this picture accurately depicts why the chest clip is called a CHEST clip an why it’s meant to be at armpit level on the chest. the placement is supposed to be at armpit level because the ribs are there to extend around vital organs such as the lungs and the heart. there is the sternum and collarbone there to protect all of the vital organs underneath. if the chest clip is down on their belly, there is nothing there to protect the blow into their organs such as their intestines and stomach. chest clips belong even with armpit level. straps should be at or below shoulder level for rear facing children, and straps should be tight enough to where you cannot pinch them. and please remember to rearface as long as possible, preferably until the child reaches the limits of their seat, OR as a minimum of 2 according to a new guideline from the AAP. #erf #rearfacing #carseat #carseatsafety #chestclipnotbellyclip #mumblr

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I saw another person I follow here talking about carseats and rearfacing and noticed she had a LOT of comments saying people “had” to turn their children because they were “too big” because their legs could touch the backseat.

So I’m going to take this time to soapbox real quick. You should keep your babies rearfacing for as long as humanly possible. In fact, YOU as an adult would be safer rearfacing.

A baby whose feet touch the back of the seat has NOT outgrown their carseat rearfacing. It is perfectly safe for his feet to touch. It is perfectly safe for him to be seated in a cross-legged position rearfacing. Your baby is MORE likely to break a leg forwardfacing than he is to break a leg rearfacing, even if his legs have to bend to sit in the seat. In fact, broken legs are the #1 injury in forward-facing kids.

The cheapest carseat in the US is $40, the Cosco Scenara and it’s available at Walmart. It will rearface your child until 35lbs. Except for the rare huge kid, that’s going to get your baby to age two. You do not need to spend a lot of money to keep your baby safer.

You can read more here.

And while I’m on my soapbox, here’s 10 common carseat mistakes. Please make sure you aren’t making one. And it’s winter, so please remember that it is extremely unsafe to buckle your baby in with a big puffy jacket on. Fleece only.

Little munchkin forward facing! She finally outgrew the rearfacing weight limit a few weeks before her 4th birthday.

what carseat should i get next? leon is only 9 months old so he still needs to be rearfacing but he will outgrow his infant seat very soon as it only goes up to like, 22 lbs and some odd inches that i’m sure he’s going to pass up soon. any reccommendations? I’d prefer a convertible to avoid having to keep buying seats but I want something very safe