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in light of recent comments by another up-and-coming microblogging website with it's focal point being accessibility and protection of marginalized ppl (see here: skittlrnet_tumblr_com /post /110472428416/as-both-a-skittlr-user-and-a-trans-woman-i-urge ) what exactly is your moderation stance going to be on terfs and other hate groups? will you be taking a live-and-let-live policy or will you be actively preventing them from gaining a foothold on your service?

In theory, this is real simple - we want inkstand to be a safe space for all, but in particular for the most marginalised, those who need it. As someone who faces absolute hell from TERFs at least once a week, I’m super keen on the idea of a TERF-free site. In practice there are a lot of issues, though. If we ban them at signup, for example, they’ll find a way around, or people will abuse that system.

I’d definitely personally align myself with the woman who made that post: to be neutral on these issues is to be complicit. We want to do everything we can to make sure that TERFs aren’t gonna form strong communities on our site, because that definitely makes it an unsafe space for trans women.

So our major focus at this point is moderation of abuse and hate speech - which we will define, and will define harsher than most other sites, and implementation of a community moderation process - that is, users can get access to more post moderation tools, and posts reported by the community go through them, then straight to staff. So if a TERF (which is just the hate group example I’m using because they’re the ones I have the most experience with) is actively making posts containing transmisogyny, those posts will get reported and checked and that user will potentially be banned.

We’ll do absolutely everything we can to prevent harassment and doxxing - our block feature will be a lot more effective than tumblr’s, and anonymous messages having to be sent from a signed-in account means a lot more accountability.

While I can see where the skittlr admins are coming from, our problems really lie around the technical inability to keep them out. They’re going to get in if they want to, but once they’re in we intend to keep them in line and keep people safe, and a community-based moderation system means that if our users feel unsafe, we know, and we do something about it.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, this is a team of activists who are really keen on our communities and really keen on keeping people as safe as possible. This means being strict on abuse and hate speech, and listening closely to our userbase.

If anyone has any questions or suggestions on this, send ‘em through!


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