there’s a new game of thrones episode out today so i decided to do a daenerys targaryen inspired makeup look! i’m not really one for feminine beauty makeup, i’m definitely more of a sfx kinda guy, but i’m going to be applying at some makeup stores soon and want to have a bit more of a portfolio to show! (this lacefront is from wigisfashion and you can use my code “criedwolves” for a discount)


cause i dont know when to stop

(also check out that no-lines/no-shading jane like damn)

hey armys: taehyung’s appearance on star king tomorrow is going to involve him in high heels. i personally think this is going to be fun and rad as fuck. some people seem to not.

let me make this clear right now that this is not an opportunity for any of you to be transmisogynistic as FUCK over it, even as a joke. don’t joke about taehyung being a “man in heels” or “embracing his femininity” or, really, just about anything in that vein. wanna know why? because that’s really harmful to trans women who get called men in heels and skirts and dresses all the fucking time and get murdered for it.

now let me clarify: taehyung dancing in heels isn’t transmisogynistic (unless he/the other guests say some skeevy shit about it, but we’ll see about that when the show comes out), it’s how the fans are going to act that is.

don’t make jokes about this that is, in any way, revolving around the fact that he, a ~man~, is in high heels. you can talk about how good he is at dancing in them! that his legs look great as fuck (which they probably will)! but don’t toe the line with transmisogyny.

trans women are not a joke. their lives are not jokes. don’t use this small event to use them as that, because you’re just being garbage if you do. seriously.

celestialmayhem replied to your photo: eeehhhhh how do you make a 13 year old girl look…

SESSHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY -fan girl squeal activate- every dog within a 100 miles starts yelping.


altho i was a naraku fan

naraku and…another guy i can’t remember

the group of…dudes


I used to be so internally misogynistic I was really uncomfortable and apologetic about how feminine I really was and  tried to hide it all the time but now I’m like fuck yeah dresses and lipstick and heels and I love everything about being hyper feminine

My friend and I are talking about Twelfth Night during lunch and how because of science you can’t have one dfab and one dmab twin if they’re identical twins, so logically it would make sense if either Viola or Sebastian were trans.

And now I can’t stop thinking about Trans girl!Viola being forced to dress as a male to work in Orsino’s court and using her birth name and trying to pass as male again and constantly having to deal with that level of things on top of her charade and the death of her brother
And that also adds another level to the fact that Orsino keeps telling her that she looks really feminine for a guy and she secretly gets super emotional because she’s almost not reverse passing and omg someone hold me Trans!Viola is my jam

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This maybe a weird personal question - so feel free to not answer - but, how do you "know"? I'm going through a lot of questioning of my own gender, and while I know I'm not a guy, I don't know if merely liking feminine things and looking more feminine makes me a woman?

That’s a hard one, because it varies between people. Some people just know, some require way more than that.

With me personally, it was basically not being comfortable in my own skin. Wishing I could be female instead of male. I didn’t really like feminine things growing up (I didn’t until like, a few years ago honestly) but I knew that that didn’t matter. What I’m interested in did not equal my gender identity.

What you’re interested in and your gender expression could make the end result you identifying as female, and it could not. But knowing for sure you don’t identify as male is the first step to figuring the rest out.

the reason im so uncomfortable with pretty/beautiful/etc is because im not fully passing and im scared people think im really feminine and shit like

if i get called pretty when i pass 100% then sure but until then no thanks i dont want to feel like people see a girl when they look at me

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Ok, so like, here's the thing. I'm a tall black guy that likes to dress and act REALLY feminine, but I already am positive that I'm cisgender. Like, I wore a skirt to school once. So, cis people that dress in clothes made for the opposite gender, is there a term for them?

Transvestite. I believe. 

-the Polish one

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Trams and cis experiences of womanhood are different in a lot of ways. I get that there is a lack of trans and ethnic inclusion in that art but things like "first period" are a significant experience in cis womanhood. But I agree that that art should include other experiences that are shared by a larger group of people.

i guess so but like…personally (as a cis girl) i cant engage w that type of art because i cant separate it from how it represents a sort of ignorance to how portraying these things as womanly and feminine is really hurtful to so many ppl? personally i fucking hate the whole aesthetic as well but even if it really resonates with some ppl i dont think that matters considering the isolation and hurt it makes others feel? it is not important art it is an embarrassing genre of internet culture that needs to die

Cynthia Addai-Robinson is a name you ought to remember. After the stunning London native made the journey stateside, her acting chops started to flourish. Experience from the prestigious Tisch School of the Arts helped her earn a few TV guest spots, but it was a breakout role on Spartacus: Vengeance that really got this beauty noticed.

Things having been on the up for Cynthia since. In between her time as the ruthless government leader of A.R.G.U.S on the CW’s Arrow, you can spot Cynthia as the lead in the History Channel’s anticipated mini-series, Texas Rising. If that isn’t enough, she’s also playing opposite Ben Affleck and Anna Kendrick in 2016’s thriller, The Accountant.

Cynthia filled us in on her tequila obsession, keeping it clean shaven, and all things ‘Yonce.

I’m really into girly, feminine nightwear these days. I’ve retired the free t-shirts and mismatched shirt/sweats combos. Effort is always appreciated.

My newest obsession is Mezcal; when I filmed down in Mexico last year, it was my liquor of choice. Some sliced oranges, chili powder and a good Mezcal…so good!

A man should be fully present. If he can go an entire conversation without ever taking his cell phone out, then I am automatically intrigued.

I have a crush on the women of Game of Thrones. All the women on that show are just unflinchingly committed to those characters: strong, sexy, fierce, vulnerable, and gorgeous!

An ideal date for me would involve really good food at an unpretentious, undiscovered restaurant. A little bit of a wine buzz. Impromptu karaoke. A long drive and a long conversation. Something unexpected and surprising.

I like clean shaven or a little bit of stubble. Some guys can rock beards and mustaches, but I always feel like their face is hidden. And then they shave it off and it’s like, “Hello!? Why are you hiding that face?”

It’s totally impractical, but I love a man in a tailored suit. You almost never see it in Los Angeles, but when I go to London, for example, I see men in these suits, and they just look so put together and sharp.

Beyonce should be on Maxim’s Hot 100. For me, she is the gold standard for embodying femininity, strength, sensuality. I can’t wait to see what she does next.

I’m a city girl at heart, but I do love hiking in LA’s canyons and heading to the beach, especially on a slow day. I love that feeling of having nature all to yourself, just above the noise of the city.

As for what’s next, I’m getting ready for the premiere of Texas Rising on the History Channel on Memorial Day. And just wrapped on The Accountant with Ben Affleck and J.K. Simmons. Now, off to lunch with a friend!

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I feel as though the gems have more rounded chests because we've seen that the gems have adapted to human culture, and are portrayed as feminine (though they have no real gender). I guess it's just an Earth thing they picked up.

That’s possible. I don’t think they pay as much attention to human stuff as we think they do, though. They’re not really portraying themselves as feminine, they’re portraying themselves as Gems which a lot of humans tend to perceive as feminine. Rose’s more human-like breasts might’ve been inspired by human culture, since she was the one with the most interest, but the more rounded chest might just be Gems being Gems.

But I dunno, that’s just my take on it.

if any amab feminine presenting / trans girls who don’t feel comfortable going into shops and buying feminine clothes/ jewellery need anything i’m clearing my closet of several dresses and a lot of jewellery message me if you want to know what or if you want anything in particular and i’ll let you know if i can help- will ship worldwide no cost except maybe like 20% of the postage if it’s heavy!