"Body vs. Soul" by Roxy Martin

Unidentifiable sentiments have consumed
The thoughts of a woman
In denial of the desired affection
And physical connection
Experienced by the youth of a generation
Characterized as senseless creatures
Incessantly induced by the forces of nature
To act on the cravings of the flesh
Removing the knowledge of imminent
Consequences known to rid
Children and fools of their
Beyond the challenges of a corporeal existence
She ardently resists the temptation
To continuously fall into the clutches of evildoers
Disguised by smiles and soft, sweet nothings
Meant to melt the heart of the unsuspecting victim
Longing for an indescribable union between
Two compassionate souls
Destined to be together as one.
For prior encounters have proven
That a fragile mind overpowered by the
Fervor and devotion of unconditional love
Can be detrimental to the welfare of
One naïve beauty… seeking in him what
She so passionately gives without deliberation…
Only recognizing the lack of reciprocation
After the harmony that once was his voice
And the security that masqueraded as his embrace
No longer exists…
And she is left
Stripped of her faith and confidence in the fairytales of noble Prince Charmings…
Alone in a metropolis of duplicity
In which the only escape from the cruel veracity of unwanted seclusion
Seems to be found under the silk sheets of shame…
Yet she refuses to be another damsel in distress
Rescued by the anatomy of a Hercules
Whose strength provides an orgasmic pleasure
Consistently accompanied by emotional pain.
Instead she endures the anxiety of purity,
Tossing and turning in the empty space
That absorbs the tears falling from her eyes,
She remains silent…
Internally exploding from the battle
Ensuing between her sensibility and her sensuality,
Her body vs. her soul.

Come Back To Me

Tears stream down the same cheeks
That softly brush against your chin
As you slowly utter goodbye…

Unable to ignore the mirage of your being
I can almost believe you are real…

Is real.

The taut furrow in your brow
Strained from the distress in mine,

The warmth of your eyes…
Unconsciously caressing my pain
In an attempt to alleviate my aversion
To accepting a nonexistent you,

The segregation of your lips…
Preparing to protest the imbalanced injustice
But refraining so as to coalesce and capture a kiss,

The tremor of your hands…
Hidden below your waist
As if to shield me from the physical confirmation of
The apprehension we instinctively shared,

The collapse of your shoulders…
No longer masculine symbols of strength and poise,
They are burdened by the round brown weight
Burrowed in your collar bone,

The abundance of your auburn orbs,
An established excuse to avoid the celestial spheres
That shepherd this sheep into your soul,

The sincerity of your flawed façade,
A handsome mask aimed to evade all emotion
Yet expressing the very sentiments
You seek to conceal.

So incredible is your presence
That my hand reaches for your touch
Only to feel the absence of a love
Once radiating so beautifully
That it illuminated the opaque interiors of broken bulbs,
Becoming a beacon of hope for the dimmed,

But you aren’t here…
Only a hologram digitally designed
To deal with disastrous days of dire duress
That developed the second my feet left the pavement.

And as I open my eyes
To end my nostalgic reverie
My mind inadvertently travels
Back to the last glance
I gave from that window,
The final moment
I whispered my love for you…

And you, with a heart heavier
Than the wings that carried me away,
Mouthed the only words your mind could muster…
“Come back to me…”

Submitted by RealWorld…RoxRules


Roxy - “Body versus Soul”

Conceptualized and Recorded by Visual Uprise