On this day we celebrate the power that Caitlyn Jenner brings to the Transgender community. She is beautiful, and she should be celebrated for being so open about her experience on such a public stage.

That being said, we also cannot forget that there are many non-white non-celebrity trans people who blazed the trail so Caitlyn could be so open.
-Trans women are still jailed as men in many places.
-Most trans people can’t use the bathroom in public without confrontation.
-Many of the trans community are still MURDERED on a daily basis because of their inability to be the ‘perfect’ physical representation of their gender.
=Most importantly, we must always remember our trans people of color. They face all of this injustice far more often than the rest.

Today we celebrate another of the Transgender community being able to be themselves, but we must not forget those who got us here in the first place or the hardships the community as a whole still faces.