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What is your favorite song lyric?

My favorite song lyric is “You gotta learn to be ok with being alone, you gotta learn to love yourself before you love someone else.”- Forever the Sickest Kids. This is actually going to be my first tattoo.


I feel like since you are really clumsy, if you fell in front of Cal he would freak out and help you up asking if you were ok. And even though you were fine, he would insist on giving you a piggy back ride because he didn’t believe you. So he would carry you around and wouldn’t let you walk the rest of the day. AWW I WANT  A CALUM!

Song: The Big Bang by Katy Tiz

Cute Couple Picture:

Short Imagine:

You absolutely loved to Tweet, blog, and talk about you favorite band 5 Seconds of summer at the moment. You always thought Calum was the Calum was the cutest.

He was everything you looked for in a guy, kind, sweet, and not to mention freaking hilarious. You were convinced that you were in love with him; one night at a concert, you met him. And you were so shocked that he gave you his number!

You guys had so many things in common, it really surprised you! He always made you laugh and blush at random times, you were really happy you met him.

When Cal got back onto his tour bus, you saw him through the window staring right back at you.

You laughed softly, and looked back at him. Somehow, Calum snuck you onto the tour bus without any of the other people noticing you.

You spent hours with all the boys, getting to know each of them individually, but you and Cal snuck some sneaky glances toward each other, every now and then. Eventually Michael, Luke, and Ashton all went to bed, Calum should’ve gone too, but he ended up staying with you to talk.

You blushed and turned red, at the conversation you and Calum were having, who knew that the Calum Hood would want to stay up to talk to you?

You had to go back to the hotel you were staying at, but as you were leaving Calum gave you a quick kiss, surprising the both of you. 

After that you and Calum saw more of each other, and now you two were officially dating.

Today was the day that you were finally going to get to see Cal play one of his very own concert.

It was hard not seeing each other, but you kept in contact through texting, skyping, and face time.

Somehow even through all that, it just never felt like it was enough. You wanted to hug and kiss him, show him that you care for him.

You got to the hotel lobby, seeing millions of teenage girls surrounding the bottom floor of the hotel.

Entering quietly, most girls saw you and instantly recognized you as Calum’s girlfriend - Y/N. 

It surprised and confused you that all these girls knew who you were.

Somehow you managed to get through all the girls, getting into the nearest elevator. You punched the right floor number, and every climb you became more and more nervous.

Knocking on room ‘350’, the door opened to Ashton. He smiled, and hugged you shouting “Calum!! Your girlfriend is finally here!”

Ashton turned back to you, “Calum has been going crazy, counting down the days till he gets to see yo-“

Calum walked in looking at Ash. “You please don’t say anymore Ashton.”

Butterflies erupted in your stomach, causing you to smile widely and blush majorly at the sight of your boyfriend.

You ran right into Cal, who carefully caught you and wrapped his arms around you. “I missed you so fucking much baby.”

”I missed you so much Cal.” You mumbled into his chest, as you hugged him tighter.

”Congrats guys, you beat the record for the longest hug ever!” Luke said, as he walked past you.

Laughing, Calum looked down at you. “Hey I need to ask you some-.”

”Y/N! I missed you so much! Oh and we have to get to the arena guys.” Mikey said as he wrapped an arm around your shoulder.

Calum sighed a little, he really wanted to ask you a question. You ignored it, and Calum looked at you and smiled. “Do you need a ride?”

”Yeah, that would be great.” You said as you guys intertwined fingers.

Sitting down in front of the stage, you watched the boys practice and mess around with random objects they found. You just laughed loudly, as Michael and Calum continued to play around.

Calum all the sudden stopped, and ran up to kissing your cheek, causing you to blush.

The concert started, and you went and sat down in your seat. You had a blast getting to know some of the 5SOS family.

When the concert ended, you went backstage and found Cal grabbing his hand.

Calum sighed and rested his head on your shoulder, causing you to smile as you both went back to the hotel.

You were thinking that this was all a dream. Dating Calum Hood was surreal, and you knew for a fact that you never wanted to wake up..

Sorry for any mistakes!

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Who is your favorite cartoon character?

spongebob. hands down.

ship: Ashton

A best friend: Luke

Who’s crushing on you: Luke

The type of relationship you two have: very musical. you two would be super into sharing different bands and discovering newer ones together. and y’all would go to concerts and festivals and be really cute together

Blog rate: Cool | Wow | Hella Rad | How?! | I’m stealing it | I CAN’T BREATHE

URL rate: Cool | Wow | Hella Rad | How?! | I’m stealing it | I CAN’T BREATHE

Icon rate: Cool | Wow | Hella Rad | How?! | I’m stealing it | I CAN’T BREATHE

Compliment: your music taste is on point like wow

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My favorite song lyrics would have to be 'I've never told a lie, but that makes me a liar. I've never made a bet but we gamble with desire' from Jasey Rae by All Time Low

aw i like that song thanks beb!!

a 5sos ship: mikey

a reason for afore mentioned ship: i think he would really love to bring you out  of your shell around people a bit more, and kinda make you more talkative and less shy because he would love it when you get loud and passionate and he would love to hear what you had to say.

a 5sos bestie: calum

a song from my itunes: first date - blink-182

a fake tweet:


shippin’ dots

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Hi I voted for you! My favorite thing about myself would be that I try to always make sure everyone feels loved. My pick up line is are You a bee? Because you make my heart buzz (I know pretty bad, but that's all I got)

url: you’re no Beyonce |  s’cute | slayyyy | my queen

posts: | to each his own | keep it up champ | you’re killing me | nobel post prize 

overall: Eh | thumbs up | better than sliced bread | David Karp is weeping

following: no but ily | am now :) | yesss | BAE 

5sos ship: 


one direction ship: 


inner drag queen


compliment: your use of zer0s in the place of ‘o’s greatly entices me

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You're given a red pill and a blue pill, the red pill will bring anyone you want back to life, but the blue pill will make you an instant billionaire. You can only take one. Which one do you choose?

i’d take the red pill and bring Cory Monteith back to life

ship: calum || luke || michael || ashton
blurb abt relationshipi ran out of ideas for blurbs pls dont hate me
compliment: ur so pretty im so heart eyes emoji


Ship for Carly

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"Would you rather live without arms or legs?"

Probably legs


I ship you with..


Best friend in the band…


Ship name: (couldn’t find a good one, im pretty sure you wouldn’t like carton sorry love)



Blog rate: 7/10

Random song: Bet that you look good on the dancefloor-artic monkeys

Complement: Youre really pretty! im jealous!

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What is your favorite Disney movie?

ALL OF THEM!! I actually like really love Disney movies! (My little brother gives me an excuse to watch them) ahha

Ship: Luke

Best friend: Calum

Crushing: Mashton

Type of Relationship: You would have a love/hate relationship in which you would make fun of each other, but then compliment each other!

Blog rate: Cool | Wow | Hella Rad | How?! | I’m Stealing It | I CAN’T BREATHE

URL rate: Cool | Wow | Hella Rad | How?! | I’m Stealing It | I CAN’T BREATHE

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Compliment: You are sooo pretty, give your face. (Don’t judge me). And btw I cant draw either

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Once you get this you have to say 5 nice things about yourself publicly and then send it to 10 of your favorite followers (not me I did it already) thinking good thoughts about yourself is hard but give it a go for the sake of positivity

1. I’m really good at annoying people

2. I’m sarcastically flawless

3. My teeth are really straight  and no braces come at me

4. I’m really proud of what I’ve done with this blog

5. I have really good taste in music and yogurt

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Would you rather never have bacon or pizza again?

Bacon..pizza needs to be in my life always.

Ship: Michael

Ship name: Marley 

Bff; Ashton

Crushing: Calum

WMYB: you are gorgeous… you kind of look like lorde too, can i have your face please?? 

Blurb: Michael loves the fact that he can tell you anything. Coming home from a long day of recording all he wants his someone who will sit and listen to him vent, and he’s so happy to have you