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Okay so here’s an awesome idea from theghostof-sherlockholmes after my actual deer Dipper art, where Dipper, feeling guilty for the monster accident, makes a deal with Bill to turn everyone back to normal except him. “ But the deal doesn´t include him, he´s stuck, or so he thinks. But of course Bill messes with him and Dipper slowly turns into a full little Deer, including his instincts growing and his human part fading until they lose him completely. So Mabel and the whole town try to save him and somehow undo Bills Deal, accepting to become monsters again. So everything turns back to monster-normal. I think it would fit Dippers guilt and the solidarity of the town. Also it would give us some nice parts in this AU with Mabel-angst-fluff about her actual deer brother. ”

I really love this idea and I will draw about it more, thanks a lot for this even if I made myself sad…

for all of you who are salty about the negativity EXP is receiving

Let me explain something to you:
Singing a shitty pop song in english and adding the words “naega” and “yeppeo” in it at random fucking times and doing peace signs in your music videos does not make you a k-pop idol. Not going through the harsh training that so many k-pop idols have had to go through in order to get to where they are now does not make you a k-pop idol. Being some pretty boy from New York and having asian friends who give you random korean lyrics that you don’t even understand and making you sing them on an album does not make you a k-pop idol. Your name sounding like a bootleg version of EXO does not make you a k-pop idol.

alladin-gohan asked:

Do you like BillDip? I mean, you know, when they are in relationship or like brotp

I honestly love brotp Billdip. :) 









People need to remember that Stefan is immensely protective of Caroline and always has been. This is something that he’s not going to forget:

I believe that Tyler had every right to be upset at Caroline back then but the important thing is that Stefan doesn’t. In his own words, he didn’t believe that Caroline “deserved” how Tyler reacted. 

Stefan implying that Tyler was a bad boyfriend doesn’t make it true, FFS. It’s just what his character believes. And of course Stefan would make Caroline’s feelings the priority in the whole debacle. Caroline was his best friend who made the same mistake he did (sleeping with the enemy). Tyler was just some werewolf that he mostly tolerated because they had friends in common. And then he, in Stefan’s eyes, “almost killed her” that night. So yes, deep down, he probably thinks Tyler was a “jerk” (*gasp* the ultimate insult!) and thinks that Caroline deserves better. Big deal. And let’s all remember that his humanity is off! If that’s the worst thing he’s got to say to him in Ripper mode, I think we did okay this go around.

And the whole “they’re tearing down Forwood to make Steroline look better” thing is bullshit. I don’t think anyone watched the episode and thought “look how much better Stefan is for Caroline than Tyler. Look at how good they are for each other”. No. Stefan and Caroline were being assholes. We weren’t supposed to be on their side. Tearing down one relationship to prop another is retconning S3 so that Elena was in love with Damon for nearly half of her relationship with Stefan. Having Steroline insult and threaten Tyler to the point where even I was happy that Tyler flipped out on both of them is not even close to being the same thing. They looked bad. They were supposed to. End of story. Find something else to pick at Steroline about because this sudden outburst of love for Tyler and Forwood from people who, on any other day, couldn’t care less about either of those things, is tiring. 

i think kylo ren’s lightsaber is a demonstration of the Galaxy “situation” we’ll see in the new Trilogy…i like to think that he has the dusty/broken-ish lightsaber instead of a clean/pretty lightsaber like darth vader had or darth maul had is bc the galaxy still is n War the Rebels (now Resistance) still fights the Empire (now First Order)…so in this galaxy far far away i think the world is more raw and dark and they are living in a post (bigger) war/new war world

AU where Kaneki is a street painter while Hide is a street dancer. Kaneki and Anteiku is just a group of people who will randomly paint over any building without permission at night. Their trademark is all of their member wear various kind of mask. Polices always tried to chase them because of the vandalism but they always easily escape from them.

Hide is just one of street dancer who hang out among teenagers at night and have dance competition between them. He is expert in freestyle dancing and always spiced up their event. Local polices also tried to catch them but most of the time those dancers managed to run away from them.

Kaneki and Hide first time meeting when they both flee from the authority and stumbled accidentally with each other as they went to the same path. Kaneki was about to mad at him when Hide pulled him to the dark alleyway and shushed him down. Those polices arrived somewhere nearby them but could not find them since they both were hidden from their eyes. When those polices left the place, Kaneki said thank you and apologized to Hide about what happened earlier. Hide just shrugged it off and said he did not mad at all. Looking at his mask, Hide finally knew that this person is one of the Anteiku, the famous group of street painter. Kaneki was blushing underneath his mask when a complete stranger just praised his artwork. They both introduced their name and reason why they escape from the polices. After that, they finally went to their own destination.

They meet again when Hide saw the masked man just done his painting over a building nearby his apartment. He quickly went to Kaneki and eagerly met him. He even invited Kaneki to meet his gang. Kaneki hesitated at first but seeing this blondie looks really hopeful, he decided to follow him. Suprisingly, Hide’s gang treated him nicely and even admired his work with Anteiku.

After a week being with Hide’s friend every night after his time with Anteiku, Kaneki decided to introduce Hide to Anteiku. Hide was happy to be invited and quickly agreed to come. So after the dance, Hide met Kaneki and Anteiku at a small cafe. That was also the first time Hide saw Kaneki’s face (Anteiku only showed their place to the people they trust deeply). Hide’s first comment was he knew Kaneki would be handsome, but he never thought Kaneki would be drop dead handsome. Kaneki blushed like beet when Hide said like that to him.

Ever since that day, Kaneki and Hide hang out with each other after their time with their gang. Hide would help Kaneki how to dance and Kaneki would teach Hide how to draw. Their relationship blossomed as times goes by.


Dear Taylor,
It’s been 2 months since you followed me, and I haven’t really introduced myself completely yet, and I feel like it’s about time so…here it goes :)
I’m Catthy, as you may or may not know. My name is actually spelled with two t’s and that’s because it is pronounced a bit differently in Vietnamese, but to simplify things, most people just pronounce it as if it were spelled “Cathy”. I currently live in Northern California ✌️ and am 13 years of age.
I’ve been a fan of you ever since I heard Tim McGraw on the radio, and by the time Fearless came out, I knew I was practically obsessed. Everyday when I got home from school I would watch your music videos over and over again. Soon enough I would cut out every magazine photo of you and put it in a 2 inch binder that is now completely filled with print outs and magazine cut outs of you 😂. I was over the top obsessed by the time Speak Now came out.
Then, came Sep. 2nd of my 5th grade year. I had just got home from school and as soon as I get into the car, my mom goes “Go home and get ready” and I’m like “For what?” and she goes “Your dad was able to get some Taylor Swift concert tickets from his work place, so, we’re going to the HP Pavilion right now”. When I heard those words I was literally speechless. No words could describe even close to what I felt. The Speak Now Concert was AMAZING. I couldn’t believe how close I had come to you. Little did I know that 4 years later, I would be closer to you then I ever imagined.
So 2010-2013 passed, and Red was released. I was super happy about the album, but that year, wasn’t a very good year for me…I was constantly pushed around by this one girl who thought I was weird or something…she often came up to me and pinched me out of no where. But hearing some of the lyrics from “The Best Day” gave me drive, and that year, I got all A’s and was put into advanced math. One or two years later, I found out about tumblr. Hearing about the Secret Sessions and the presents gave me so much hope but a small part of me with the low self esteem always told me that nothing like that would ever happen to me. But on 2/10/15 you proved me wrong. When I saw your name pop up in my notifications as a follower I literally couldn’t believe it. I clicked on your url 20 times to make sure it was really you, and I pinched myself to make sure I wasn’t dreaming. After you liked several of my posts it was becoming real. My self esteem has only gone up from there, thanks to you :) Also, because of you, I have met several of my closest friends, my squad ( its-a-swiftie-metafour badbloodmadmadlove taylorkeepdancing tthelightsaresobright thatyoucouldbetrusted illseeyouinmywildestdreams youlllseemeinyourwildestdreams blood-runs-bad idkxtaylorswift) 😊. You inspire me in so many ways. The way you treat your fans like friends, the way you are constantly donating to charity, the way you care for hospital patients, and the time you spend getting to know us fans. I don’t think anyone could live up to the standards that you reached. I love you so much Taylor, and I hope you know that because of you, I fought through the toughest times of my life.

Catthy ❤️

P.S. I took those selfies at Walmart, so no, I do not have a shopping cart in my house 😆