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I've always been a big reader;

I used to read books all the time in high school. I love getting enveloped in a good series. The excitement and curiosity of what will happen next is the best feeling. It’s such an escape too, to be in a whole new world with so many different characters. And visualizing the lives of the characters compared to your own life. Getting so attached that you cry for the deaths of characters and also for their triumphs. And that feeling of completing a book/series that is overwhelming but also satisfactory.
Ever since college started, I haven’t had much time to read. I read the divergent series this past year (and some other requires books for class) but that’s about it. But now that summer is here I have time to read and I love it. I’m reading the maze runner series now; I’m about to start book 2.
I know this opinion isn’t shared, but I love when books are turned into movies. No matter how much the movie is off from the books, it’s an exciting thing. And it’s something to look forward to and something to put more images to the words we’ve all read. I always anticipate when the next one will come out (I’ve done that with the twilight series, the hunger games series, the divergent series, the fault in our stars, the Harry potter series, etc).
The fandoms are the greatest part. Knowing people feel the same way you do about the characters and the plots and everything revolving around certain books.
I’ll never regret spending money on books and I plan to continue reading until the day I die. My book shelves are covered with many different books; some I’ve read a million times and others I still have to delve into. And I’m looking forward to it.

Had a long day? Relax, Sit back. Put up your feet, Set your mind at ease. Grab a book, A really good book. A book that can make u smile…for quite a while. 😁😊 I just LOVE my #ShelSilverstein and #DrSeuss collection. Oh but there’s MORE! So much more you’ll wanna come on over & happily explore! πŸ“–πŸ“š (PS I made that up myself) haha! 😝😜 #greatbooks #readingMakesMeHappy