Candice Swanepoel Explains How to Be a Bombshell

When you’re a Victoria’s Secret Angel, being a bombshell comes easy, but VS wants the rest of the world to get into the action with its newly minted holiday, Bombshells’ Day. Designed with girl power in mind, the event is a day intended for female solidarity, self-love, and, of course, lingerie shopping. Having earned her wings back in 2010, Candice Swanepoel knows a thing or two about turning on the charm, and she shares how best to treat yourself come May 2.

What does being a bombshell mean to you?
For me, it’s kind of being unapologetically sexy and confident in yourself. When I’m traveling around the world, sometimes I tend to dress down, to not be noticed that much, but I think being a bombshell is really embracing femininity, and loving being a woman and being feminine and being sexy, and not changing that for anything. So I’m happy that there’s an extra day of the week we can go for it.

How are you planning on spending this brand-new holiday?
I’m not sure where I’ll be, but hopefully I’ll be with a bunch of girlfriends, and we’ll go out for a drink, we’ll go out dancing, or just stay in and have a dinner, like a home-cooked meal. Otherwise I might be with my boyfriend—be a bombshell at home!

As an Angel, you have to always be at your best. What do you do to take care of yourself?
What makes me the happiest is working out. Sometimes in the middle of a class or a yoga class or something, I’m asking myself why I did that. In the end I just feel so much better and more confident. It’s a mixture of working out, having a regular massage because of traveling that takes its toll on the body, I have a regular facial, and that’s it. I try to do a lot of my beauty at home. I like to use a lot of organic products, like mixed natural masks and stuff—it’s almost easier for me to do it at home than make a bunch of appointments.

Who do you think represents the ideal bombshell?
The ultimate bombshell’s obviously Marilyn Monroe, who I got to transform into for a recent shoot of mine—that was really fun. But I’ve always looked up to Laetitia Casta. She’s the ultimate bombshell to me—you know, that French, natural beauty, she’s very voluptuous and has a cute French attitude.

Absolutely. She’s kind of iconic, too, with Victoria’s Secret. Now when do you personally feel at your most beautiful?
It’s a mixture. When I get to transform for photo shoots and I have the best hair and makeup working on me, you look in the mirror and you’re like, “Whoa! That’s me?” So, I mean, I feel beautiful that way, too, but more on a personal note, it’s when I’m at the beach and tanned and bare and I’m in my most natural state.

You mentioned earlier that you preferred to have your at-home beauty treatments. What do you do to pamper yourself after a hard day at work?
The first thing I do is get in the shower and clean my skin. It’s really important for me to let it breathe when I’m not working. And then depending on what I need, like a moisture mask or sometimes a glass of wine will unwind me.

How can our readers get into the Bombshell Day experience?
I think it’s cute to get together with a bunch of your girlfriends, maybe go to the spa together or go get blow-outs, go get your makeup done somewhere, or go shopping. Lingerie and fragrance are the easiest ways to get yourself in the mood—even if people don’t see it, it helps with the overall feeling. Do something fun with the girls, like a pajama party!


people complaining about markiplier wearing a dress & not considering maybe he just wanted to wear a dress

he did not in any way make it into an exaggerated joke or try to seem “womanly” in the picture

please remember that society says men can’t wear dresses and some people think that’s pointless & feel comfortable enough to break the social norm. there’s nothing wrong with it. 

anonymous asked:

Hey. I'm a trans boy, pre everything (tho i have a binder), and I really enjoy dressing/presenting feminine. Not all the time, but every now and then (sometimes I have to because im not out to my parents ha) Am I still valid? I mean I have terrible dysphoria, no matter how I'm presenting, so?? Sorry.

admin sea:

you are DEFINITELY still valid!!! your gender presentation / expression does not have to align with your gender identity all the time. there are LOTS of trans guys out there who love presenting femininely (even i have times where i want to wear skirts and makeup and all sorts of more “feminine” stuff and i’ve been on T for like 3 and a half years and present fully masculine in public)

just remember this: clothes have no gender, u can wear whatever you want and you are still valid in your gender identity, its hard to be happy when youre not true to urself so wear what you want and be who you are <3

Sometimes my sexuality gets confused. I like women. Period. But sometimes I’ll see this really feminine dude, maybe even a crossdressing dude, and I’ll just be like…goddamnit date me please.

And don’t even get me started on the intersection between being trans and attracted to women in a hetero way. That’s a bag of worms in itself.

confessionsofalema asked:

I don't understand Lolita culture, what do you get out of dressing up like what is socialized into us as clothes for small girls?... I'm not judging or decrying anyone hobby cuz I most definitely have my own obscure vices, just wondering.

Generally, I think most Lolitas are into it because it’s fun!  It is a fashion that celebrates femininity for femininity’s sake.  With all the pastel colors and bows and ruffles and petticoats, modest hemlines and covered shoulders, it’s completely unappealing to the male gaze.  That’s what appeals to me about it.  Honestly, I’ve got a complicated relationship with Lolita fashion myself.  On one hand I feel like I’m playing right into the hands of every harmful stereotype there is about trans women and extravagant hyper-femininity.  On the other hand the fact that it *is* coded in such a feminine manner really works well with my particular brand of feminism.  This is femininity that is confrontational.  It makes people uncomfortable.  Again, it is wholly unappealing to the male gaze and as such it challenges the patriarchal idea that femininity means sexual availability–and if it DOES turn someone on, then it invites discussion about the mainstream sexualization of young girls and the fetishization of youth and how these things harm women.

And besides. Wearing Lolita makes me feel like a princess.

celestialmayhem replied to your photo: eeehhhhh how do you make a 13 year old girl look…

SESSHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY -fan girl squeal activate- every dog within a 100 miles starts yelping.


altho i was a naraku fan

naraku and…another guy i can’t remember

the group of…dudes


anonymous asked:

Hi! Your blog is awesome, especially when you post about dancing :) I'm a lesbian, but I've never been able to understand what exactly is a "femme"! just a feminine lesbian, or does it come with a peculiar aesthetic? a feminine lesbian only attracted to butch girls? Internet has been helpful with the historical part, but it's like it's assumed that everyone already knows the definition, no point in explaining it :/ (sorry about my english, I'm from Italy) xxx

Hi! Thank you. Your english is great, no worries. This is just a difficult question to answer! Femme isn’t easily defined. The short answer is yes–kind of. Femme is a lesbian identity & it goes along with the more feminine of our kind. I hesitate a bit in saying that, because lesbian gender doesn’t really align with hetero conceptions of gender. Lesbian femininity is really an outlier, so to speak. There are a lot of commonalities & shared qualities between femmes, but there isn’t really a strict definition. No one experiences femme the same way, but we tend to share a lot of experiences between us. There can be a lot of power in naming yourself femme, but I don’t think that femme is just about “identity” per se. It’s part of our sexuality, it’s part of lesbian gender, & fundamentally it’s a social position. It’s about how we experience and reinterpret the homophobia & misogyny the world throws at us, and about how we relate to the world & other women. Pinning down how exactly we do that is difficult, to say the least. But I’m not sure it’s wise to try, considering how many different experiences of femme there are–particularly along lines of race, class, age, education, etc. etc.

A lot of femmes are very vocal about our love for butches, but this isn’t something that’s inherent to femme & we are not defined by it. Butches & femmes aren’t complementary in the sense that we were “made for” one another. I think that we are complementary in the sense that our experiences can be considered two sides of the same coin–we face them differently, but the roots are the same. But in terms of pairings, butch/butch & femme/femme relationships have been around (& been documented) for as long as either term has been in common use.

It’s not an easy answer! I hope this helped a little bit. Does anyone else want to weigh in on how they define femme for themselves or more generally?

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*sobs* Darren looks so good! He looks really feminine. That doesn't even look like the same person who played Blaine....

He’s most definitely the most feminine of all the Hedwigs.  He’s just beautiful.

The Ark Tenasia ‘My Name’ Interview

My name is Yuna Kim. My name is the same in English and Hangul. I’m in charge of rap, vocals, ‘kkap’ and variety in our group. My hometown is New York.

I was born on the 27th of October, 1994. I’m 22 years old. I was a trainee for about 2~3 years. My mother recently came to South Korea from the US to see me. She always talks to me about the stage and supports me.

My image on ‘Superstar K3′ was bright and cheeky but surprisingly I’m also calm and feminine. When I want to be feminine I’m really feminine and when I want to be powerful I’m really powerful. I have lots of different colors.

I like basketball. As there’s no time lately I haven’t been able to, but I used to enjoy playing basketball at the park.

Yoon Mi Rae is my role model. There’s no words for her as a rapper or as a singer, her family-orientated personality is nice too.

I have a lot of interest in a collaboration. I also want to appear on a variety show like SBS ‘Running Man’ or KBS2 ‘Happy Together’. I don’t have any thoughts of acting at the moment but seeing the other members do it might make me curious in the future.

Yuna-ya, you worked hard. You want to show a lot to the public, so work hard and gain confidence to expand your wings and conquer the stage. Always be an exemplary unnie to the team and take care of the dongsaengs. Live each day with a positive mind. Fighting.

trans cr: tay @ fyeah-theark / take out with full credits

Forbidden. || @base-gaurdian


Economy was not something Mei-Rin would ever like, but she had to take these classes as she started the college. She could not understand why there were so many people who did their best to get into that class. Especially girls. At first she couldn’t understand; after all they were not really feminine classes.

But then she understood.

After the first couple of weeks she found out with terror that she was one of many girls that awaited those lectures with their hearts beating fast. A young, handsome teacher. It was said that he was single, and Mei-Rin, who sat right in front of him in the classroom, could see no ring on his finger. Too often did she imagine this voice that explained many difficult things to the whole group whispering sweet nothings into his ear. Every night she woke up, terrified by the fact that she dreamt dreams about him; not all of them as innocent as they should be.

And yet, she could not speak to him. Not outside the class. But she managed to excel at things she had hated so much. She passed her tests and exams with the best grades. All of that just to attract his attention. But he still treated her calmly, like any other student.

That day she found herself ready. As soon as the lecture was over, she took a deep breath and with her body trembling, she approached his desk with a slight blush dusting over her cheeks. 

“Sir…” she spoke. “I… I am curious about one of the things you’ve spoken about lately. I cannot find any books about it… maybe you could explain it to me?”

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what kind of people do you think Momoi's friend group consists of/would she get along with most? (other than gom) bc in the replace novels she has other friends like Izumi :o

emi has never read replace novels sorry, buuuuut-

MOMOI is more of a normal girl than people may suspect. She has that one friend that every girl has– the one she can easily make dirty jokes with and talk about all issues with freely; the best friend!

She has a couple friends that appeal to her girly side, the ones she squeals with over cute boys and could spend hours shopping with. After all, spending all that time with baskeball baka boys has made her really appreciate the more feminine features of herself.

She’s friends with a quieter kid, one that she trusts a lot. It’d be a guy who’s not on the basketball team but knows enough about it that she could share ideas about strategies with. He’d mostly listen, cutting in only when he finds potential problems with her plan.

Finally, she’s a social butterfly so I expect her casual friends circle to be even bigger. Momoi will hang out with people she finds intriguing or naturally cute; people who have good taste in fashion, food and hobbies.

scarletbloomsword asked:

Hmm... I really think that in the opening it WAS Hide's hands. Yes. It did look so feminine. But when I scruffed some of the manga pages. I noticed his hand whenever he waved, or just holding something. Hide's hands were really lil feminine.

Hide has a lot of femininity to his character. And not just in a physical sense, but in the way Kaneki thinks about him/the way Ishida portrays him. Hide is always seen as Kaneki’s ‘damsel in distress’, as well as his counter part. And let’s take into consideration other ghouls and their human counter parts.

Tsukiyama = Chie

Touka = Yoriko

Nishiki = Kimi

Manager = Ukina.

Do you find anything strange about all their counter parts being female, and at the same time two of those couples being romantically involved. I think, Hide’s hands being feminine, and the femininity Ishida adds to his character speaks a lot about how delicate he is supposed to be viewed. Not to say that females are delicate, but I mean, a man always has the urge to protect his wife/girl friend, and with that urge he sees her as delicate sometimes, which just fuels that fire even more. That’s how Ishida tried to portray the relationship shared with Hide and Kaneki….but of course, it was kind of flip flopped.

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teen John sitting in the front cab of a limo on prom night because genderfluid Sherlock felt really feminine last minute but John being a considerate boyfriend that he is, got them a dress in Sherlocks exact facvourite shade or purple just in case so yeah John is in the front seat because Sherlock is in the back trying to pull up their new sparkly dress and then they go to prom together looking hella cute together (◕‿◕✿) (im going to my prom soon so i thought of this, hope you like it)

awwwwww that’s so sweet! uvu thank you for sharing, i loved it! XD

I love womens. lol I’m a girl’s girl. 

Today was my first day back at work after taking a leave, and it was mostly me hugging all my female coworkers and complimenting them about how pretty they looked or nice they smelled and how much I missed them and they’re all so different and cute and it was so great. 

I really surround myself with feminine energy. Femininity is home to me.