This dude asked me last night “ms lady you want to fall asleep or fall in love?” To which I responded by saying I want to fall in love because sharing love with that someone will remind me that my life is a dream only made better when I realize I can wake up to a reality so beautiful I’d go the rest of my life without sleep if it means sharing it with him everyday! #FromThePinpointOfMyMind #OnTheFly #PoetryOfTheDay #Poetry #WordPlay #realLoce (Created with @tweegram app) (at Uncle Vernon’s House)

Natural Hair| Societies Views

Natural Hair| Societies Views

An opinion is something everyone has and loves to share on every event and anyone, especially someone else’s decision on their hair. I went natural back in 2012 and I think it was the best decision I could have ever made in my life. I was tired of the relaxer and dry scalp and I already had a short cut so I thought let me cut this all off and see what happens. (Plus, all my close friends were…

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I just rang the cmht, and asked to speak to a senior about their problems with allocating me a care coordinator omg

I am so frustrated about having waited almost a year to be reallocated one.

He agreed that is was unacceptable and although he couldn’t promise I would be quickly allocated one, he did give me his word that he’s going to raise attention to how long I’ve been waiting, and how it’s been detrimental to my mental health.

My voice was shaking the whole time. I was desperately trying to get my point across without crying. I think I managed to communicate effectively. I feel better now for talking to him and having been reassured a little. Hopefully my phone call had actual purpose.

ive literally cancelled important appointments for ferguson stuff knowing that i need to reallocated my spoons to spread this shit ad stay informed????? knowing i am mentally ill???? bc this is impt?????? just what

The logic behind allowing labor migration is straightforward. Decisions need to be made regarding the allocation of labor, which, like other goods and services, is a scarce resource. Open migration not only expands the range of potential choices available to individuals – the essence of economic freedom – but allows for the reallocation of labor to its highest-valued use across a more extensive range of alternatives. In other words, removing barriers to migration allows people to discover the highest-valued use of their labor and thereby contributes to broader economic development. Indeed, the potential contribution of migration to global economic wealth is staggering.
—  Christopher Coyne, Doing Bad by Doing Good (via Don Boudreaux)
Creative CoLiving Community, Western Addition


The Embassy is an experiment in creative cohousing — a home built around purpose, intention, and exploration.



The 1900 mansion was built for a shoe manufacturing magnate and featured luxuries including both gas and electric fixtures (dangerous!) and parquet floors to encourage visitors to look down at their feet (potentially stimulating sales of shoes).





The Embassy is also home to, an organization that connects creative minds to social impact projects




i was having a really hard time sneaking past the other FOEs and beating this guy (im about as stealthy as a cat walking on a piano) but then i got the GENIUS idea of using flash bombs to keep them away. im actually kind of surprised i didnt see anyone suggest that???

….it still didnt work though. but then i rested all my characters and reallocated my skill points *and* went in with flash bombs and KICKED HIS ASS HOLY SHIT, after binding his head i was using analysis/ice formula and getting like 2000+ DAMAGE A TURN?? IT WAS AWESOME HE DIDNT STAND A FUCKIN CHANCE

apparently path of exile remade the skill tree and now i get 2 reallocate 200+ passive skill points across 4 diff characters wooooo

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im starting two jobs this week plus 15hrs of coursework this semester and im just. i KNOW i need to find a way to reallocate my spoons so i can do more sj blogging but i dont know if i can do this livestream rn watchign this makes me physically ill