Low Standards

My standards for treatment from the opposite sex are so low, and my expectations are always so managed.

It’s so weird to be sleeping with someone who’s nice to me, and wants to hangout and texts me everyday, and listens to my mundane problems and doesn’t make me anxious. Is this what it’s supposed to be like?

Is this a practical joke? This is a practical joke right? It’s just a lie so he can be like LOL baiii dumped, I was just pretending.

#LOL #men are scum tho # misandry

Wouldn’t it be cool if people told me they liked me before i left:

A Novel by Amelia.someone please explain this to me. i’ll meet a guy, we hang out, and i start to develop feelings mid friendship. because of said friendship i always hold back a bit to see if it could go any further not wanting to mess up the friendship and in the process end up being friend-zoned. then i move, or i’m in a different relationship, or i go 2000 miles away to fucking colorado and the guy suddenly decides EUREKA. “Amelia, I liked you SOOO much I wish I had done something about it…”

WHY. this is literally my curse. I guess I just look better when I’m gone.