If the reason of sasukes sketch has not been realsed  just because he is dead i will be the one starting with the fucking revolution

juicymetal said:

3, 9, 10, 11, 16, 18, 20, 28, 30, 33, 40 & 42

3.Favourite Thrash metal band? well, already answered but :Suicidal Angels, Havok or Sacred Reich :p

9.What’s worse, Metalcore, Nu-Metal, or Glam Metal? Well I really don’t like Metalcore AND Nu-Metal xD

10.Most Metal non Metal band? Don’t really know an answer to that, sorry :|

16.Best Live Metal band? from all the bands I have seen so far, Kreator ! :D

18.Biggest Douchebag in Metal? Me :) , haha, nope no idea xD

20.Favourite Metal Band from your country? well Channel Zero if we are talking about ‘more commonly know bands’ :p

28.Coolest chick in Metal? Me again ;p Crucified Barbara in its entirety is epic :p

30.Most Attractive person in Metal? I’m just gonna keep answering Me XD (joke)

33.A good band that sucks live? Already answered, the Rad Fang story ;)

40.First few Metal bands you liked? Iron Maiden, Metallica, Motörhead

42.A Metal band you hated now love? There isn’t really one :3

Thanks so much for the freaking long ask Love ;p <3

juicymetal said:

One more :p . . . METALLICA <3

Wait who ? Metalliwhat ? xD nah..

Band: Haven’t heard of them / Bad / Eh / Okay / Good / Great (they just aren’t perfect in some ways :3) / Perfection
Favorite Song: Well I ain’t gonna start choosing xD
Overall: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10
Following: Not my type / No, sorry / YES DEUUUH :p / Now / Always

Haha thanks again darling xD

(listen to close as strangers whilst reading this?)

so this imagine is for vodkaclifford and it’s based on a line from close as strangers :)

"Six weeks since I’ve been away
Now you’re saying everything has changed”

I checked the Calender for the date sighing as I realsed it had been 6 weeks since my boyfriend Michael left for tour with his band, my heart hurt when I thought about him not being there to cuddle in the evenings or to watch tv with. I was lonely to say the least. Since he’d left he and i would have frequent phone calls but as the tour went on they got less frequent. In the past 6 weeks I’d stopped Making proper food but instead eating ready meals and take outs, I rarely slept in Michael and I’s bed because I missed him too much but instead on the sofa with the tv playing for company. I wasn’t leaving the house very often, once maybe twice a week to get essential groceries. I decided I needed to hear his voice to cheer me up, i dialled his number impatiently, after a few rings he picked up,

"Hello?" He asked sounding tired

"Hi" I replied quietly

"Oh my god babe hi, hello how are you?" It sounded like he had perked up,

"Hey, I’m okay I guess" i sighed

"Only okay?" He questioned and i could tell he was pouting wherever he was in the world

"Yeah just okay" i answered numbly

"Baby why? why are you only okay?" He asked sounding concerned

"It’s just-" i sniffed feeling the tears pricking your eyes "it’s just it’s been 6 weeks since you left and everything’s changing here it’s not the same without you" I managed to say before the tears started falling and i was struggling to speak coherent words

"Hey shh shhh baby cmon shh, why has everything changed?" He asked trying to calm you down

I wiped under my eyes and took a deep breath before continuing,

"Well you know you’re not here to cuddle with or mess around with, I’m not really leaving the house much and I’m not eating that much either. Without you here I feel like I’m falling apart" i said mumbling the ending.

I heard a small sigh on the other end of the phone before michael replied,

"Hey baby I’m sorry I’m not at home at the moment, but we’ve got some time off in a week or so, I’ll be back for a bit then! we can spend all our time together just me and you yeah? Just us" he said in a desperate sort of way as if he was scared he would lose me if he didn’t tell me quickly.

I let out a small sob

"Yeah that’ll be nice, just me and you" i whispered, fiddling with the hem of my shirt, well, michaels shirt he left behind.

"By the way what’s the time where you are?" I asked suddenly realising it could be 3 am

"like 4 am or something" Michael replied, "but don’t worry I wasn’t asleep I was thinking about my beautiful girlfriend"

I smiled slightly

"okay well I’ll let you go now, I’ll see you soon i love you" i said into the phone "plus one no comebacks" i added quickly before Michael could, wanting to say it first as it was a special way of saying ‘I love you more’ to eachother.

"Damnit" he laughed "should’ve been quicker"

"Yeah you should" i giggled, "okay I love you bye"

"I love you too princess" and then the line went dead and I started crying again but this time with happiness because i knew id see the love of my life soon. vodkaclifford

anonymous said:

michael blurb where you're about to have sex but then you realse you dont have any more condoms left and you gotta go on a condom run !

i can imagine him doing this that’s the bad thing, safe sex is a must everyone!! ((i feel like one of those embarrassing parents omG IM gOING TO STOP)) also im v sorry for not doing this request right away

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