realariadne replied to your post: 63) I am terrified of childbirth. I’ve gotten better at not closing my eyes and holding my ears when a movie shows childbirth because I can tell myself it’s just actors and not really happening, but I was not present at either of my sister’s births and I had a near panic attack when a pregnant dog of ours went into labor and I was alone with her for just a minute.

it didn’t hurt at all! the thing causing me pain was the shot of drugs, because really in your column? after your tits hurts ,but childbirth DON’T

Childbirth is different for every woman and I’ve heard this from a million people about it not being painful, including my mom who says it’s a lot of “pressure.” My aunt was in excruciating pain, my sister was in pain but she said it was manageable after drugs. My fear isn’t the pain, though. It’s more the idea of it. For example, I felt sick when I felt my sister’s stomach and the baby kicked. Cutting a bloody umbilical cord. Afterbirth. A big belly on a normal-sized person which can cause them back pains and even put them in a bed for months. Take a pick from this article.

I can’t really pinpoint and explain everything I find terrifying about it, so it’s sort of like expecting someone who is afraid of clowns or mice to explain it rationally. And there’s no payoff for me to get over all that for children, because I really, really, REALLY don’t want children. I like children okay, but I’ve never had the desire for children/husband. I never even dreamed of my wedding as a girl. I dreamed of being a lone writer or someone in a nice office building (you know, before you realize 99% of office jobs are NOT fun and carefree but soul-sucking.)


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But more than three months and nothing,only 3 hours if, on a lucky day and in the morning *faceplam*

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