A terrible tragedy has happened on Wednesday in Florida - a 13-year-old boy shot two of his brothers. The younger one, 6-year-old boy, is killed and the older brother is injurede.
What’s the reason?
Well… food. Yes, just an argument over food made a young boy shoot at his brothers.
How could this boy get a gun?
That’s unclear but the answer is common for all such cases - parents don’t even try to keep their gun in a safe place.
Unfortunately kids with guns become a normal thing in our society and such happenings don’t surprise any more. But it’s not the reason to shut the ears to this problem - it’s time to rouse the government, it’s time to stop it.

I think the best part of growing up is gradually doing things without Your parents permission.

want to watch Netflix while in the bath? No one cares.

Want to eat a couple marshmallows? Go for it.

want to buy three boxes of thin mints and eat them all in one sitting?