Low Standards

My standards for treatment from the opposite sex are so low, and my expectations are always so managed.

It’s so weird to be sleeping with someone who’s nice to me, and wants to hangout and texts me everyday, and listens to my mundane problems and doesn’t make me anxious. Is this what it's supposed to be like?

Is this a practical joke? This is a practical joke right? It’s just a lie so he can be like LOL baiii dumped, I was just pretending.

#LOL #men are scum tho # misandry

De-evolution of us.

I don’t understand how a person can hit another that they say they love. I don’t understand how they cannot trust the person they love. I don’t understand how they can cause so much pain to the person they love. We all have a certain point of how much pain we are willing to receive from loved one. But why does it have to get to certain point? Shouldn’t the first act of violence or mistrust be enough? It may just be me, that I haven’t felt a love for a significant other like that yet. But it baffles me still. I get that people deserve second chances, but there’s a difference between one too many. Second chances are second tries. I understand, nobody’s perfect, you’re not going to get something write the first time, but in experiencing your failure, in experiencing the pain you have caused, seeing how you did wrong on that, shouldn’t you be able grow from that? People are stubborn, and honestly they are down right lazy. Instead of talking things out, we jump to conclusions, we excommunicate each other, and sometimes, like the person I am talking about, you find a resolution that would stall it for a while. You punch, you kick, you choke, you make them unable to talk because you can’t handle the words they are saying to you. You can’t find it in you to just listen. You can’t find it in you to understand. It’s your way or the highway right? But I guess for you its your way or the hospital, huh?
Our whole existence is dependent on our evolution, be it our ancestrial apes or our ability to learn right from wrong. Knowing that things don’t have to be the way they have been in the past. Realizing that change in ones self, is evolution.