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I love how Jay captured all of my imperfections. He has an eye for capturing the real you.

I’m wearing the prototypes to pieces from two collaborations with two great women. I’m grateful for the women who push me to challenge myself. These pieces will be available vey soon. #CHARMEFEATHERCOLLABORATION

Photo by Jay Espy of jayesphotography



I’m an advocate for choosing your happiness above all. What makes you happy? What does your spirit need? What do you want? How do we expect to serve the people we love if we can not serve ourselves? You are doing the world a service when you are one with yourself. Before you can give from a full cup you must give yourself the proper attention. I want you all to look for that inner voice inside of you that’s screaming for you to satisfy your very wants, needs, and desires

I remember when I was at a youth summit volunteering. I was being surround by a bunch of young girls. One of them asked me about my hair, another asked about my jewelry and another picked and prodded at my clothes. But most of them were just looking up and staring at me. When I replay that moment in my head I change around major details, where I was, what I was doing, and why are unclear. The number of girls vary depending on who I’m telling the story to. But I never mix around how I felt. I never forget because I can’t compare those emotions to anything I’ve felt before. In that instance my palms were shaking and sweaty. My chest was heavy and my stomach was knotted. How I felt was indescribable. In short I was overwhelmed. I couldn’t pinpoint a movement in the room which seemed to stand still. My immediate surroundings were a blur except for the girls standing in front of me. In that moment I could say anything and I knew they would believe me. I couldn’t grasp how much power I had over these young girls mind. I was afraid of that type of power and I didn’t know what to do with it or where to put it.  My brain scanned all the things I could do that could ruin their lives and that scared me even more.

I want to be very clear about what I mean. I have no desire to manipulate any young person. I’m candidly sharing how my subtle impression on a young girls mind made me feel powerful and powerless all at once. I’m also expressing my exact thought process during that wave of emotions. I want to share the profound moment that pointed me in the direction of my purpose.

If I could make that type of impression on a young woman by her just watching me. I knew God had a much bigger plan for me. I knew I would play a role in next generation’s growth. I want to make a difference so impactful I don’t live to see the results. In the moments I was swarmed by a group of youth I was paralyzed with fear because I seen a vision of my role in the world. I pray that God gives me the tools and wisdom needed for such a job. I was blessed to discover my purpose. Most people spend a lifetime searching for theirs or worst, dying without one. I no longer want to keep my purpose a secret.

Looking for an Intern for Jewelry Designer

Are you a young, fashion forward, and determined? Are you new to New York? Are you looking to gain knowledge in fashion but lack experience? Are you outgoing, fun, and socialable? If this sounds like you then this internship is perfect opportunity. I’m looking for an intern to assist me with my blooming business. I need someone who can handle and initiate tasks within my company. I’m looking for a;

  • Female
  • Student (preferred fashion or business majors)
  • Blogger and are a social media savy (a plus but not a must) 
  • Tech savvy.
The hours are flexible and can work around your schedule. Compensation will be discused upon hiring.  As a fashion or business student you will learn;
  • Time management 
  • Task management 
  • Entrepreneurship skills
  • Prioritizing 
  • Jewelry design 
  • And more!
This position can be for long term or short term, it depends on a few variables. I will be conducting phone interviews and sit down interviews this weekend. Please reply with serious inquiries only. Email your name, number, resume, (not required) and why you’re interested.

I try to give each of my customers a one on one experience. It’s probably my favorite part of being an entrepreneur. I get to interact with my clients to my discretion, and not by someone else’s standard and guideline. I love that I can be myself make that connection and sale. My performance IS detrimental to my business but I’m not being picked a part if I make the wrong decision. 

Here I was actually bartering a hand chain for a lovely pocketbook at the International African Arts Festival. I find myself jumping up with excitement off the idea of bartering, its a win win situation for everybody. 

God is Love

I was having a bad day.

I was disgusted with myself and everything around me. It began with this eventually that became a shitstorm of self destructive knit picking. I picked and prodded at my being as I slowly hated myself for my minuscule mistakes.

I was having a bad day.

I was a wreck, an emotional roller-coaster.

I was having a bad day.

So my flesh turned to the only thing I knew, O. O was my human support. He was my love on earth. He was the support my flesh needed. As I spoke of my day and tried to convince him that I was the stupidest woman alive. He was unmoved, not convinced, comfortable, and loving. His eyes never showed any sign that he believed or agreed with me. His patience with my own impatience confused my hateful thoughts. I wanted to be mad myself l, but his love knocked me back to life. His love and understanding brought me to my knees. It was when I looked into his eyes that I realized I wasn’t dealing with his love. It was my spirit that told me that I was looking at God’s love. He spoke through him because he knew that is where I would see him. The idea that someone could love me at a moment I hated myself was so profound it brought me to tears.

To see and understand God’s love through man, even the slightest was a blessing.

If I could get even a little of that type of love, I could change the world. I thought I knew love, but I didn’t know a thing until God showed himself to me. He clearly differentiated himself from the love that I knew. And it’s nothing. His love is moving, heat stopping, and advanced.

I felt more vulnerable and open in that moment than I have in my entire life. I was stripped naked and I was loved in my rawest form. I was blessed the night I seen God’s love.

-Rebekah Christie: April 20, 2014

This woman was such a lovely neighbor. She was in love with my feathers, almost as much as I am. When people profess their own infatuation with feathers, I feel like we’re connected on another level. There’s people who like feathers, people who love them, and then us.