K. Michelle - I Don’t Like Me

a lot of people hate on her.. which is weird to me.. i respect her.. she can sing her ass off and isn’t a fan of quitting… also she’s not a singer like beyonce (as much as i fucking love beyonce) who pretends to be like perfect.. she shows all of herself good and bad and is always honest.. & above all makes good shit and it’s soulful.. like you can tell she puts her all into her music. 


The Right One by K. Michelle.

Cause all that I can see is she’s prettier than me
Damn, I wish I had her body!
I can hear my self-esteem
I don’t like me, me!

And I don’t feel so pretty today
This mirror don’t look the same
Thought I liked the woman I was
But people keep saying, “Change!”
Maybe they’re right!

—  K.Michelle“I Don’t Like Me”

Hope you make the rest of my life
Gotta take chances when given the opportunity
Time is of the essence, the moment and not the magazine
Dirty around the edges yet you like it when I come clean

When I hit the lights
Don’t let know one see you get down
But it’s alright
You here with me putting in work making rounds
You and I
Have something they can’t know about

Why not? Well what’s the fun in knowing?
I ain’t hear to tell but ill have fun showing

Very special

Over the weekend the Rebellious Soul singer decided to give fans a treat. She released a new track entitled “He Gets Me.” The Love and Hip Hop star praises her new man in the latest track. K. Michelle is currently on the road with Sevyn Streeter for the Rebellious Soul tour. She is also working on new music for the holidays. Press Play.

The Right One

You got the right one…..

To do wrong to
Sad that you dont realize that you did wrong too
Had all these answers multiple choices for a few questions
Trying to pass these tests well why you up here second guessing

And here you go saying
“F you and all that”
She gonna blast me all on twitter and she want me to respond back
She wanna act ratchet
Imma let her be that

You got the right one

Not the typical man
Not gonna sit back imma take a stand
Get it all out vomit at the mouth
I’m gonna direct this anywhere when it this ish tries to turn south

Yeah you got the right one