I just spent the last five minutes trying to find an appropriate selfie for my intro and this is what I came up with. Hi, my name is Ariana, and yes I was once on Victorious as Cat. Now you can hear me on the radio, confusing you as to whether I’m Mariah or myself. In reality, I just really like cats and cute things. I wear my hair like this almost always because it’s my aesthetic, okAY. Anyways, hit me up on aim we can be best friends @thelilmermaidxo.


My muse for the day, my cat. Strangely, my cat really likes water, and love the rain, sadely she’s a indoor cat so she is just able to watch it through the house windows or her favorite place, in the car. I love that even if it’s just a cat, the photograph can makes us feel something, a feeling as real as a human could have give us.

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But imagine how hilarious it would be if Kuroo was allergic to cats.


Everyone thinks Kuroo loves cats so they always let him cat-sit for them and hang out with their cats, and he does love cats, he DOES, there’s just the little problem of the crippling sneezing fits he’s subjected to whenever he gets within five feet of one… Also, this probably goes without saying, but cats really love Kuroo and every time they see him they jump up on him and try to cuddle him into oblivion. He’s overjoyed and will keep cuddling them even though to the outside observer he looks like he’s literally about to die from his throat closing up. The cats are too important.

Kenma’s probably the only one who knows he’s actually allergic because he’s spent too much time with his throat almost completely closed up around Kenma’s cats to be able to fool Kenma about it. “No *achoo* way, *wheeze*, Kenma! I’m *achoo* totally fine!” Yeah right, Kuroo. 

Kenma keeps allergy medicine around for him now because he knows that nothing is stronger than Kuroo’s drive to pet cute small animals, so it’s up to him to make sure Kuroo doesn’t sacrifice his health in his quest for cute.


Word count: 9.6k

Summary: Please stop picking flowers from my garden au/ Dan really likes yellow and his cat really likes Phil

Warnings: mentions of death of a minor character (a made up one for like 3 paragraphs), alcohol (but casual drinking for only a little bit) (it’s not that sad i promise most of it is fluff and flowers)

AN: fourth colour fic, come at me (it’s not as sad as Grey)

There’s a house on a quiet street somewhere up north which has a bright yellow door. Yellow honeysuckle grows around it and it shines in the sunlight. The curtains in the windows are yellow and there are vases with yellow flowers in each window. Daffodils and crocuses in the spring, marigolds and cosmoses when it was warmer. The welcome mat was a grubby yellow from well use and there was even a little yellow cat that would wander around and lie in the buttercups.

But that was the house next door.

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