New Years Day 2034
  • Westley:I don't speak German, but that conversation didn't sound happy.
  • Sonia:Yeah. It was pretty bad. I am not engaged anymore.
  • Westley:What a huge shock. The German fiance finally realized you never wanted to get married.
  • Sonia:It's more complicated than that. Johann and I
  • Westley:Are not in love. That's it. It's not very complicated.
  • Sonia:Why are you acting so pissy?
  • Westley:I'm not acting pissy.
  • Sonia:You've been rude to me or snippy this entire break.
  • Westley:The GOP, really?
  • Sonia:That's what this is about.
  • Westley:You're a registered Republican. My own sister.
  • Sonia:It's 2034, the party has changed.
  • Westley:Oh really. How do they feel about gay people?
  • Sonia:They love em. *Westley rolls his eyes* Well, they like that I am bisexual because they gave me a lot of money.
  • Westley:Congrats, you're the GOP's token LGBT candidate.
  • Sonia:You're overreacting, I'm only the B. You do know Oliver's a libertarian, right? He's more conservative than I am.
  • Westley:That is the meanest thing you've ever said.
  • Sonia:It's true.
  • Westley:I'm dating a libertarian. I have to break up with him.
  • Sonia:Don't break up with Oliver, you love him.
  • Westley:I'll do it right before I leave for the South Pole.
  • Sonia:I can't believe you're serious. Dude! After all the time it took to get together, you're just going to flush your relationship down the toilet? Over a party affiliation you didn't even know Oliver had!
  • Westley:How can Oliver be a libertarian?
  • Sonia:He takes after his biological father, Ron Swanson. Speaking of Swanson offspring.
  • Westley:Don't call John.
  • Sonia:He's my friend. I just want to see if he wants to hang out some time. As friends.
  • Westley:I know he's part of the reason you broke up with Johann. Don't call him. He's moved on. You're only going to get your heart broken.
  • Sonia:Really? He's moved on?
  • Westley:Yeah. He says he loves Amy Erica.
  • Sonia:America.
  • Westley:Yep.
  • Sonia:Good. Good for John.

(via Jeff Sessions Rising: Wall Street Losing Control Over Republican Party Heading Into 2016)

GREENVILLE, South Carolina — The Wall Street donor class is rapidly losing control over the Republican Party heading into the 2016 presidential primary process, all while Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL) moves into a key kingmaker role on the trail with messaging while most candidates are searching for a sweet spot with conservative economic populism.

Two issues in particular truly highlight the contrast between candidates of, by, and for the donor class, and those who stand up for Americans against special interests in Washington and on Wall Street. As this fundamental shift away from the billionaires and towards the voters happens, there are really only two GOP presidential contenders in 2016 who fit the mold of what the donor class is looking for: