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Watch “Ready-Set-Grow” and “Ready-Set-Grow part 2”… totally worth it.

Thought you might get a kick out of this- The hubby is going to give in and build my compost bin soon! How do I know? Because I’ve begun collecting scraps in a plastic bag on the counter. As this becomes more repulsive, the Mr. starts to realize it would be better to just have the bin outside. I’m so clever!

This magazine page is a perfect example of use of white space. The white space allows the colors and photos pop out much more. I like how the “Ready” and “Grow” text are the same color as the flower branch. Making the “Set” text light blue works well too. It works well because that light blue can be found elsewhere on the page.

Adding the clipping-masked pictures over the flowers was a great way to use four different pictures throughout the page without making anything look crammed. The little flower bulb things at the ends of the branches add nice bursts of color throughout the white page. They seem to be color picked out of the pictures of the kids and brightened up a bit. Having a well designed page that is fun to look at is always great, and adding small text that needs to be read may or may not be a benefit. Some people may enjoy the design of the page and it might make them want to focus in and read the small text, others might look at the page, enjoy the layout, and ignore the small text because its either too little, or it seems like too much text.

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Gotta love the youth at @C3university. You can’t ask “What time is it?” b4 offering BC someone WILL say “9:59!” 😒😄. @Dario asked us to take #selfies and broke down self-image.

"The world we create for ourselves reflects the image we have for ourselves." #ahappyslappytuesday
#readysetgrow (at Christian Cultural Center - CCC)