Photography by: Rebecca Handler
Stylist: Phil Gomez
Makeup by: Ewa Perry
Hair by: Joey Oso

Frida: Lola Declet

Frida’s Lover: Deborah Rose

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THE FENCE is a summer-long, outdoor photographic exhibition that explores the essence of community across cultural boundaries and geographical lines. THE FENCE is a site-specific exhibition stretching over 1000ft in length, culled from a call for submissions; we asked our community of photographers across the globe to respond to the question – “what makes up a community?” through five thematic approaches: home, streets, people, creatures and play.

A collaboration between United Photo Industries, Photo District News (PDN), Brooklyn Bridge Park, and the Flash Forward Festival, this unique site-specific exhibition is aimed at fostering conversations, and exploring new thematic directions in photography.


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This series makes a commentary on American Tourism. I intended to portray three stereotypical vacation destinations, and show the tackiness of our culture when it comes to travel. Instead of focusing on the fashionable or glamorous aspect of it as it is traditionally done in travel photography, I choose to focus on the realness of it. Americans put on a costume when they travel; they become a different persona.

Tourists carry a gear bag, transforming themselves into their own luggage, props, and costumes, that aid them in the process of choosing who they want to be during this vacation. Tourists choose who they want to be during this reality escape.

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Freaky! They got me on tv on the DIY network.