So I noticed today is Trans Day of Visibility and some people say I would not classify quite as trans but I feel a bit different.
For the longest time I would stick strictly to they/them (neutral) pronouns cause that’s what felt right, and honestly still does. My family doesn’t accept that though so it’s not something I could ever tell them. People at school, even friends, would refuse it. So I just learned to deal with female pronouns.
I guess due to that I’m cool with being seen as a female, but really I don’t care what gender people see me as. Though even now I am a little more comfortable with what I was born as, I still would rather be treated as neutral pronouns despite my obvious feminine appearance most of the time. Mkay well that’s me xD



Happy Trans Day of Visibility, friends!

Giving Away Clothes

Here are the clothes that I am giving away. If you are interested, send me an ask. I will ship anywhere and to anyone who needs the clothing (trans, intersex, genderfluid, et cetera welcome). Here is a link to the first post which has a bit more info on it: link

As a reference to the lengths and sizes. I am 5′3″ tall. The pant sizes are in US sizes. The clothes are used and a bit older, but in good condition (no stains, holes, et cetera) unless otherwise noted. Please excuse the wrinkled state of the clothes; I don’t own an iron-yet.

Green and Black Sweater, Size M, 100% Cotton, from H&M

I find it to be a little short. It ends just at the hips.

Black and White striped Shirt with flower design, Size L, 50% Polyester 50%Rayon, Handwash

The neck of the shirt is a little wide, so it sometimes slips over one shoulder. It says hand wash, but I’ve always shoved it in the washing machine. 

Black and White Striped Shirt with Heart design with black rhinestones, Size L, 95% Cotton 5% Spandex

The cut of the shirt is very flowy, so it does hide that belly that you might have. The neck of the shirt is a bit deep, so you might need to wear a tank top underneath. It is very stretchy. Also it ends below the hips.

Grey Ribbed Lace Tanktop, Size L, 98% Cotton 2% Spandex

It is extremely stretchy.

Grey and White Striped Knitted Dress with Pockets, Size L, 40% Viscose 40% Nylon, 20% Cotton, C&A

It ends about mid-thigh.

Orange Tie-Dye Summer Dress, Size L, 100% Cotton

This dress is fairly stretchy with ties to hold it up better. It ends between mid thigh and knee. There are small slits on the sides. It flows really nicely.

Brown Bermuda Shorts, Size 12, 97% Cotton 3% Spandex, Old Navy

They don’t really have any stretch.

Grey Bermuda Shorts, Size 12, 98% Cotton 2% Spandex, Old Navy

They don’t really have any stretch.

Black Capris, Size 12 Regular, 97% Cotton 3% Spandex, Old Navy

They are not faded as they appear in the picture. 

White Jeans, Size 30 Regular Bootleg, 98% Cotton 2% Spandex, Jessica Simpson Collection

The size is comparable to the Old Navy Size 12. There are some (most likely dirt) stains on the bottom/edge of the pant legs. They are not too noticable and quite faded. I can see if I can get rid the stains.

Black and White Piano/Music Print Lolita skirt, length: 56 cm waist: 80cm-106cm,  100% Cotton

I made this skirt. The waistband is elastic in the back and quite stretchy. The front half of the waistband is not stretchy. The material is a tad thin, but should not be a problem if you wear a petticoat underneath (or another skirt, which I have done on the occasion). It does look best with a petticoat underneath. There are a few sewing failures on my part, but they are not visible when the skirt is worn. I have worn this skirt out and about and it has held up well.

Blue and White Polka Dot Flower Lolita Skirt, length: 56.5 cm waist: 72cm-100 cm, 100% Cotton

Another skirt that I have made. The front half of the waistband is not stretchy. The waistband is elastic in the back and quite stretchy. The elastic in the back is a bit twisted, bit it shouldn’t be a bother when the skirt is worn. It does look best with a petticoat underneath. There are a few sewing failures on my part, but they are not visible when the skirt is worn. I have worn this skirt out and about and it has held up well.


23/ genderqueer | non-gender

I feel really nervous posting these because despite being really feminine, I’ve never identified as female, and used to identify as male before I came to terms with being on the genderqueer spectrum. I wish I could be more masculine, I wish I could act how I feel, but there’s a lot of limitations to what I can do giving my work situation, and current living situation. Thankfully, I have friends who’ll stand by me through thick and thin here. /endrant

Anyways, happy trans day of visibility.

Pronouns: she/her | they/their

anonymous asked:

As a daddy/dom i really embrace my "feminine" side and i can be an emotional wreck. I've thought about being a sub from time to time, but i know that it's not who i am. I just feel like such a weak and pathetic caregiver sometimes, is there anything wrong with me?

it could be that you are in fact a switch.

so sometimes you want to dominate and sometimes you feel little. 

you are not “weak or pathetic”. so hush up right now. 

tbh ask almost any sub, and they would prefer a dom with emotions and understanding than a cold-hearted twat. 

i’m sure youre fine


So. Yeah.

This is kind of a big deal for me. I’m Canada, a 32 year-old mom of two amazing girls, wife to the most wonderful person I’ve ever met, and completely in love with my job as a college tutor. I recently, thanks to the help of my fabulous spouse, found out that there’s a word for my sexuality, which is Polysexual, or Multisexual, as I’ve seen it some places.

However, something I’ve also been exploring has been my own gender. I’ve always liked a gender-fucked look for myself, and love wearing super-butch clothes with makeup, or really feminine clothes with my ultra- short hair that I had for a while. While I’m DFAB, and am fine with the label of girl/woman, I’ve always felt a little…well, “more” than that. I know I’m not a guy in any way. But sometimes I kind of wish I was, a little. Maybe? It’s still confusing. Sometimes, I wish I had a penis, for various reasons. Usually, I’m happy with a vagina, though. When I’m presenting more masculine, I love being called handsome. I enjoy being manly in many ways, but I freaking love looking like a hella-sexy-diva-babe.

Today, I was going through the #TDoV tag here on Tumblr, and was loving all the amazing people, across all gender expressions, and felt moved. I was seeing people in ways I’d never seen them, and that made me start thinking about myself even more.

And then I saw “Demigirl”. And loved the word. And started looking into what it meant. And it fit me, so perfectly. And I spoke more with my spouse. And I realized that, holy shit, it’s me.

I’m not a cis lady.

I’m a Demigirl.

I’m a Demigoddess.

And, apparently, this means I’m trans. So, what better day, and what better way, to announce this to the world?

There are so many ways to be trans, and so many people who are. And, sometimes, we don’t look trans at all. I mean, I’m DFAB, and mostly a lady. But, I’m something more than that. And so, here I am, being all kinds of visible, hoping to help someone else figure it all out as well.

- Canada, age 32. She/her/hers. Demigirl, Polysexual. Fabulous as fuck.

anonymous asked:

Hi! Sorry if this has been asked. I am a demigirl and I use she/her pronouns. Some days I look really feminine, some in-between, and sometimes I wear men's clothes and stuff my hair up into a beanie. Recently I've been wanting to bind my chest on these more "masculine" days. Still, I FEEL like a demigirl. But I probably sound/look genderfluid. Can I bind and such and still fit into the demigirl category? I never feel like a boy and I like my pronouns, but sometimes I just like looking that way.

yep, you can. your presentation does not have to be linked to your gender in any way, meaning that you can do all of those things and still be a demigirl.


Today has made me think really hard about my own gender identity. I’ve actually been curious and confused for some time, but I’m so full of doubt that I “fit” the label of what I want to call myself. I want to change some things about myself and I want to change how I present myself and how I look but I’m not unhappy with my biological sex. Some days I want to be really feminine,most of my life I have been, and other days I wish I looked more masculine or androgynous. Even now it’s really hard for me to admit this because I’m afraid of being seen as just some poser wanting to join a fad and it hurts to just be dismissed as a cisgender girl wanting to dress as a guy. I believe I am either gender fluid or nonbinary. But because of some parts of the community and some people’s responses to this kind of feeling I don’t feel…valid. I’m not looking for pity or a huge debate on this I’m just really really confused and want to hear some thoughts maybe?

Alrighty, since today is Transgender Day of Visibility, I wanted to do a series of selfies since mid November 2014, when I started identifying as trans.

So, the first picture was taken November 19. At this time I identified as non-binary. I still presented more feminine(ish, i’ve never really been very feminine) and used she/her pronouns and went by my birth name, Megan.

In the second picture, taken on November 28, I was trying to figure out how to tuck my hair into a beanie because at that time I was identifying as genderfluid, and still trying to figure out. I still used my birth name and pronouns.

Around late December/ early January, I came up with a name that I love, and started using they/them. My new name was Ash (because my middle name is Lee and I thought that was the most gender neutral thing, and my life is a series of jokes no one gets until I have to explain it).

I came out on tumblr and shared a link to my coming out post with my friends sometime in late January/ February, and everyone was so accepting. My friends began calling me Ash, except for a few and I still need to talk to them about that.

On February 15, I got my hair cut short (the shortest its ever been). It started off well at the salon, but then some of the hair dressers got started talking about Bruce Jenner, and the one working on me said that she hoped that everything about Bruce Jenner wasn’t true and that she thought it was morally wrong. She said this while I’m sitting there, getting my hair cut so I could present more masculine. Heh heh…

So anyway, the last picture was taken March 19 at school. I was dressed up because it was opening night of the school musical, which I did the lights for. At this point I was identifying as a demiboy, and I still feel like it matches with my personality. I also decided that I’m going to use he/him pronouns as well. Just in case someone says they have a problem with using they as a singular pronoun, they have he to fall back on. I still am not out to my family or teachers, but hopefully by the start of Junior year next year, they’ll all know.

Happy Trans Day of Visibility!


Allison and Lydia learning and growing through their friendship with each other.

bill cipher being beyond the gender binary or not even understanding it??

bill wearing dresses and skirts while people are like “uh those are for girls” “yet here i stand an immortal being and im wearing one.”

people like “whats ur gender” and bill like “triangle??? who told you you could talk to me??”

nonbinary bill cipher


the 100 and history