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In regard to the werefox!stiles & young!peter verse how about they find one of Stiles relatives alive but Peter doesn't want Stiles to leave or even Stiles refuses to leave with them/wants to stay with Peter.

the_brightest_light: I love this series so much! There is not enough young Peter. I’d love to see maybe a few other were fixes move to beacon hills and stiles being torn because as much as he loves the Hales theres SO much he wants to know about the history of his kind

and also @rebakitt3n who once asked about stiles dealing with the loss of his parents.

Stiles doesn’t talk about his family often. Not directly.

Sometimes he’ll reach for something, call “mama” or “daddy” only to remember halfway through the name that they aren’t there anymore to help him. He’ll get this lost, momentarily confused look on his face as he looks around for his parents, until he remembers that they’re gone and his face crumbles.

He runs off and hides then, shifts and curls up under his bed or in the closet, once in the laundry basket.

One of the Hales always comes to find him, sits by wherever he’s hiding and waits for him to come out, holds him close as he cries and whimpers.

He opens up slowly, to Peter and Derek most because he’s closest to them, but Talia too - she is a mother figure to him now. It’s little things he reveals, most times without even realizing that he’s said it.  Things like “mom did it this day”, “dad added that”, “this one time when daddy took me fishing…” and he gets lost in the story.

The Hales are supportive and always try to encourage him to tell them more. They can’t give him his parents back, but they don’t want him to forget them either.

It’s a joint effort and the tang of sadness will always be there, but steadily, Stiles opens up.

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But, Baby, It's Cold Outside

Based on this prompt by salatrix: “If you’re still taking them, Stiles hanging christmas lights on his ceiling, and singing baby its cold outside to derek when he tries to go.” and rebakitt3n: “but he doesn’t know all the words so makes shit up ‘don’t forget the wind chill factor’ and 'if we were in England it would be celsius’” Thanks for the prompts guys! Hope you like it. Man it’s hilarious and incredibly fluffy. :)

“I don’t understand why I need to be here,” Derek says as he watches Stiles balance precariously on his desk chair to string Christmas lights above his desk, his computer playing Christmas music low in the background. “Unless it’s because you want me to tell you that you are an idiot and being incredibly unsafe. In which case, I’ve already done that, so my job here is done.”

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a very steter Christmas - ep.21

rebakitt3n asked:

If you’re still taking writing prompts, how about there’s a werewolf cub/child who needs a home (parents died, I dunno) and Stiles is certain it’s a great idea and Peter is hesitant. Stiles wins of course and happy ending for all. Quick story is fine, I just can’t get this out of my head! Thanks!!

I hope that fem! Stiles is okay with you. If not: apologies.


“Stiles. What is that?”


Stiles paused her humming and turned to the kitchen door. She smiled at Peter, more than happy to have him back home after the three days her mate spent frolicking around a werewolf convention. Well, she called it frolicking since all the panels sounded like fun and she’d be able to learn so much there, but it was a werewolf only edition and Derek and Peter went there alone to establish connections.

Peter looked a bit tired, but otherwise fine if a bit annoyed. He must have tried to get her attention one time too many.


“Hey, Creeperwolf,” she chirped. She was too busy with the bundle in her arms to go over and get her kiss, but she was sure Peter would be more than eager to get to scent marking her in a moment. “Welcome home. How did it go?”


“Stiles,” Peter repeated, completely ignoring her greeting in favor of glaring at her chest. “What are you holding.”


She looked from him, to the little ball of warmth and cuteness, then back to Peter again. Her eyebrow rose in disbelief because what else could she be holding other than, “A baby.”


“And where did you get the baby from?”


“Boyd found him this morning while patrolling the Preserve. Deaton said he’s too young to tell for sure if he’s a werewolf, but the clearing Boyd found the baby at smelled of wolf, so we’re having a meeting later in the evening when you and Derek get settled.”


Peter didn’t seem placated by her explanation at all. His brow was still furrowed and he crossed his arms in front of his chest, now clearly annoyed. “And the baby is here, why?”




“Because I was already at the clinic and the only one with any experience in handling a baby. I used to babysit for some of dad’s deputies,” Stiles explained and rocked the little boy, smiling at him as he gurgled at her happily.


She didn’t have to be looking at Peter to feel the force of his glare.


“We’re not keeping him,” Peter told her, voice firm and decisive.


She turned to look at him over her shoulder, baby cradled to her chest. “I never said we would, Peter.”


He narrowed his eyes at her reply, but said nothing more on the matter as he left her and the little boy, and retreated to his study. Though Stiles thought of it more as an escape.


There was no escaping this cuteness though, she mused as the boy batted at her with his hands and squealed when she pretended to bite at his fingers. After two days of caring for the baby Stiles already felt attached, she’d just have to make sure Peter got invested as well.



It wasn’t an easy feat: making Peter interact with the boy she lovingly named Sammy.


After the pack collectively agreed that they can’t just leave the baby in an orphanage and let a potential werewolf baby get adopted by unsuspecting humans, Stiles and a very annoyed Peter took the boy back home with them. For the most part, Peter seemed torn between wanting to touch her and needing to be as far away from Sammy as possible.


“You’re just out of college, Stiles,” Peter tried to reason with her. “You wanted for us to go travel a bit before you found a job.”


“Travelling can wait till Sammy is a bit older. And I don’t really need to work right now, I have a very rich baby daddy,” Stiles leaned in to leave a wet kiss on Peter’s cheek and laughed when the man growled at her and pushed her away.


“We might still find his family, you shouldn’t get attached,” Peter told her as he watched Stiles wash Sammy in the sink.


“It’s been a week and there’s no trace of someone looking for a baby and there was no clues left where Boyd found him,” Stiles replied, quite reasonably, then jumped a bit when Sammy brought his chubby little arms down and splashed her with water.


The very loose, very thin and now also very wet t-shirt clung to her chest and distracted Peter from any other arguments he had. The moment Stiles put Sammy down for a nap Peter snatched her up and carried her off to their bedroom.



Three weeks after Stiles had taken Sammy home, she woke up in the middle of the night to an empty bed and soft crying.


She rolled out of bed, almost literally, pulled on the shirt Peter had discarded earlier that night, and headed for the guest room turned nursery.


They were lucky enough that Sammy usually slept through till morning, but on the rare occasion he woke up and started crying, Peter usually nudged Stiles awake and sent her off to “make him stop, dammit”.


Her and Sammy must have finally torn down some of Peter’s walls though, because when Stiles walked into Sammy’s room she found Peter holding the boy close to his chest with one hand under the baby’s butt and the other cradling his head. The sight of Peter moving around the room humming softly to her little boy made warmth bloom in her chest.


It looked like Peter was done running.



rebakitt3n replied to your post: sometimes, it’s depressing how many different…

curious, what tropes/plots do you want to see?  sometimes I read Sterek and think “nope, no way would that happen with Stiles and Peter.”

I would very much love a Pacific Rim AU for Steter, the longer the better. Time travels are always good, and I know there are some out there already, but you can never have too many time travels. And Stiles-as-something-other-than-human fics; there are some fae!Stiles out there, or merman!Stiles, or werefox!Stiles, etc in the Steter fandom, but it’s mostly just that, while for Sterek, there’s like artificial intelligence!Stiles, pixie!Stiles,  book!Stiles, star!Stiles, human!AUs, Fast and Furious/other shows!AUs, superhero!AUs, etc. Like, I love all the Steter fics out there, they’re absolutely awesome and I wouldn’t trade them up for anything, but there’s not a whole lot of… variety to them, in my opinion. They GENERALLY (obviously there are unique ones too) circle back to ideas that are relatively the same, like Peter helping Stiles with the aftermath of the Nogitsune, or Peter meeting merman!Stiles, or serial killer/murder boyfriends!Steter, or ace!Steter, or just fluffy hurt/comfort Steter, etc, and like I said, that’s fantastic, give me all the Peter-helps-Stiles-with-possession fics, I would love to read every single one of them, but there’s still a lot more of each category in the Sterek fandom (ie. apocalypse!AU, lots more long ones for Sterek than Steter), plus even more plot ideas that are more intrinsically different than Steter ones (and they’re long and complete). Does that make sense? Idk if I’m explaining it very well.

Our First Christmas

Based off of this prompt by rebakitt3n: “It’s their first Christmas together and they’re choosing ornaments and Derek hates all the ones Stiles picks.” Thanks for the prompt love! Hope you like the result. :)

“What about these?” Stiles asks holding up a set of spiderman-themed ornaments.


“These?” This time he holds up a set of balls that are so glittery that a pile of it flutters to the ground when Stiles takes them off the shelf.

“Hell. No.”

“Derek! We have to have something on our tree. It can’t just have lights.”

“Why not?”

Stiles gives him an epic bitchface. “We are not leaving this store until we have ornaments for our tree.”

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List top ten characters (1 per series) + tag 10 people.

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This is literally whoever comes to mind first not necessarily my well thought out Top Ten of All Time 

1. Mephistopheles 

2. Satan (Milton) 

3. Benny Lafitte

4. Kurt Wagner


6. Bucky Barnes (who has never been in a film with JARVIS and therefore I feel justified in putting them both on the list) 

7. Peter Hale

8. Margot Verger

9. Count D (I should reread that omg) 

10. Jodhaa Bai (I’m counting her as fictional cause you get it)

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For the OTP questions - how does Peter officially meet Stiles' dad?

First of all, let me love you for asking! <3

second, well. I can imagine it going two ways:

1. That time Peter was over and they got a bit adventurous in the kitchen, losing themselves in it because the sheriff had a double shift and the pack knew better than to interrupt them for anything less than impending doom. What they failed to hear while they were too busy messing up the kitchen table was the police cruiser parking in th driveway and the sheriff popping in to get some files he forgot to bring. Long story short, the experience was traumatizing to both the Stilinskis leaving Peter unperturbed right until the sheriff invited him to dinner at a latter time (once they scrubbed the table, hell the whole kitchen to be safe, and he could stand to look at Peter without having flashbacks) and shot him in the kneecap for good measure. The official official meeting they mention when anybody ask is said dinner exactly.

2. Due to a supernatural crisis that resulted in Stiles getting badly hurt and Peter going on a rampage because no one is allowed to harm what’s his. Enough to say, Stiles wasn’t impressed with the mess Peter made once he woke, but his dad was grudgingly grateful for it all.

Thank you for asking!

This is like 800 words so I would understand if no one reads it, but you should read it anyway.  I tagged some folks at the bottom but all can feel free.  Cuz its a seriously rare pair (Hotch x Strauss) and I need to know if it’s in character. 

And yes, I know, canon would never have these two kinda flirting with each other but I still want to know what people think.  So many of you are well acquainted with my writing…dont be afraid to give it to me straight.  I can take it.  You can reply to this post or leave a message…thank so much : )

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