Imagine how Mcgonagall felt seeing harry catch Neville’s remembrall outside of her window. She must have been so happy  because new seeker but at the same time she was probably like omg this child, just like his father can’t believe i have to go through this shit again. And then finding Harry and Ron in the bathroom with the troll and being like Jesus Christ I can’t even deal with James/Sirius part 2. It’s only October and you guys are battling trolls in the toilets.  


Personal headcanon - Although Apollo is usually depicted as a much younger god than the others, he still makes a point to show up and be a dad for his kids. Particularly Will, (because as a baby he was a little chubby-cheeked carbon-copy of his dad) and spoiled him rotten whenever he came to visit.


 smoking appreciation


friendly reminder that Will used to work homicide and he’s skilful, instinctive and brave and he acts like a pro on the field and he pursued Tobias (instinct!) though he could barely keep his balance (initially breaking out from Tobias’s iron grip, jesus christ man is twice Will’s size and height and all musles, and saving himself from strangulation with minimum room to act)  and when barging into Hobb’s house until last moments he kept his head together  though a woman had just bled out in front of his eyes and he didn’t use a gun for years? and due to his mental condition he was never allowed a proper title of an FBI agent but he sure as hell knows how to act like one, have a nice day (◕‿◕✿)