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Alan Stevens is an expert in reading people; what they are not saying, what they are attempting to conceal and how they are likely to behave in given situations. With over 30 years accumulating experience, and skills in training and coaching, counselling, psychometric profiling, neuro linguistic programming (NLP), body language, micro and subtle expressions and reading personality traits, Alan believes that all aspects of human relations and interactions are improved when you can read people accurately

Sometimes…no. ALL.TGE FUCKING TIME!!…I hate that I know things …i see things…i read people and situations to a “T” and down to the molecular level. I hate this information … makes me hurt more than anything ….because it knaws at my mind…now it knaws at my heart as well..
:’(:( Not sure if I’m going to cry or want to cry or if I’m not going to or don’t want to :’( :’(

This ise all the time….

Reading individuals personalities or lives~ don't.

You don’t just go fucking read people to themselves, generally the shit that’s pulled from the genius’ ass who’s claiming to ‘read’ you are false assumptions or little bullshit things they’ve gathered in a piss poor amount of time. It’s genuinely rude, and you ought not bother no matter how smart you might feel. Not cool.

psychology. / reading people?

so im assured my psych teacher is prepping us on how to stalk kids 101.

actually we’re learning how “read” people. so we pretty much just chose one person and write about their behavior and how they respond to others and ect. so im seriously sitting in two of my hours just watching this kid feeling like a total fucking creep. 11.30 touches face or someshit. and it just gets worse from there.  honestly it’s one of the most awkward projects because usually, i’m pretty good at reading expressions and ect. but i chose a pretty challenging person because this kid doesn’t show much emotion but i guess body language is key.  anyways don’t judge me you guys. he’s one of my good friends and i already told him about it. but i might just have to chose another person because i havn’t gotten social information yet. so if anyone’s done this assignment before, bro. help me out here. it’s a lot tougher than i thought.