rebekka guoleifsdottir

Photographer Spotlight - Rebekka Guðleifsdóttir

Inspiration comes from a lot of difference channels, be it intricate and published such as magazines, internet, galleries and museums. Or through something simple and raw like our thoughts, feeling, emotions and dreams.

One avenue of inspiration no one can argue against is our fellow artists and photographers. Like almost anyone in the world, I tend to emulate what I believe looks good, what makes me think differently and in essence, what just works. We learn from those before us, apply our own touch, then pass this knowledge on. The amalgam of experience, knowledge and inspiration eventually produces our unique personal style. Think Frank Lloyd Wright. Think Van Gogh or Picasso. Think Annie Leibovitz, and you know their body work and recognize the ‘I cant put my finger on it’ magic they all posses. I believe that creating a look that is instantly recognizable to be one of the greatest accomplishments in all artistic fields.

This is part one of a few people who inspire me or are photographers who’s work I’m a fan of. They may not all have the same equivalent impact, but all have a hand in my amateur progression. And hey, they might even inspire you.

Rebekka Guðleifsdóttir


-Web’s Top Photographer 2006
-Flickr’s top artists
-Advertising campaigns with Toyota
-Numerous magazine publications


Originally a more traditional artist she’s developed into quite an accomplished photographer. She’s most renowned for her self-portrait work (most notably the multiple exposure shots) as well as photographs of local Icelandic fauna (horses in particular).

Her work is steeped with surrealism, very well composed shots that are accentuated by her impressive post-processing skills. All her skills culminating into a portfolio any professional would be proud to call their own. Rebekka has quite a penchant for creating images that amaze and inspire, with an eye that, even now still manages to captivate her audience.

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