Vinny: [goes on a hunting trip] What about these pants I got on? You think they’re okay?

Lisa: Imagine you’re a deer. You’re prancin’ along. You get thirsty. You spot a little brook. You put your little deer lips down to the cool, clear water… BAM! A fuckin’ bullet rips off part of your head! Your brains are laying on the ground in little bloody pieces! Now I ask ya, would you give a fuck what kind of pants the son of a bitch who shot you was wearing?

OPERATION FEMSLASH is now an AO3 challenge!

Cadignan and I were wondering about the tiny amount of F/F stories in the Supernatural fandom. Let’s try and get that number to at least 1000!

We have so many awesome female characters in the fandom. There’s Charlie and Gilda, the two Amelias, Cassie, Abbadon, Pam, Bela, Jessica, Becky, Linda, Tessa, Eve, Ava, Krissy, Josephine, Lisa, Daphne, Tamara, Gwen, Anna, Rachel, Claire, Jo, Ellen, Missouri, Hester, Meg, Naomi, Jody, Kali, Emma, Ruby, Annie, Madison… the list goes on and on! So go give our SPN ladies get some lovin’!

I tagged a few folks that were in the conversation earlier, so I’d love to get more stuff in the collection.

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carmilla x laura and light bondage play ??? idk i'm bad at prompts!

"So… silver?"

Carmilla smirks. “Looks sublime on me.”


"I barely even know what it is."


"Have you ever seen me close the curtains during the day? No. Stop pacing. It’s annoying."

Laura sighs and sits down heavily on the bed. Her short skirt rides up her thighs and she twitches it down ineffectually. “So what you’re telling me is you’re impossible to tie down.”

Carmilla is sprawled on her side behind Laura, stretched languidly across the bed. “Well sure,” she says, “If you take all your cues from television.”

"Sunlight is ubiquitous!" Laura protests. "Every vampire story uses it! Don’t blame this on the boob tube!"

"Sweetheart." Carmilla is laughing. "I’m like, four centuries old and even I won’t say boob tube.”

Laura cranes her neck and makes a face at Carmilla. She tugs her skirt down again. What was the point of dressing like high school era Buffy Summers coming to dominate and ravage her hot vampire lover if the vampire lover in question can rip its way out of her best bondage scarves like they were tissue paper?

(she says “bondage scarves,” but they’re really just scarves. What is she, some kind of sexpert who carries handcuffs and marshmallow lube around for a rainy day? Please.)

"Forget the roleplay." Carmilla reaches up and curls her fingers around the back of Laura’s neck. She tugs Laura down, and Laura falls down beside Carmilla. Carmilla kisses her twice. Gently, and then purposeful, easing open Laura’s mouth with her tongue. "I like you better when you’re yourself anyway." 

Laura’s skirt rides up again, and she ignores it.

rebelgirltakingontheworld said: CHRISSY GO HOME U R DRUNK (or stay out and party safely idk, your choice but make safe decisions!)

-buckles metaphorical seat belt-

surprisingly, I am home and not actually out (my best friend cat came over and brought alcohol to my house — is that a gr8 friend or what) but yes I always party safely and make safe decisions <3

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what is carmilla help

omigosh liz it is so good

it is a webseries based on the 19th century gothic novel carmilla, which is about a woman who falls under the sway of a vampire named carmilla.

the book (which is actually on project guternberg here) is kind of a female sexuality morality tale, but the webseries is a modern retelling that doesn’t follow those mores. basically, laura, the protagonist, is investigating the disappearance of her old roommate, and then vampire carmilla moves in and they argue flirtatiously between laura’s investigations until laura learns that carmilla is a vampire.

it’s also queer ladies everywhere. laura and carmilla obviously have something going on, but laura also have another love interest, her lit TA who is helping her with her investigation, and is also a super tall hot girl. and there’s another two characters who it really seems like something is going on between. basically the whole cast is cute queer girls.

and it is also so clever and well written??? lizzie bennett diaries meets buffy the vampire slayer is still how i’d describe it— it’s very quippy and uses the one camera video blog style format.  

dhgjgj it is just so good! there are 21 episodes now, but they’re only 3-5 minutes each, so you can watch the whole thing in like an hour and a half.

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i mean you can read the list or not, it’s not really definitive list but it definitely outlines what i think monosexual privileges are. i happen to think it is a thing that’s real and not stupid. and i’m sure you’ve heard of internalized oppression.

I read the list, I’ve seen it on tumblr several times actually. I still think it makes 0 sense because like I said lesbians go through pretty much everything on the list and to be honest the fact that you seem to think I suffer from internalized oppression because I don’t agree with you is pretty insulting. I have both bisexual and lesbians friends. I can’t think of a single thing that was easier for my lesbians friends than it was for me (well in fact I can think of some things that were easier for me and some things that were harder as well).

White privilege, male privilege, straight privilege and several others are based on years of oppression and violence. Can you say something similar about monosexual privilege? Lesbians are oppressed because of their sexuality. THEY CAN’T HAVE PRIVILEGE BECAUSE OF THEIR SEXUALITY IF THEY’RE OPPRESSED BECAUSE OF THEIR SEXUALITY. 

Again, lesbians can and some of them do discriminate bisexual women but there is no structure of privilege whatsoever behind that.

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i’m not trying to compare the misogyny to this day aimed at marie antoinette and the suffering of the people fyi - it’s not comparable at all. people care about the romanovs (mostly anastasia) because the children were executed as well.

maybe my first post wasn’t very clear about it but what bothers me is the glorification of royalty?

my problem is not with people who are just interested in them (even when I personally dgaf)

my problem is when people keep seeing royals as tragic figures without any sort of critical thinking whatsover when most (if not all) of them were awful

I get being upset about children being killed in the romanov case but like peasants had children too?? and most of them were living in terrible conditions??

just to be clear I don’t think finding some royals interesting makes you awful or smth is the glorification what I just can’t understand at all

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UMMMM hit me up when you get here

omg rae we should go to a club

rebelgirltakingontheworld replied to your post:HEY GUYS GUESS WHAT i will be in san francisco…


liz!!! i’ll be in your part of new york eventually one day just wait <3 <3

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aaahhh what we’re gonna miss each other by like a week

D: if you listen closely you can hear the sound of my heart shattering through all of the internet. are you going the week before or after me (to? vancouver right?) cause if the latter i’m gonna leave secret messages all over town.

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oh wait, do you mean the word processing buttons ? idek

Yeah the little rtf editor buttons, bold, italics, insert read more, insert photo…invisible.

It’s like something from Night Vale. Welcome to the posting window. There are no edit functions. They are there, but you cannot see them. You feel a cold chill on the back of your neck. You can write things but you cannot edit. The edit functions are not there. Do not try to use the edit functions. Pay no attention to the hooded figures.