Stealing Hearts: chapter 31 (Zayn Malik Fanfiction)

NOTE: This was probably one of the most fun chapters to write. 

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Chapter 31

Harry POV

‘Oh, come on Evelyn.’ I growl to myself when my phone once again gives me her voicemail. Her apartment complex already comes in vision and I feel the need to calm myself down because I don’t know how I’m going to react finding her there. At this point I’m boiling with anger and I don’t know if I’m going to be able to contain myself when I meet her.

I told her not to go to her God damn apartment, but what does she decide to do after school? I literally cannot follow her way of thinking and I don’t want to either. The only thing I want is for her to realize that if people are actually looking for her, she cannot do things like this.

I wish I saw her text sooner and that I wasn’t in the studio, busy with lyrics, when she texted me she forgot something in her apartment. I wish I would have been able to call her instantly and tell her I would go with her or find another way not to let her go on her own.

But I didn’t see the message until an hour later, and since then she doesn’t seem to pick up her phone and my head doesn’t want to think about what’s the reason for that.

‘It’s here.’ I mumble, handing the taxi driver some money, before I jump out of the car and run into the apartment complex trying to call her for the ninth time. I don’t even bother taking the lift because that’s way too slow, so I go for the stairs, skipping three steps at the time believing it makes me go even faster.

When I reach her door, my heart drops seeing the forced lock, telling me something is very incredibly wrong here. I slowly push open the door, meeting the biggest mess in her little apartment. All the cabinets have been opened, chairs have been pushed over and all the stuff on the kitchen counter has been wiped all over the floor. It almost seems like people deliberately decided to make a mess of this. There is not even a structure in what they did. Why would you bother clashing down bottles of wine when you could rob a place.

The people in here didn’t come for material stuff. They came here for another purpose.

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'Countdown to Midnight' Kurtbastian one shot

Just a short funny fluffy drabble for the last Kurtbastian Hiatus project theme.

Sad to see it go. Going to miss it.

Enjoy this one shot for the theme: New Year.

Sebastian and his boyfriend Kurt attend a masquerade Party. Just before the ball drops where Sebastian and Kurt plan to kiss at midnight, they lose each other in the crowd. Sebastian see’s who he thinks is his boyfriend just before midnight but masks have a way of tricking people..

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accident-prone-assistant asked:

Alara it is then. I'm somewhat confused as to how the Phyrexians operate; I know they destroy planes like the Eldrazi, but how do they convert everything from flesh into a mixture of both metal and flesh? Not to mention, why?

 [Handing this over to my fiancé, because he knows the lore better than I do.  Buckle down for a long post, guys.]

Well, first off, I’m making the—possibly gratuitous (a word that I originally learned from Magic, incidentally)—assumption that you’re talking about New Phyrexia, rather than old Phyrexia.

Mind you, that assumption is entirely irrelevant, since I’m starting from the beginning, anyway, but I thought that it was good to get out of the way early.

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anonymous asked:

I just need help. And I want to do it on anon, because I feel comfortable this way. But I'm trans, (FTM) and I've been getting shit for my weight... Saying its gross that I'm trying to pull of TRANS while being fat. Like its some kind of fucking trend? I've been called a fat cunt, and that I'm just a pathetic girl who wants to be a boy. It's becoming a lot and I knew there was going to be people who wouldn't accept me-- but this is hurting me...


if anyone messes with you tell them hayden’s gonna give them these hands 

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