Writing on the Danube Part I on Readux

The first part of an article on the Literature in Flux program published on Readux.

Writers from Germany to Bulgaria take a literary boat trip down the Danube and attempt to explore issues of European identity, the chaotic state of the world and the precarious situation of freelance writers.

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On Berlin literary magazine Readux - a review of multimedia artist and musician Danielle de Picciotto’s memoir of life in the Berlin underground scene, including appearances from her husband, Alexander Hacke and his band members in Einstürzende Neubauten as well as a host of other artists, musicians, DJs and more.

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I interviewed De Picciotto earlier this year in Prague where she and her husband Alexander Hacke were resident artists at the Meet Factory. You can read that article here …

Photo - Danielle de Picciotto and Alexander Hacke - photo by Markus Johannes Reinhardt

The Kafka Bubble

My first article for the Berlin-based literary website Readux on attending a meeting of the Kafka Society, the tangled web that the writer’s manuscripts have fallen into and the rumor whispered into a Kafka scholar’s ear in the 1970s that Kafka was still alive and living in West Germany.

Writing on the Danube: Part II

The second article in Berlin’s Readux on the Literature in Flux program in which a group of writers and translators take a journey by boat from one end of the Danube to the other. On the river’s stories of piracy, drowning and derring-do - some drawn from real life, some invented and some a bit of both.

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Photo - “Die Donau,” 1934, from the collection of David Levine

Performing Kafka’s year in Berlin

A Greek theater company’s production depicting Kafka’s year in Berlin reflects back on a time of financial collapse and growing menace that is frighteningly reminiscent of Europe today.

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Also a new book about the fight surrounding Kafka’s medical treatment (you did know he was Jewish, didn’t you) at the Czech Literature Portal, which you are cordially invited tolike on Facebook to get the latest literary news from the Czech Republic, former Czechoslovakia and even the former Hapsburg territories of Bohemia and Moravia (yes, I have to travel a lot).

Photo - Kafka’s last love Dora Diamant

Koestler's Dialogue with Death free giveaway

Last week I wrote about Arthur Koestler and the University of Chicago’s reissue of his book about being imprisoned during the Spanish Civil War Dialogue With Death. Now you can win a free copy at Readux through July 4th. For all the details click here