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So there is this girl I met today and she's really pretty and smart and lovely. But she identifies as gender fluid and I think that whole sect is a load of bull. And she's probably mostly a libfem or whatevers. And I am really into the radical/lesbian feminism side of things. Should I try dating her? Is it worth the potential pain? I really don't know what to do. Do you have any advice?

Personally, I’d pass. A political disagreement like that is enough to sour a relationship. You can of course talk to her and see what she thinks about the whole deal, and if you’re subtle and gentle about it she will probably agree with most of what you’re saying, because radical feminism is mostly common sense for anyone who’s female. But if she’s adamant in her position, I wouldn’t bother. You will end up fighting about it in the future a lot, you will be angry at each other all the time, her circle of friends will probably hate you and the relationship will likely end in tears.

I think the saddest thing about school ending for the summer is that I won’t be able to see the girl in my Spanish class. I’m not gonna be able to take Spanish 3 next year, so I probably won’t have any classes with her when school starts back up.
I’m a dumb kid, so I take simple classes, but she’s really smart.
She’s so pretty… She’s stick thin and frail looking, but still very healthy. She has beautifully blue and kind eyes and an angelic smile. Her hair is a long, slightly wavy golden blonde. Her skin is amazingly soft looking, too. It reminds me of honey and milk!
She is so very nice and probably one of the prettiest people I’ve had the pleasure to see.

She caught me looking at her a few times, so she probably thinks I’m a total creep.
One time when she and I made eye contact, I ended up dropping my books and pencils and made a complete fool of myself.
She’s way out of my league and already in a relationship with someone, anyway though (´_`)

Ahh… Damn teenage brain!!

So my siblings are watching Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs  2 and I just realized

They name their lab “Sparkswood” which is a mashup of their last names “Lockwood” and “Sparks”

So either they created a ship name, or used the existing one.

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There's this girl who's got accepted into one of my dream school, she's really pretty, nice and smart! Her family is practically rich so she's been to places I can only dream of! I've come a LONG way myself. But it's hard not compare myself to her...

The fact that you came a long way is what you should be proud of. it means that you are stronger and more independent! Take pride in your drive to keep moving forward because that is what defines you. Money and the title of your school does not define you and does not guarantee happiness. Your character defines you and is the source of true happiness

I also believe that everyone is created equally. I used to feel inferior to those who run faster than me, but then I realize that we are all equally talented in different ways! I also hope this post helps!

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Okay so I really like this girl an she's so cute and smart and pretty and I just want to date her so badly! I can't stop looking at her and talking to her. Like I can't get enough. It's so stressful bc she's my friend and I don't want to ruin the friendship by telling her I like her. (I am female btw) and she is a lesbian and she's just so cute I hate it.

is there signs that she might like you too?

melody-sea-wolf asked:

All the gods!!!

Aphrodite: what you find attractive in a person.
can i talk about you like you didn’t send this??? because i want to talk about you. okok so kendra is amazing and i love her because she’s really pretty and her hair is orange and her eyes are amazing and she’s really funny and smart and pretty and akdhkdfjh i love her.

Apollo: favourite piece of music.
damn this is hard uM “the judge” by twenty one pilots, currently.

Ares: opinion on war.
don’t do it.

Artemis: favourite animal and why.
cats because they’re soft and cute and i love them (not as much as i love kendra though).

Athena: share a piece of wisdom.
don’t date boys unless you have to bc they’re usually gross and abusive imo.

Dionysus: red, white, or rosé?
are you seriously asking me, the child of an alcoholic, about alcohol??? nothx

Demeter: favourite season and why.
fall because no pollen and no bugs.

Eros: describe your crush.

  1. they’re very intelligent
  2. they’re very protective
  3. they love horses
  4. they have a cartilage piercing
  5. they’re sosososo nice
  6. they have orange bangs
  7. kendra

Hades: do you believe in life after death?

Helios: opinion on tanning.
idk i’m not a fan but if you want to do it then go ahead.

Hephaestus: do you think disability can ruin a relationship?

Hera: opinion on feminism.
a++ but not Standard White Feminism™.

Hermes: last text you sent.
“if writing makes you happy, then write” (sent to kendra)

Hestia: describe your ideal house.
well i mean a decent-sized condo with a lot of windows would be nice but idk really.

Pan: opinion on gay rights.

Persephone: is climate change really a thing or is everyone just overreacting?
why wouldn’t it be a thing
i mean
have you seen how badly we treat this planet

Poseidon: list three fears.

  1. genophobia = fear of sex
  2. emetophobia = fear of vomit
  3. monophobia = the fear of being alone

Zeus: three places you want to travel to.
england, paris, italy.

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Sleepover weekend friend description: my best friend is super amazing. She's so artistic: she can act really well and sing and draw also. She's quite introverted, but there are times (like when she's onstage) that she can be really outgoing and hilarious. She'd super smart as well, with pretty much perfect grades. She always puts other people before herself, to a point where it's sort of a bad thing. :) Anyway I don't have a ton of close friends so I'm just super lucky to have her around!! :)

she sounds so great! i’m so glad she’s in your life! :)

sleepover weekend!

anonymous asked:

A while ago I got told by someone I met on tumblr that she really likes me, but I told her I'm too scared to be in a relationship (which I am). But now I've kind of really fallen in love with her, because she's so pretty and nice and smart, and I'm not worth it. I'm still too scared to anything about it. But she makes me really happy, and that's a great thing *happy sigh*

sdhjshHFDJGHGJFD that is so so cute??? you sound like you’ve really fallen for her omg!!!!

i hope everything works out for you the way you want it to work out with you and her!!!!!! i’m glad to hear that you’ve found someone that makes you happy!!!!!

[tell me about your crush/day/anything on anon!!]

overlord-cunningham asked:

All of the Greek gods/goddesses

Apollo: My favorite piece on music would have to be Blue Bells of Scotland. I played it on mileage recital!

Ares: There’s a time for war, but you should never be the one to start it

Artemis: I love Betta fish. They can live for a long time, they’re really playful, and they act like dogs when they learn to recognize you!

Athena: My wisdom would be to invest in what makes you happy!

Dionysus: Red wine, definitely

Demeter: I love late summer/early fall, because marching band and such activities occur at that time!

Eros: she has beautiful hazel eyes, pretty black hair, and is really smart! She also makes really bad pins, is very musical, and is a fantastic cook:)

Hades: Yup!

Helios: Tanning’s cool, if that’s your thing! Just be safe; skin cancer doesn’t sound fun!

Hephaestus: Disability can’t end a relationship, but inability can.

Hera: Feminism is a necessity in the world we live in

Hermes: Last text: Bedtime! I love you Erin!

Hestia: my ideal house would be modern/rustic with lots of plants everywhere and a huge yard

Pan: I feel that gay rights should be a given. Everyone deserves to be happy!

Persephone: Climate change is real. The thing that bothers me the most is that nobody knows what they’re talking about when they bring it up. Our climate patterns are cyclical, but this cycle is becoming more extreme because of our pollution problem

Poseidon: My three fears are: 1) Hurting/losing my friends and loved ones, 2) letting my anxiety ruin things for me, and 3) spiders

Zeus: I want to go to all of the US National Parks, Germany, and Ireland!

Thanks for the ask, overlord-cunningham!

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My crush: She's hella cute and pretty and really smart because idk she seems really smart. She plays the ukulele, sings and writes songs but I've never met her and I really want to but I can't talk about her because practically nobody knows that i'm bi :/ But yeah she's amazing and we talk over snapchat quite a lot and its's my dream to meet her :)

if you’re ready just talk to her about it, if she’s not then stay friends? do you know her online? I hope it works out I ship it :)

send me stuff about your crushes!!!

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I have a close friend named Chloe and she’s super sweet and really pretty and smart and overall she’s just awesome- I’m excited that I’m going to the same college as her because she’s super cool and one of my favourite people! :)

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moth, doll, paper, milk

Moth ❧ What do you find attractive in a person?

If they’re cute like moi, that’s a plus :3

Doll ❧ Do you collect anything?

Everything cute <3 and MONEY!!!

Paper ❧ What are you currently reading?

More compliments from peasants wishing to be worthy uvu

Milk ❧ Describe your family.

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First evidence that Ivy is going to be a hand full when she’s all grown up and over 1000lbs. And she’s only a week old. Wonderful. The second my calf halter fits she’s starting training.

Ivy is ½ Brown Swiss, ¼ Guernsey, and ¼ Holstein. Her momma Annabelle(the white cow in the background) is where the Guernsey/Holstein comes from.

I wanted a Brown Swiss to start with but couldn’t find one anywhere near me. So I took the best of what I could and I’m just gonna breed up to it. Ivy is the first step. Huzzah heifer! 😁

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this girl in my English class last year was named that. she’s really pretty and super nice and smart. really cool person, but I don’t really talk to her other than the occasional hi

send me names and I’ll write about a person I know/used to know with that name

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When I first met you i thought you really intimidated me. I thought to myself, "Woah, she's really smart, she's funny as heck, and super pretty, and she's done all this and is so much younger than me, damn." But you're actually pretty cool and you no longer intimidate me. Stay Rad

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww this is super super sweet! I am so charmed by this! I shouldn’t intimidate anybody bc I’m like a MESS (especially right now) but this is so sweet

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sarah is this really nice girl that i’m friends with and she’s in my drama, careers, and science class. she’s super smart and really outgoing. she’s also really pretty and in my careers class we always make side eye at each other whenever our teacher says something really offensive. it’s nice having someone to complain about that teacher to bc i hate her so much. she’s really popular and like isn’t afraid to talk to people outside her friend group unlike other people in my school which i think is really great.

send me name(s)!

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They're really nice and pretty and smart and we've been best friends since December and they were the first person I came out to. We don't talk that much anymore because she's really busy with school, but I'm gonna visit her this summer and get to see her and I really like her ahhhhhhhhhhh

ANON THAT’S SO CUTE <3 she sounds so nice awww~ I hope your visit is great!! You should tell me about it when it happens if you want! best friend crushes are so cute to me, I’ve never had one so I find them so interesting to hear about

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Ok so I'm dating this girl and I really like her she's amazing! She's smart, pretty talented beyond comprehension. She's just fabulous and perfect. The only thing is I met her over the Internet, and idk how my parents would react when they find out. How should I tell them about her?

i dont really have much advice for this situation, since ive never really told my parents about meeting anyone over the internet (everyone is an old penpal, or i used to go to school w/ them lmao) i dont really want to condone lying though

what i would personally do is wait till she could visit and introduce her to your parents in person, so once you say you met her via facebook or tumblr or twitter or wherever else, they already know she isnt like a forty yr old.

but yeah im not a great person to ask for advice from with stuff like this, and i really wish i had someone to direct you to to help but i dont :(

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(Sleepover Sunday thingy) I think I'm starting to like a girl (I'm a girl) in my class and I have no idea what to do!!! She's really pretty and smart but I have no idea if she likes girls :(( it's stressing me out so much ah :(

!!!!!!!!!! throw it out there test the waters, bring up the topic/possibility of girls liking girls/sexuality in general and see where she stands on that and if shes open to the idea. bring up flirty touchy if she is and see how she responds. take it slow and enjoy the process its meant to be fun, its not the end of the world if she doesnt feel the same way and either way, its a learning experience!

~sleepover sundays~