Least favourite Pokeddex challenge Day 24: Least Favourite Evolution(line) - Dragonite

Least favourite evolution ever hands down. Those of you who have been following me for a long time probably know my hatred towards this disgrace of a dragon.

The only good thing about Dragonite is that as much as I hate it it’s still a good Pokemon. But I could never use it.

My main reason for disliking Dragonite so much is that it completely ruins the line. Dratini and Dragonair are both graceful, elegant and slim whereas Dragonite seems like from a completely different line. It’s ugly, fat, orange, looks like a moomin (I love moomins but it doesn’t fit here) and is nothing like its previous forms. There have been some fan theories according to which the creators mixed up Gyarados and Dragonite but that’s pretty much bullshit. Dragonite is just a horrible design in the wrong place.

I’ve drawn Dragonite many times, each time a bit differently, and I’ve even done a few sketches for my own vision of what Dragonite should’ve looked like. But no matter how many times I do it it still remains the ugly disgrace of a dragon it is and has always been. 

I hate you with passion, Dragonite.

Merry Christmas from Shinon.

(Also I noticed a little brainfart mistake in the picture. I’m too lazy to fix it now.)


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The strange realistic and disturbing sculptures of Xue Liu

The strange realistic sculptures by Chinese artist Liu Xue, who imagines surreal hybrid between humans and animals… Some fascinating and disconcerting sculptures that question our relationship to the body, pushed by these strange encounters between humans, pigs, chickens or dogs…

Least favourite Pokeddex challenge Day 23: Least Favourite Starter (line) - Chichar, Monferno, Infernape

The gen 4 monkeys have never been close to my heart. I have never used them. I tried once but Chimchar simply didn’t feel like my kind of Pokemon at all so I restarted the game and picked a different starter. 

Even at this point the entire fire/fighting type started to feel old, and the other two (water/steel, grass/ground) typings seemed much more interesting (plus I like both Piplup and Turtwig lines a lot).

I can’t stand Chimchar and Monferno. I don’t like their designs, especially Monferno’s, and I don’t like their character. Infernape is pretty cool but I’m still not too fond of it plus I think there is something about it that is a bit too lame for me to use it.


Hylian Aegislash.

Following on from my Honedge, Doublade and Aegislash entry, which can be found HERE.I thought it would be cool to do a small crossover. I think it turned out quite nicely, too! I could even do a kokiri Honedge and perhaps a Gerudo Doublade (ganons twin swords from WW)

quick background for the one going on instagram, but yeah! something to add to the pile of unfinished things!


Unbelievable Pencil Art by Paul Lung

- DeviantArt

It’s hard to believe but all these beautiful pictures are not photos but pencil drawings. The author of such unbelievable art is 38-year-old graphic artist from Hong Kong Paul Lung. 0.5 mm technical pencil and A2 paper are the only attributes of these masterpieces. He doesn’t use eraser and spends up to 60 hours sketching out his pictures. As he often admits people do not believe him and he has to make videos of his work to prove that these art works are not photographs.


Disney princesses reimagined with realistic waistlines. 

Because negative body image can be reinforced by just about every kind of media, and sometimes we all need reminding that the “Disney standard” is just unrealistic.

I would argue that they actually look much better this way; they look more realistic, like real women, and less like perfect extremes. Even women who are naturally very thin wouldn’t be able to achieve the Disney waist because there’s just too much difference between the waistline and where the hip bones would need to be for the butt to work. When the waistlines are changed, it takes the pressure off everyone and the princesses look healthier. In other words - they look a lot more badass. 

image source


Morbid Still Lifes by Cindy Wright

Belgian artist Cindy Wright creates realistic paintings using traditional techniques though her subject is rather unusual. Death, decay and raw flesh are motifs of her choice. Her still lifes are presented to us without context or an explanation, while her morbid subjects exemplify the physicality of flesh. In this way, her work continues the Northern Renaissance tradition of vanitas paintings, still lifes meant to evoke the passage of time and one’s inevitable mortality.