So much awesomeness coming out of Star Wars Celebration this past weekend, I’m on geek overload! The Force Awakens, Battlefront, Rebels, Lego Adventures, Rogue One, new costumes, new toys!!! Can’t wait!!!

Of course in all the excitement, the creative juices are overflowing, so here’s a fast piece inspired by that amazing Rebels Season 2 trailer! 

Plenty more to come, enjoy!



What I want from Ahsoka’s role in Star Wars Rebels

  • A deep discussion about the Force with Kanan and Ezra.
  • A flashback to her building her new lightsaber after she learns about Order 66 and the fall of the Republic, giving up all ties to her old life
  • Confronting Ventress wherever she is, trying to bring her back to the light.
  • Her fighting Vader tbh that would be the most emotionally charged battle of the series easily on par with obi wan v. vader in ep III and luke v. vader in ep. VI
  • Swapping war stories with Kanan and talking about how much they miss their masters ;_;
  • Lots of wisdom
  • Lots of backstory
  • No death
I got a lot of hate over a post I made, so I’d like to clarify.

Dave Filoni, please don’t kill Ahsoka for the development of the Ghost crew, particularly Kanan or Ezra.

I like Rebels, and I love the crew of the Ghost, but they don’t mean nearly as much to me as Ahsoka does. Her character has been around and developing since 2008, and Rebels aired about six months ago. I personally don’t want her to die for any of them.

And I don’t want her to join the other Star Wars women who were killed for the development of a man:

  1. Padmé Amidala (killed for Anakin)
  2. Shmi Skywalker (killed for Anakin)
  3. Satine Kryze (killed for Obi-Wan)
  4. Beru Larrs (killed for Luke)
  5. The Daughter (killed for the Father and Son, and to a lesser extent Anakin)
  6. Steela Gerrera (killed for Lux)
  7. Mina Bonteri (killed for Lux)
  8. Depa Billaba (killed for Kanan)
  9. Mira Bridger (killed for Ezra)*
  10. Adi Gallia (killed for Obi-Wan)

I don’t want any of your hate, calling me sexist for basically ‘not appreciating that the number of females in Star Wars is dwindling because they were killed off for a man’.

I also don’t want your stupid lists of male characters that are dead. Because guess what? Here’s some male characters killed for the sake of other male characters:

  1. Qui Gon Jinn (killed for Obi-Wan)
  2. Darth Vader/Anakin Skywalker (killed for Luke)
  3. Obi-Wan Kenobi (killed for Luke)
  4. Owen Larrs (killed for Luke)
  5. Ephraim Bridger (killed for Ezra)*
  6. Mace Windu (killed for Anakin/Vader)

What I don’t like is how women are constantly being killed for men, not just in Star Wars but everywhere.

I don’t want Ahsoka to die for Kanan or Ezra. I just don’t.

Proof that Barriss Offee is the masked Inquisitor:

I just put together sufficient evidence to prove that the masked Inquisitor in the Rebels season 2 trailer is without a doubt Barriss Offee.

So we’ve got a good look at the masked Inquisitor here. Although the mask completely covers the face we can see that they have a long slender, characteristically feminine, neck.

Next we have this shot that shows off the body of the masked Inquisitor. First thing we notice right away is the figure. This Inquisitor has a very feminine curve to their body as well as slender arms and waist in comparison to the male Inquisitor to the left. But wait, there’s more!

Take a look at the head. You can clearly see a yellowish-green spot on her face. Since she wears a mask we should be seeing the metallic colour of her mask, but instead we see this. It’s clear to me that she isn’t wearing her mask in this scene. That is a yellow-green cheek we are seeing.

And here we have the evidence screaming in our faces. Barriss has a long slender neck, yellow-green skin, a curvaceous feminine figure, and she even has a black spandex neck and head wrap like the masked Inquisitor.

Without a doubt, Barriss Offee is the masked Inquisitor.

Extra: The masked Inquisitor’s fighting style also seems highly similar to Barriss Offee’s. This is evidenced in this post by @panimauser.