juicymetal said:

3, 9, 10, 11, 16, 18, 20, 28, 30, 33, 40 & 42

3.Favourite Thrash metal band? well, already answered but :Suicidal Angels, Havok or Sacred Reich :p

9.What’s worse, Metalcore, Nu-Metal, or Glam Metal? Well I really don’t like Metalcore AND Nu-Metal xD

10.Most Metal non Metal band? Don’t really know an answer to that, sorry :|

16.Best Live Metal band? from all the bands I have seen so far, Kreator ! :D

18.Biggest Douchebag in Metal? Me :) , haha, nope no idea xD

20.Favourite Metal Band from your country? well Channel Zero if we are talking about ‘more commonly know bands’ :p

28.Coolest chick in Metal? Me again ;p Crucified Barbara in its entirety is epic :p

30.Most Attractive person in Metal? I’m just gonna keep answering Me XD (joke)

33.A good band that sucks live? Already answered, the Rad Fang story ;)

40.First few Metal bands you liked? Iron Maiden, Metallica, Motörhead

42.A Metal band you hated now love? There isn’t really one :3

Thanks so much for the freaking long ask Love ;p <3

juicymetal said:

One more :p . . . METALLICA <3

Wait who ? Metalliwhat ? xD nah..

Band: Haven’t heard of them / Bad / Eh / Okay / Good / Great (they just aren’t perfect in some ways :3) / Perfection
Favorite Song: Well I ain’t gonna start choosing xD
Overall: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10
Following: Not my type / No, sorry / YES DEUUUH :p / Now / Always

Haha thanks again darling xD

hib4be said:

Sorry, how did you get your url, it's amazing! I love it!:)

Oooh! Sure, sorry! And thank you! 

The previous owner of the url, Noa, (whose birthday is today/tomorrow the 26th cassually) and I were very close friends from Tumblr for like a year (now a bit more) and during the last couple of years, she had been waeh-edsheeran. Around Christmas/New Year on 2013, she got this url after the girl who owned (who wasn’t using it,) decided to give it to her, and another girl, Phoebe, started to use the waeh-edsheeran url. Noa ran her blog after the edsheeran url until two months ago, when she realsed she was too busy and barely had time to keep it updated and post stuff, so she decided to give her url to me, but she didn’t delete the blog. She gave it to Phoebe under the url waeh-edsheeran, and she still keeps posting random stuff and goes arround here sometimes, just not full time ☺


Vinyl #71

The Misfits - Walk Among Us. 12” LP. Limited Edition Purple. 2,000 copies made.

 Here we have a Punk classic. The first full length Misfits album that was released to public. Static Age was recorded first but wasn’t released til 1997 and 12 Hits From Hell never saw the light of day.But thats ok cause most of the songs are in here. Though Static Age is my favorite I think Walk Among Us is the most popular album of the Danzig era. My personal favoites are not in this one. But does that mean I do not love these songs til death? Of coarse not! This album was finally realsed in purple thanks to the pretty people at Hot Topic. They did it in Pink first and that shit went fast! I got this right away.

  20 Eyes is the perfect song opener. Just the drum role and Danzig singing a very catchy chorus. A fun sing a long. I think its about the movie “The Fly” or “The Eye Creature”. My favorite song in the album is “I Turned Into A Martian”. Just a beautiful song about being turned into an Alien and hating it. A perfect sing along with your friends in long car rides. “All Hell Breaks Loose” is a speedy evil one. Very gruesome evil lyrics that makes you appreciate the song more. Its no wonder Glenn took it an used it for Samhain. “Vampira” is obviously about he movie. Its a nice simple tune. The thing I love about it is how Glenn howls her name in the end of the song. “Nike-A-Go-Go” is another favorite of mine in this album. I truly believe its an underrated master piece. The bass line,the chorus,the brige,the whole song rules hard. Its about some missle in New Jeresy or something. “Hatebreeders” sounds like the most beautiful love song but its about breeding hatefull people in the world. It sounds so nice buts its very hateful song. “Because you wer ebred to take it,next stop annihilation”. Its a Misfits classic and just a cheerful tune in a weird way. Let is be known Danzig invented the word “muderlation”. The thing I very much disliked about this album is that they put a live version of “Mommy.Can I go Kill Tonight?” in the album. Obviously it wasn’t recorded when this first came out. When the song was finally relased and recorded they were already playing HArdcore so the song was perfect.I Its a great song dude,but I don’t like that theres a live track on this. But whatever,its sounds great for alive track and hearing the intro to London Dungeon makes it more cool. “Night Of The Living Dead” is obviously about the zombie movie. Another classic catchy Misfits tune. “Skulls” is is a very popular one and it should be. A total amazing weet song with the most morbid lyrics. A favorite since I was 13 and even more that im 22. “Hack the girls of little heads and put em on my wall”. Very much a perfect Misfits song. “Violent World” is an ok song about fucked up shit like pregnant Mexicans with deformed kids and Nazi demons. Not big on it but I think it would’ve been a great opener. “Devil Whorehouse” is another just ok song. The only thing I love is the way Danzig sings the chores. When Danzig sins,he sins real good. Besides Skulls “Astro Zombies” is another extremely popular song by The Misfits. Its about the movie with the same name. This probably the ost beautiful Misfits song after Hybrid Moments and its about freakin Aliens coming to earth and killing everything. “Prime Directive: Exterminate the whole fuckin’ race then your face” is one of the best lines Danzig has ever written. The album ends with a very sill song called “Brain Eaters”. Self explained. The Misfits of this era only recorded one music video and it was for this. In youtube,very crappy quality but it would be cool to see on TV. The song is like their version of “TV Party” but not as fun. In conclusion this a must have classic for Punk fans/and vinyl collectors. The Misfits will always be one of the best bands EVER and this shows it. Once again this is not my favorite but I still love it to death. Glenn is a genius and here is the reason why they are so popular. Demon I am and face I peel. To see your skin turned inside out,’Cause gotta have you on my wall. Gotta have you on my wall.

juicymetal said:

Anthrax ;D <3

Band: Haven’t heard of them / Bad / Eh / Okay / Good / Great / Perfection
Favorite Song: which song is not my favorite…. xD there are too much :p
Overall: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10
Following: Not my type / No, sorry / YES DEUUUH :p / Now / Always

Thanks for the ask love ;p <3


It really makes me up set,some of the asks i got about my blog SORRY i didnt realse i could have a blog so CRAP it apparently makes people sick BUT I HAVE A SOLUTION:just unfollow me or dont look at my blog.