so today at Q-con I

  • bought a wonderful jojo print from rebeccareynolds
  • got my togami cosplay recognised by a phoenix wright cosplayer, a franchise from which danganronpa plagiarised its gameplay
  • watched bakingbeanz beat a QWOP record and win a prize
  • proceeded to decimate him at Gears 3
  • discovered the universe is controlled by will ferrell and his son
  • saw a nonon cosplay so good i nearly broke down and cried
  • constantly dissed SAO with bakingbeanz
  • bought a bag with Yui Hirasawa on it
  • was gifted a Despair High School necklace for no reason
  • played Cards Against Humanity and discovered how Margaret Thatcher kept herself entertained in her later years
  • overloaded streetpass

Shout out to suzakukururugi, birdpsychic, cadmium, and the-golbinqueen (who is cosplaying mirai kuriyama so i may end up accidentally falling in love) who have expressed interest in meeting me via strange card. Also shoutout to danyandherdragons who i’m hoping to meet at Q-con considering we’ve been mutual-following for a while now.