A thing thatnanda and I were discussing over gaming...

Know what the world needs?

A faux trailer for a dark and gritty reboot of Madeline

(we don’t want this movie, just its trailer).

A woman in a nun’s habit, standing at the top of a staircase, lit by a single candle. She narrows her eyes and says,

“Something is not right.”

She blows out the candle, leaving the screen dark.

Voiceover: In an old house in Paris, all covered with vines -shotgun cocking noise-

-fade in to a pan over a decaying brick house covered in dead ivy. It appears heavily barricaded and fortified-

Voiceover: Lived 12 little girls in two straight lines

-slow pan over a group of girls, all approximately 16, standing in perfect military precision, decked out in all kinds of weaponry, including wooden stakes and bottles of holy water-

Voiceover: They left the house at half past nine

-pan of a grandfather clock in front of a window showing that it’s nighttime-

Voiceover: In rain or shine

-Pouring sleet, giant spotlight cutting through it, shadowy figures skittering out of the beam-

Voiceover: The smallest one was Madeline

-return to the pan from before, but get all the way to the end of the line of girls, where there’s a six-year-old obvious vampire, even more bristling with weapons than any of the others-

::music with electric guitar and heavy cello starts, flashing scenes of vampires being violently dispatched by this team::

(in which there has been some kind of demon/vampire apocalypse in Paris and Miss Clavel has had to turn her school into an academy for slayers. Madeline, being fearless, was an early casualty, but has become a fully sapient demivampire with all the awesome powers that of course entails, which she uses to fight the evil/feral demonpirezombiemonsters)

if you’re a mentally ill victim of the medical industrial complex, I support you. I support you if you choose to take meds and I support you if you choose not to take meds. you deserve support and love no matter what.

a-little-puppet asked:

"What did you see?" (Meme) (Reboot Turbo)

Reboot was curled up in a tight fetal on the couch, sobbing silently and clutching his left arm due to the deep aching pain he felt. The flashback he was having was something from eldritch horror stories but all he knew was, in his mind, he was standing front of a mega-virus that looked like the original Turbo but more monstrous.

             Bright, livid yellow eyes….

                    Large, ugly fangs that dripped binary and molten birot… 

It just all looked so real…He was just face to face with the monstrosity in front of him before suddenly a his large claw phased through Reboot’s chest, grabbing and pressing down on the boys fluttering heart. He wanted to scream out but the sound just wouldn’t come out so he just stared at the virus with wide, fearful white eyes.

Tears streamed down his face steadily and all that came out of him, both flashback and real-life, was a frightened whimper. His entire slender, skinny frame shook and glitched lightly as the horrific vision in his mind continued to play. Choked sobs and hiccups could be heard from him as he writhed about slightly.

Little did the young racer know that someone had just walked and was now witnessing him having a flashback from the attack on his game.

a-little-puppet asked:


どのようにあなたは私を理解することはできません?" Reboot exclaimed in slightly irritated tone. Since his game was made in Japan, he could speak the language fluently but however no one could understand him. This just made this entirely frustrating for the boy because no one could seem to understand a word he said, not to mention, he had no idea he was doing so.

He could understand Antoinette perfectly though… 

in case you were wondering

Airy’s Top Five Fandom Betrayal Shit List (order does not necessarily reflect heinousness of offence, just order in which names occurred to me)

  1. Stephen Moffat
  2. Simon Pegg
  3. Munehisa Sakai (director of Sailor Moon Crystal - I know a director doesn’t have complete creative control of any project they work on but we have to have a name otherwise what are we going to call the leeches we throw into the fire)
  4. David Benioff and D.B. Weiss (speaking of)
  5. J.K. Rowling (“of course”)

Honorary Mentions:

Peter Jackson

J.J. Abrams, Robert Orci and Alex Kurtzman (the Unholy Trinity of the Star Trek Reboots)


Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindeloff

Bryan Konietzko and Michael Dante DiMartino