One can imagine how some Ferguson residents would conclude that they have no form of influence except taking to the streets each night. Yet given the passionate mobilization that is taking place each day, it is realistic to imagine the protesters successfully ousting the whole leadership structure of the city. Even observers who are critical of the street activism following Michael Brown’s killing agree that Ferguson’s leaders have been egregiously incompetent in their response. They’ve clearly lost the confidence of the people they represent, and only in part because, as the New York Times puts it, “Although about two-thirds of Ferguson residents are black, its mayor and five of its six City Council members are white. Only three of the town’s 53 police officers are black.” […..]

This is a historic failure of leadership. Recalls were created for moments like this one.

So recall the mayor. Recall the city council. Elect new officials who will fire the police chief. Success is not guaranteed, but it is quite plausible and perhaps even likely. The whole lot of them could be tossed out.

UPDATE: In a released statement, Remington insisted they were not recalling the rifle, but were going to replace the trigger for anyone who wants it replaced. It looks like Remington has finally acknowledged the 800lb gorilla in the room and agreed to replace every Remington 700 trigger ever made

If you own a Remington Model 700 get the replacement.

TFH Publications, Inc./Nylabone Products, of Neptune, NJ is recalling one lot of its 1.69 oz. package of the Puppy Starter Kit dog chews, because they have the potential to be contaminated with Salmonella. Salmonella can affect animals ingesting the product and there is risk to humans from handling contaminated products, especially if they have not thoroughly washed their hands after having contact with the products or any surfaces exposed to these products.

Heads up puppy parents!! If you bought the Nylabone puppy starter kit, it’s being recalled.

Hornady Recall

If you’ve bought a box of Hornady Critical Duty 9mm recently check for the lot number 3141635.  Do not fire these rounds.  The lot has several powderless rounds which could leave a bullet jammed in the barrel, and cause an obstruction that will destroy the gun.

I like Hornady’s ammo, though thankfully with the last box of 9mm I bought I opted for Hornady custom instead.  Every loader, even the high end factory machines can clog up and fail to properly fill the case.  I’m thinking though this could have been easily prevented by verifying the weight of each box before it’s shipped off, since rounds that were missing powder charges would be lighter.

Certain Land Rover Vehicles May Have Compromised Safety Systems

The U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has been working hard on making sure that all recall announcements are issued promptly on the agency’s website. Too often, people are not made aware of the risks associated with recalls that impact their vehicles because they are not alerted directly. Making sure that the greater number of people have access to these reports could help to ensure their cars are fixed and accidents are prevented.

According to the report issued recently, Jaguar Land Rover has issued a recall that impacts thousands of 2015 LR4 vehicles. The units were produced between August of 2014 and February of 2015. All vehicles come with Anti-Lock Braking Systems that may have been developed with a software issue. Due to the problem, the ABS system may cause certain safety systems to become disabled as a result. Some of the systems that could be impacted include the Dynamic Stability Control (DSC), Roll Stability Control (RSC), Traction Control (TC), and the Hill Decent Control (HDC) systems. If one of these items fails, the vehicle’s stability may suffer, and the risk of an accident may increase

Land Rover has estimated that over 2,000 vehicles have been directly impacted. To avoid accidents, consumers are going to be contacted directly on June 5th. Until then, you may contact Land Rover if you have any pressing concerns related to the recall.

Impacted vehicles will have their ABS software updated for free.

Click here to read the full recall announcement.