really late

Jill: Holly’s changed, Holly’s changed.
Melissa: Don’t come (to our events).

Woman, please. The only thing that changed about Holly is that she stepped up to help her daughter realize her dreams. Abby was the one that made the whole thing into a competition, and you stood by her. Don’t go and say Holly was the one that did things wrong because you know who the person in the wrong is, and that person has not changed.

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Month of Saiyuki!

Day 26. The boys all get Tumblr accounts. What do they like to post?

Sanzo- mayonnaise, scenery, insulting posts that give no names but are quite obviously directed at Goku and Gojyo

Goku- food, cute animals, more food, basically whatever he liked

Gojyo- probably lots of selfies and pictures of himself, then maybe the occasionally kitten or puppy at night when he thinks no one is on

Hakkai- recipes, DIY and alternative solutions for stuff, interior design, books, occasional pictures of the other ikkou members

Sanzo probably wouldn’t make many personal posts other than to gripe about his companions or insult them. Goku and Gojyo would likely argue a whole lot and send rude asks to each other, to the point where their followers would question whether they were actually friends or not. Hakkai’s probably just there to keep an eye on everyone else. I think he’d like Pinterest better.

forgiving your abuser doesn’t mean continuing to let them abuse you. it doesn’t mean staying an abusive relationship

like you could literally forgive someone for every abuse they inflicted on you and it wouldn’t mean you should go back to them

from what i’ve found, forgiveness is for yourself. does your abuser deserve your forgiveness? no. should you still give it? yes, because there is so much freedom to be found in letting go of bitterness and allowing your wounds to heal. it’s like… okay, so the person who abuses you (in my case, emotionally) causes a lot of damage. deep cuts. resentment is a like a poison, it infects your wounds and makes them worse. you dwell on all the reasons you have to hate this person and stay angry, and it keeps those wounds open and hurting.

when you choose to forgive someone, it’s like you are washing your cuts with water. cleaning out the bad stuff in your body and your spirit. once they’re clean, you can start to move forward. your wounds are healing, and you don’t have to worry about shifting wrong and causing them to hurt again or to open up. you remove yourself from the person who inflicted them on you so they can’t hurt you again. and you let yourself heal, not lingering on your hatred of them. healing is a long and unpleasant process, and so is forgiveness. but i think that it is necessary. 

note: i am not condemning people who have not or will not forgive their abusers. i personally am finding, however, that i am much healthier emotionally in trying to forgive my father for the abuse he has inflicted on me. 

hey guys this is just a little psa

basically my tumblr is being weird and keeps eating my messages?? this keeps happening, so if at any point you message me and i don’t reply, chances are tumblr’s wiped it and i haven’t seen it!

if you think that might have happened, feel free to go ahead and send the the message again, i don’t mind if i end up getting two haha :)