There are all types of people in this world and we were not all made the same. Each and everyone of us is different. Some of us have brain difference that make all the differences in our lives. Most of us are struggling and are trying to learn how to live with our Monsters. If you live in the NC Triangle area check out My Monster & Me coming soon! It’s a peer 2 peer support group for teens and young adults dealing with personality differences.


Sad to see the animation that kids are growing with today.
If you think animation nowadays suck and you want to bring back cartoons like Rocket Power, Aaah! Real Monsters, As Told by Ginger, All Grown Up, The Rugrats, The Wild Thornberrys like Klasky Csupo Inc.'s page on Facebook. This is the studio who created these cartoons. And contact Nickelodeon to request better animation with great stories like the above cartoons. Other great cartoons: Doug, Hey Arnold!, The Angry Beavers, Rocko’s Modern Life. These cartoons had great stories, were funny and had no violence. Please share. Keep this post moving.

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Is this you? [ Casey mun is on mobile and can't be bothered to switch accounts ]

my muses reaction to your muse finding a picture of them when they were younger

-The kid’s hair is almost as red as the ring of smashed carrots around their mouth, frozen agape at some activity off camera no doubt. The kind linked to a woman’s shadow that’s crouched against the far fridge. A tinge of fear colors birth-blue eyes that had already began hardening into hazel. Nate closes the photo album and tucks it under his ass for safe-keeping, aka, away from nosy little brothers.-

That’s our older brother. You probably don’t remember him, ‘cause after you came along, we had to sell him. -Time to play: “how gullible is Casey?”-


To everyone to is battling Borderline Personality Disorder, where ever you all on the spectrum, I applaud you and I am here for you. I personally have a Bi-Polar2, Depression, Anxiety Monster.  Everyone else please help end the stigma against Mental Illness. We’re all in this together.

Alex's Playlist

Sorry I haven’t posted one sooner. I’ve been really busy. But here you go.

Psycho (Fake) - Superman Is Dead Bali Indonesia

Better Season - Rocket Rockers 

Colorado - Aaah!RealMonsters

Exterminate - The Few

Scalliwag - The Glass Cavalry

Vague - Seminary Villains 

Abra-Cadaver - The Lawrence  Arms

Rock the 40oz - Leftover Crack

Copycat - Gogol Bordello

Write Back - Name Taken

Join the Dots - Citizen Fish

That’s why they call it a Union - Less than Jake

This weeks monster is obsessive compulsive disorder. Most things in my life have to be organized in a very specific way. so Yeah I know this guy pretty well. #Obsessivecompulsivedisorder #ocd #realmonsters #zestydoesthings #depression #suicidal #angst #imfine #anxiety #anguish by isthishyperreal