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Headcanons about bilbo having severe nightmares after the events of botfa and Thorin helping out ready set go

OKAY so half the credit for this goes to linddzz because we’ve definitely discussed this before but

I definitely believe that Thorin had issues with PTSD after Azanulbizar. And I’d like to think that among dwarves who seem to be relatively open/”modern” about mental illness compared to the rest of Middle-Earth (see: how they speak about Thror and Thorin and gold-sickness) are pretty supportive of people who suffer PTSD. It’s a battle wound like any other, even if you can’t see it. So Thorin, when he realizes that Bilbo is having similar issues, he’s sad, but not entirely surprised. 

Now, Bilbo - Bilbo has no idea what’s going on. I doubt they have much concept of mental illness in the Shire - anything neurodivergent is probably considered “improper” and “unusual” and thus you simply Don’t Talk About it. So Bilbo has zero idea what this is, and passes it off as him being silly and ridiculous and really, the battle’s over, so there’s no reason for these recurring nightmares. 

Thorin does his best to explain what’s going on, that Bilbo is not weak or silly for suffering from these nightmares. He supports Bilbo to the best of his ability. Because while a lot of post-botfa fics focus on Bilbo supporting Thorin (and Thorin absolutely needs Bilbo’s support, make no mistake), Bilbo has gone through a lot of traumatic stuff over the course of the journey, and he’s going to need support from Thorin too. 


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