t want to date you, she doesn’t want to have sex with you.  So BACK THE F OFF AND GO AWAY!  You can trust that when Kate says “NO,” she means it.  Any woman who says “NO” means it, you sexist, pathetic loser!  WHAT IS HE BABBLING ABOUT?!?!?  He can “trust what he sees in their eyes?!?!?”  Her mouth said, “NO,” but her eyes said, “yes?”  What the actual fuck, Days?!?  OKAY…first, Clyde was just a creep.  Then he was an abusive creep.  Now, he’s an abusive, sexist, disgusting, entitled, boundary-crossing, no really means yes creep.  I want him to die in a fiery car crash…immediately, if not sooner.  Ignoring Kate’s obvious disgust for him and then belittling her job?  She doesn’t just run a little cosmetic’s company.  She is co-CEO of DiMera Enterprises!  She is a powerful, strong, independent woman…who isn’t going to go from Rafe’s bed to Clyde’s.  UGH.  Rafe isn’t the reason Kate won’t have lunch with you, you buffoon!  Kate doesn’t want to have lunch with you because you are beneath her.  You are a creepy, disgusting asshole.  Yes, Kate loves Rafe, but he isn’t the reason she doesn’t want to spend time with Clyde.  He’s a sketchy guy!  Why would anyone want to have lunch with him?!?  “Did it ever occur to you that I’m just not looking?”  Thank you, Kate!  And no it didn’t occur to him.  Not once, I’m sure.  SHE DOESN’T WANT TO SHARE A MEAL WITH YOU!  WHY ARE YOU SHAKING HIS HAND, KATE?!?!?!?  “I did not agree to that.”  No, you didn’t.  But Clyde doesn’t seem to care what you want, Kate.  Not even a little bit.  He wants to take you out, so he’s going to take you out.  JFC.  Does Kate have to sing it to get Clyde to hear her?!?  

Yep, Jen…Chad is back and Abigail can’t stop thinking about him.  Lol.  Chad’s not sorry for being upset about EJ and Abigail’s tryst.  Fuck off, Jennifer…and Abigail.  If Sami hadn’t sent Chad the article, he would’ve read it eventually.  How do you people not get that?!  You are supposed to be intelligent, educated women, right?  So, how can you both be so incredibly daft?  Okay…even without the brain tumor lie…I still believe that Abigail loved Chad more than he could’ve ever loved Cameron.  Obviously, lying about a brain tumor is disgusting and pathetic, but yeah that’s how I see it.  Jennifer, let Abigail feel how she feels.  Telling her to stop feeling guilty isn’t going to make her not feel guilty.  If that makes sense.  Haha.  Let Abigail feel how she feels…she’ll be able to get over those feels quicker.  Omg…did Abigail just say that she was “self-righteous?!”  Wow.  Oh yeah…Ben’s a really good guy…minus the mysterious past, short temper, and violent outbursts.  Abigail just called Ben “uncomplicated.”  Does she know a different Ben?  Ben is complicated…see the list I made above.  Just because he isn’t a DiMera doesn’t mean Ben is uncomplicated.  

EWWWW!!!!!!!!!!! I am THROWING UP!!!!!!!!  “What the hell?!? Sami, are you out of your mind?”  My thoughts exactly, Roman.  I doubt Sami will listen to your warnings about getting back together with EJ, but give it a shot.  I LOVE how Roman is firmly on Team Revenge!  “I don’t even want to think what you’d do if you actually hated my daughter.”  “…tell me you are not this desperate?”  Ouch…but yeah, it seems that she is that desperate, Roman.  Does she not think that she deserves better than EJ?  That she doesn’t deserves a man who won’t cheat on her if she doesn’t sleep with him for a month?  Um…EJ?  Roman doesn’t have to call to get your permission to come over…it isn’t your house anymore…it’s Sami and Kate’s.  How quickly you’ve forgot that little fact.  EJ…go away…just go away.  Sami doesn’t need protecting from her dad.  From you?  You bet your ass, but her father?  Nope.  Aww…Roman is very proud of Sami and Kate for trying to bring Stefano down.  <3  Yep, taking EJ back is playing right into his hand.  I agree with Roman.  And if Sami doesn’t think that EJ is playing a game, she needs to open up her pretty blue eyes.  Yes, listen to your dad!  Don’t under-react now, Sami!  Roman is right on it today, isn’t he?  Yes, EJ is saying that he’ll protect Sami from Stefano.  Does EJ really have that power?  I don’t know…probably not.  LISTEN TO ROMAN’S WORDS OF WISDOM, SAMANTHA GENE.  Oh yeah…equate Marlena and EJ, Sami.  That’s not childish or anything.  *rolls eyes*  Yes, Marlena cheated on Roman like EJ cheated on you…the difference?  Marlena was in love with John.  EJ wasn’t in love with Abigail.  And no that doesn’t make it okay, but come on!  They aren’t the same and Sami knows it.  Oh how I loved Kate and Roman together.  SHUT UP, SAMI.  YOU AND EJ AREN’T TRUE LOVE.  THAT IS SUCH BULLSHIT.  HE RAPED YOU.  YOU SHOT HIM IN THE HEAD.  THOSE AREN’T THE ACTIONS OF TRUE LOVE.  

Hello, William.  Please don’t piss me off today.  *fingers crossed*  Ugh, Zoe is here.  So much for that “please don’t piss me off today.”  Ugh…she wants the signed contract…she has a new assignment for him…it’s a profile piece…and of course it’s about Chad.  Could this woman be anymore awful or anymore predictable?  If writing about Sami and EJ wasn’t a conflict of interest, Will probably won’t have any qualms about writing a piece about one of his oldest friends…who just so happens to be his husband’s business partner and best friend.  And Sonny’s “surprising advice” tomorrow?  Write the article, I’m sure.  Why, why, why???  Okay…she is like 4 years too late on the “Chad discovering and coping with the fact that he’s really a DiMera” story.  Yes, Chad’s pain is such a great cover story.  *rolls eyes*  This woman has no heart and no soul…and she’s helping Will become a man with no heart and no soul.  Will have some integrity, please.  You don’t need to write for this woman.  If his TruVista article was as big a success as she makes it out to be, couldn’t Will have his pick of other tabloids to write for?  Yes Will…she wants to use what Chad’s been through to sell magazines.  You let her do the same thing to your mother, EJ, your grandmother, and your cousin.  Why not add Chad to the list of people who are so disappointed in you they can’t even look at you?  Why are you allowing her to a) talk to you like this, b) talk about your family and friends like this, and c) continue to be in your apartment???  Or allow her to stay and manipulate the shit out of you.  Whatever you want, Will.  *rolls eyes*  Remember the reason you took the first assignment?  To teach your mother a lesson and to protect Abigail.  Did you accomplish either of those goals?  N.O.  What makes you think this time will be any different, Will?  Say Will takes the Chad assignment…I’m sure he will misrepresent himself again.  Probably to Chad, EJ, his mother, Kate…maybe Abigail…and maybe even Sonny.  EJ, Sami, Kate, and Abigail will definitely be on high-alert and refuse to speak to Will about Chad.  Chad probably won’t speak to him either.  Stefano definitely won’t speak to Will about Chad.  And Chad’s mother is dead.  So where does that leave Will?  Furthermore, it’ll be a cold day in hell when any of these people talk to another reporter about Chad.  So again, where does that leave Will?  With the information he already knows?  Facts and misremember quotes from 4 years ago won’t make a compelling article.  

Ugh, Clyde leave Ben alone.  Leave the citizens of Salem, in general, alone.  They all want nothing to do with you.  And that’s an envelope with some cash.  Is that why Chad accuses Ben of stealing tomorrow?  Clyde, let Ben cut his lemons in peace!  Stop saying how much you love Ben and Jordan!  No one believes that!  So…Clyde’s returning the money Jordan gave him?  Okay.

EJ, Chad doesn’t want to talk to you.  And he certainly doesn’t want to “get a few things straight” with you.  As if EJ has the upper hand in their relationship right now.  Haha.  What a fool.  EJ, you can apologize to Chad until you’re blue in the face…Chad doesn’t care.  Oooooh EJ’s putting Chad on notice.  I’m sure Chad is shaking in his loafers.  C: “Hm…You know, I wonder what Father would think of you threatening me? You know it might make him wonder what you’d be willing to do, how far you’d be willing to go to get Samantha back. See I’m kinda wondering that myself.”  EJ: “Well, you better pray to God that you don’t find out.”  I still think Chad has the upper hand…but who knows.

Oh, Lucas!  Do NOT talk to this bitch.  Will is not a good writer who has integrity.  He is neither of those two things.  I’m sorry, but he isn’t.  Lucas, don’t apologize to her.  And she called him “a horse’s ass.”  Can she and Clyde die in a fiery car crash?  Why would you apologize to that woman, Lucas?  She used your son and she’s continuing to use him.  But whatever.

A WilSon shower scene?  Well…all right then.  <3  W: “They guy’s (Ben) got major reach on me.”  S: “Yeah, but he doesn’t have your moves.” Smooth, Sonny.  Haha.  

Yeah, Chad helped Jordan out, Abby.  He isn’t the reason Jordan’s a bit shaken up.  Yep, Chad had a nice little vent yesterday and today he’s aces.  Okay…Chad doesn’t hate Abigail.  She’s being ridiculous.  Yes, he’s angry, but he doesn’t hate her.  AH, Clyde!  And Jordan’s off after him.  Ugh why?  Hey, Rafe.  Yep, Gabi’s enjoying prison.  Lol.  AH, Jordan wants to know why Jeremiah is in Salem.  Good question, honey.

Roman & Kate!  <3  He likes the new picture of Kate and Sami!  Haha.  Sometimes I love Roman.  Haha.  OMG CAN ROMAN & KATE PLEEEEEEEAAASSSSEEEEE GET BACK TOGETHER?!?!?  

Oh yeah…Will has a new assignment, Sonny.  It’s about Chad!  Isn’t that just wonderful?!  Ugh.

Chad’s back in Club TBD!  B: “Look, buddy…unless you’re ordering, I don’t have anything to say to you.”  Oooooh, Ben doesn’t know that Chad’s his boss.  Awkward.  Haha.  C: “Oh come on, Benny.”  LOL.  B: “After the way you spoke to Abigail yesterday, you can just get the hell out of here, pal.”  Oh, you are sooooo duuuumb.  C: “Is that anyway to talk to your boss?”  LOVE IT!

Ugh, EJ’s home…and Sami’s crying.  Oh yeah sure…fall into EJ’s arms.  Whatever you want, Sami.  UGH.

It was a WilSon Day!!! YAY!!! <3  Loved the playful shower scene.  Haha.  I loathe that Zoe woman.  She can gtfo.  Writing an article about Chad is a terrible idea.  Will shouldn’t write anymore hurtful pieces about his friends and family.  It’s just a bad idea.  But I’m sure Sonny’s “unexpected advice” tomorrow is “yeah, honey, write the article!”  Ugh.  

The Clyde/Kate scene was beyond upsetting for me, which I’m sure you could see.  He’s an even bigger ass than I thought!  All the crap about “women are women?”  And her eyes said yes?  What the actual fuck, Days?  It was difficult to watch.

I’m so against the EJami reunion.  I just don’t want it at all.  I, at one time, loved EJami, but I’m just so over EJ.  I can’t anymore.  I’m not sure why Sami was crying at the end.  Her conversation with Roman ended on somewhat of a positive note about “true love.”  Ugh.  Tomorrow EJami reconnects further.  I’m so dreading that.

I’m still loving Chad!  Love the scene at the end with Ben.  Ben is such a bozo.  Haha.

If Roman and Kate get back together, I will DIE of HAPPINESS!  I am aaaaaallllllllll about them!  And then Roman can scare Clyde away.  Lol.  Because normally Kate wouldn’t need any assistance, but Clyde just won’t hear the word NO.  

All of Lucas scenes today were very strange.  He doesn’t want to date Jordan and then the conversation with Zoe?  Just weird.  And the distance that Days is keeping between Sami and Lucas has reached a ridiculous level.  And calling EJ her true love?  Give me a break.  Your true love wouldn’t rape you or cheat on you or try to ruin your life 100 different times.  Oh and you wouldn’t shoot your true love in the head.  I’m holding firm that Lumi are true love…even if Days won’t let them be together.  Lucas would never even think about hurting Sami in a single way that EJ has hurt her.  But for some reason Sami believes that she deserves the toxic relationship that she and EJ share.  Days is slowly, but surely ruining Sami.  Why would they do this to her after all this time?  It’s frustrating.

Anyway!  More WilSon and Chad tomorrow!  YAY!

'til tomorrow!  <3  Alexandra


It’s Okay, That’s Love Episode 05

“Are you someone who thinks love conquers all too? That love will always bring happiness, joy, excitement, and courage?

It will also give you pain, resentment, sadness, despair, and misery. However, it also gives you the strength to overcome all of it.
Isn’t that what love is all about?”