I can see it now… Vader has overpowered Kanan and Ezra, he’s using the Force to slowly move Ezra’s lightsaber towards his throat. He’s about to go for the ill, it’s all about to end.

And then…


Hera smacks Vader over the head with the tray she used to knock out Azmorigan and his guard. The day is saved, they escape, and we totally mitigate any need for an emotional confrontation between Ahsoka and Vader.


Below is a very long list of all the ideas I had for the AU of Commandant Cumberlayne Aresko surviving ‘Call to Action’ and somehow entering the rebel side. It’s mostly character development ideas, plot details and a bit of notes on some other SWR characters.

(I tried to keep Aresko +more-or-less in character, so he’s more of a pitiful and obnoxious loser than a rebel hero or something.)

I think I’ll be generally calling this AU ‘No casualties’. I’ll make posts with headcanons for every dead character this show throws upon my weeping face.

Story line

  • The Ghost crew helps transport Aresko to one of Fulcrum/Ahsoka’s contacts. He is very quiet and miserably apprehensive on the journey, so everyone is secretly relieved after he’s taken from their care.
  • The first person from the crew to validate Aresko is Sabine. She personally understands the crushing feeling of blindly obeying the Empire’s system and then seeing it turn into a living nightmare.
  • He is given refuge at a remote rebel base, where he’s kept under strict surveillance. His usefulness as someone who knows up-to-date imperial protocol and documentation is not yet utilised - until he really earns the rebels’ trust by doggedly offering bureaucratic advice that allows several infiltrators to enter good imperial academies.
  • The area he lives in contains other refugees, including some runaways from Lothal, who recognise Aresko and at first deeply mistrust and despise him.


  • Aresko is embarrassed of the heavy scarring along his neck and one shoulder - remains of a failed lightsaber execution. He has trouble moving his arm and keeping his head straight until his injury heals.
  • Lifelong occasional nightmares of the meeting with Tarkin.
  • Anxiety issues in certain situations. During social interactions, he refuses to let anyone stand behind him, so he usually sticks to a corner with his back to the wall. He’s sometimes a little unsettled at dusk, because the dull light reminds him of that evening when he almost got his head lopped off.


  • For a long time, Aresko finds himself deeply missing his old life. He’s also anxious over Grint’s fate and what might happen to Lothal.
  • He continues his old methods, boot-licking and aiming to please anyone who’s higher ranked than him (which is almost every rebel), but to little effect - it mostly annoys these people. He cringes away from verbal conflicts - he’s so afraid he’ll mess up again (like the failure he believes he is) and be kicked out of the rebel base… or be killed off.
  • Aresko is made to share a living space with a scraggly group of aliens. He’s the only human and it’s a cultural shock: everyday life interactions with aliens he surely would have bullied as an imperial commandant.
  • It takes a long time for him to overcome imperial anti-alien thinking. He gradually picks up a bit of various alien languages, which helps him become more accepted in the community.


  • Tseebo is there and his sleeping bunk is directly above Aresko’s. He considers Tseebo a nuisance and is very bossy towards him, but eventually grows to genuinely care and stand up for the brain-damaged little Rodian. There is something broken and awkwardly frightened about the alien that Aresko can commiserate with and even feel a stab of guilt about.
  • To recycle as many characters as possible, my idea is that Jai Kell is also a member of that base. He’s even a bit of a friend with the Wookiee cub that Ezra saved. Jai is of course grateful that he and his mum escaped the Empire’s grip, but he can’t help feeling frustrated. Knowing how Ezra and Zare are each receiving proper training for their skills, he feels jealous because he’s (in his opinion) like a useless child in comparison.
  • Jai connects with Aresko, helping him adapt to his new life. He finds the commandant acceptable (if somewhat stuffy), as he wasn’t unkind to Jai at the imperial academy. Also, both of them feel out of place: underconfident because they didn’t leave the Empire out of moral convictions, but to save themselves.
  • Since Jai lost his father some years back, Aresko eventually becomes Jai’s awkward spacedad role of sorts. They hang out together, sometimes having misadventures. Jai appreciates Aresko’s continued treatment of him as a prized cadet, while Aresko enjoys being a half-teacher, half-almost-parental figure to the boy.
  • Jai eventually finds his calling in pilot training, using his Force abilities to become an amazing scout in one of the rebel’s x-wing squads. Aresko is very proud.
  • In this AU no one dies of course, so I think eventually the other imperials also end up on the rebel side in one way or another, which I’ll make separate lists about.

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So stoked. Ahsoka, Rex, and James Earl Jones Vader no less!

(no Tim Curry though)


This also proves that Rex was to loyal to kill Anakin or Ahsoka during 66, and it is one of the biggest fan theories out there! If he did kill them or not. In this case he was to caring to kill anyone and didn’t want to join the Empire. Good on Rex. He’s changed so much, so I decided to put his Plan of Dissent image in as well to see how much he aged in the space of 7-10 years.

I’m still very confused on what is happening, because I live in Australia and episodes don’t come out for a month after the US watches them, but I am happy to see that Rex and the others that didn’t do order 66 are still alive.

tbh the aged clones looking slightly chubby is weird to me. really weird. I know older people’s bodies distribute weight differently, especially muscular ones… but these guys have ridiculous metabolisms and i doubt they had access to an excess of food after deserting.

I guess I always imagined them looking like those lean old people. like Clint Eastwood or something. Like 99.

Are Stormtroopers Clones?

Short answer: no. Between the events of Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith and Star Wars: A New Hope (and even before then), the clone program was shut down and all clones aged out - they get old fast, after all.

Long answer, courtesy of Pablo Hidalgo, Lucasfilm Story Group
“Are the stormtrooper clone troopers, and if they’re not, what happened to them?”

“So here we are, we’re about 5 years before the events of Episode 4 [Star Wars: A New Hope]. By that time, the clone operations that the Republic started for the Clone Wars, they’ve been phased out. Clone troopers age at, like, twice the rate of normal people, so they’ve kind of aged-out of service.”

“And they’ve been replaced by recruits who are, like, fervently patriotic and loyal to the Empire. Men and women who believe in the cause of the Empire and have signed up to be stormtroopers. So, there’s your answer.”

Below you’ll see Hidalgo speaking the words above at around 2:50. This is Star Wars “Rebels Recon,” a series of videos which add behind-the-scenes content to the Star Wars cartoon series “Rebels.”

Hidalgo worked as manager of the Star Wars Index at Echo Station until the year 2000 when he was hired by Lucasfilm for various projects, including Internet Content Manager for Lucas Online until 2011 and writing for StarWars.com and Star Wars content for West End Games.

After Lucasfilm acquired Disney, Hidalgo’s role was moved to the newly formed Lucasfilm Story Group. This group was formed in 2013 to officially determine all Star Wars canon from that point forward. Hidalgo is currently the Brand Communications Manager for Lucasfilm Story Group.

See more on the Lucasfilm Story Group at Wookiepedia.

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