Losers & Lame Parties || Karley

Kitty wasn’t entirely sure what the purpose of tonight would ultimately be. If she was being honest, she was somewhat appalled that Marley had gotten it into her head (by way of Santana Lopez, no less) that going to a bar or even entertaining the idea of underage drinking was a remotely good idea. But given that she’d pretty much talked her way out of being recruited to the glee club again and the thought of little miss naive Virgin Mary going into a bar unaccompanied weighed a little too heavy on her conscience to let her go anywhere that weekend. Not unless she was the escort. So rather than appeasing her little sister’s request to play Candyland for the fifth weekend in a row, she was doing something she swore she would never do again - getting ready to attend a high school party.

Her more ‘risque’ wardrobe was shoved to the very back of her closet, hidden by swaths of tulle and cotton, dresses that her parents deemed appropriate, feminine, professional for a young lady of her standing. Dresses that would get her an appreciative nod at church every Sunday and that would, in theory, keep her step-mother from picking a fight. No one in Lima really knew that her ‘mother’ was actually her step-mother, mostly because her father wanted to save face. Not that that was ever a story worth telling, so Kitty didn’t bother sharing. It’s not like anyone cared enough to know. And on weekends like this when her father was out of town for work, her step-mother was usually too busy gossiping with her friends in the kitchen over a bottle of wine to notice anything else going on in the house. Kitty could announce to the whole house that she was attending a seance and no one would bat an eyelash, so ‘sneaking out’ to a party was less sneaking out, and more coming and going as she pleased.

She pulled out the few ‘fun’ dresses she had out of the closet and threw them on the bed, moving to her vanity to make sure she had all the necessary accouterments for a mild make-over. Tonight was not about making either of them unrecognizable or attempting to draw attention to them, but to some extent they needed to look the part. Or at least Marley did. She was comparing eye shadow palettes when she heard someone coming up the stairs, her head turning sharply to watch the door until it opened, her companion for the night coming into view. Her tension lessened. “Hey,” she put on a vague smile and gestured to her bed, “take a look at the dresses on the bed and pick one you like. I’ll wear whatever’s left over.”

a trick of fate ;; open para

She flirts her way past the security at the front, linking arms with some hopeful intern who’s all too eager to fuck her. However once inside, she detaches herself from him, making her way to the back of the room, close to the windows and away from the light. A few lines of coke later, she’s ready to party, her heart racing to crash out of her chest and her skin on fire. A part of her longs to rip the elegant satin gown from her shoulders, but before she can act on that impulse, a face catches her attention and the black fabric is saved. In a few strides she has reached the figure, pupils dialalted and a brush of white powder still caught below her nose. “Fancy meeting you here, a trick of fate I suppose. Now are you just going to stand there staring? or are you gonna offer me some form of entertainment?”

last night was so fun so my friends and I got ready together to go to a party and they ended up going to a boys room to drink but me and my other friend were like hmm no so we sat in the lobby and laughed and talked about gossip girl. then our other friends were trashed after only twenty minutes and one was being so rude so we were like “let’s go get breakfast instead and ditch them” so my bud and I went to eat breakfast at 1:30 am and we had a really nice heart to heart then he came to my room and we talked more and complained and laughed. then he went to his room and i passed out asleep. it was so nice.


Steroid Suzie is ready to party..

HELLO MONSTER MINE | songs for girls who know there’s no need to fear the dark when you’re its queen

i. counting bodies like sheep to the rhythm of the war drums • perfect circle // ii. black sheep • metric // iii. off to the races • lana del rey // iv. zombie • natalie kills // v. house of the rising sun • lauren o’connel // vi. crave you • flight facilities (adventure club remix) // vii. stockholm syndrome • muse // viii. i will follow you into the dark • jayme dee (death cab for cutie cover) // vix. sex (i’m a) • lovage // brightside • the killers // xi. kill of the night • gin wigmore // xii. you spin me round (like a record) • dope // xiii. the game • disturbed // xiv. hang you from the heavens• the dead weather // xv. creep • damien rice (radiohead cover) // xvi. get lucky • daughter (daft punk cover)