reallyboredgamer-deactivated201 asked:

Thanks for the follow, your blog is awesome! Hope that you like the FE fanart that I will upload! :D

You’re very welcome and thank you so much! I’ll certainly keep an eye on your fanart and even share it on the blog. ouo This blog was built off of the basis of appreciating not only the fanart for the series, but for the amazingly talented people who produce. Hence why all art is sourced in some way, shape, or form!


reallyboredgamer replied to your post: Well, I’ve been following your blog for a while, I think your tastes in art and your drawing style are adorable, and I think that if we ever got the chance to speak, we could be really good acquaintances. Because you don’t seem to be someone hard to cohabit with! And I think this “long text” was kinda late, eh? Took a long to send you a message because I did not want to sound like a creeper.

I see! Well, in my case, I don’t mind leading conversations or talking to complete strangers. I have this JRPG protagonist “talk to everybody” trait. But sometimes I wonder if people are bored, weirded out, or not getting a nick of what I say!

usually its the last one for me woops