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1. Favorite Color?

-Deep Navy Blue

2. Anime or Shows?


3. Which show/anime is your Favorite?

Love my Naurto & DBZ but I also love shows like Orange Is The New Black & Big Brother 15

4. Favorite kind of music?

- I have a broad selection of music I like to listen to

5. Favorite Band

- Lana Del Rey. I know she’s not a band but she has a live “band” and that plays her music instead of a DJ at her concerts when she performs, so HA!

6. Favorite Game?

- DBZ Budokai 3

7. Do you prefer swimming or tanning?

- I’m African American/ Part Caucasian, so I don’t need to do that shit. Swim.

8. Would your rather go skydiving or bungee jumping?

- Fuck it, let’s do both.

9. Do you prefer rainy or sunny days?

- Depend on my agenda, sometimes rainy days eff my outdoor plans

10. Are these question any good?

- Yes

My questions for you all 

1. Boxers or briefs?

2. What’s one thing you would do that your parent wouldn’t approve of?

3. Favorite 90s cartoon?

4. Favorite cereal?

5. Would you rather go white water rafting or rock climbing?

6. Favorite Artist?

7. What Magazine would you like to be on the cover of?

8. Do you like broccoli?

9. Kittens or Puppies?

10. Mom or Dad?