“Shut up with the ‘King’ crap, I’m here too!”

“I’m Hinata Shouyou, and I sprouted from that concrete.”

Reminder that the first time Hinata met the tallest person on his team, he straight up jumped over the guy, and snatched a volleyball out of the air above his head. He jumped more than 190 cm in the air. He then proceeded to assert his presence, and tell Tsukishima off for ignoring and underestimating him. Reminder that all this was because Tsukki was basically bullying Hinata’s rival (read “goal”). 

Reminder that when Hinata met arguably the best high school volleyball player in the prefecture (or was it the country?), he once again jumped and snatched a volleyball from the air and out of his reach, because Ushiwaka was trashtalking Aobajousai. The team that Karasuno’s been trying to beat all year, that Hinata’s seen first hand has all kinds of really skilled players, who Ushiwaka is talking about like dirt. Aobajousai is Karasuno’s current rival, Hinata’s current goal. And he won’t stand for Ushiwaka making them seem insignificant, anymore than he would if it were Kageyama. 

Reminder that canonically Hinata’s response to people belittling rivals that he looks up to (which is also by extension belittling him) is to just… jump over them. He just jumps impossibly high, grabs their volleyball from midair, and then tells them off, and says he’ll win. Like, the only thing he’s good at is jumping, so his strategy for intimidating people is to jump over them, and say a cool line when he lands.  And it works. How even. 

Reminder that Hinata Shouyou is 162.8 cm of bouncy sunshine and intensity and terror, who can almost definitely jump over your head while you’re standing up, who never gives up a fight even when he’s already lost, and won’t let anyone trashtalk him or his unbelievable ambitions. If that means defending his rivals, he won’t hesitate. If you don’t already respect Hinata to some degree, you should seriously consider it.

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Hi! I read your meta about juuzou and mama and you said mama "forced juuzou to live as another gender" I'm curious about this bc i actually haven't read the manga and the anime doesnt touch on this(or maybe I didn't pick up on it?) Is it a canon fact or a well supported headcanon? Thanks

Oh my, no, that’s is 100% canon fact. (I’m sure you’ve heard this before in this fandom, but if you’re able please ready the manga!)

So she had him cross dress, and then, to ensure that he would never develop his male secondary sex characteristics (body hair, deep voice, muscle, thicker skin, etc) she used a hammer to smash his genitals. That’s why he ooks (and sounds) so gender-ambiguous, and why he gets so upset (read, triggered) when people like Marude insult him for looking like a girl. (That particular trigger seems to be less active by :RE, as he cross dressed without a problem. Then again, it’s HIM cross dressing as part of a mission, not an insult, so we’ll see.)

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i didnt even know u watched lok

Oh hell yeah! I was real heavy in the ATLA fandom so when LoK came on I was still all for it! Toph is and always will be my favorite character from that show because Snarky, Sassy, OP little blind girl who kicks ass turned into a Snrky, Sassy OP old woman who STILL kicks ass

how can people think that the right thing for Dean to do was to actually kill Sam I cry just from reading those metas. 

in what universe this can be a good thing

Hey kitten cakes!

I just wanted to make a little post and say I’m sorry I’ve been rather sporadic and MIA lately. I know I’ve missed so much amazingness that has been posted, and more than that, I’ve been missing hanging out with all of you. Work/life has been particularly demanding lately, and it’s cutting into my time on here, which is really fucking rude if you ask me. Blah, blah, blah job I HAVE THINGS TO TUMBL LEAVE ME ALONE PLEASE.

Anyway, I am working on catching up on everything, reading fics and metas and finally turning and eye to my VERY neglected inbox. Please forgive me if I haven’t responded too much of anything lately, I’m the worst. Thanks so much for still following my crazy butt, and know that I am diligently working to get back into the swing of things.

Bear hugs and Eskimo kisses, 


Just sayin’

Every once in awhile I read some meta that makes me go… “Ew. Seriously?”

“THAT is what you predict and WANT this show to be? THOSE are the connections you’ve made? Just…. Ew. Stop.” You know, the kind of thing that just kind of sickens you and fills you with vague dread?

Then, I struggle not to reblog and express my full, unfiltered feelings, because… Ok. Nevermind.

But… Yeah. 


I Could Be Really Wrong About This

Okay, so I could be wrong about this. Like, really, really wrong, but I feel like this should be discussed.

I was making a ficlet spiel (x), and I used this gif in it:

And it made me realize something…


Cas may be fluent in two languages, but CAN CAS READ?

Stories matter. Many stories matter. Stories have been used to dispossess and to malign, but stories can also be used to empower and to humanize. Stories can break the dignity of people, but stories can also repair that broken dignity.
—  – Chimamanda Adichie: The danger of a single story.
Sam, Dean and PTSD

So travellerintime submitted this to me, with a permission to post it. I might add that Tess is a psychologist, so that’s how she analyze the boys this one of the reasons i love reading her meta so much. 

I would diagnose them both with PTSD. (by travellerintime

And as for Dean; Dean’s baseline is to blame himself. He consistently turns things inward which is a typical trait in people with depressive personalities. He can also quite easily go from this self blaming, passive state to a very active type of behavior. Excessive drinking,eating, fighting and fucking, Because of this I suspect Dean would be diagnosed with some sort of mood disorder. Most likely Bipolar II,where you have episodes of depression accompanied by hypomanic episodes which are less severe manic episodes. People in a hypomanic state are careless and arrogant but also charming, carefree and funny. He most likely also has a substance abuse diagnosis.

Sam too shows signs of having a depressive personality but without the hypomania.He does however seem to have a touch of obsessiveness to him.  I would also guess he falls somewhere on the dependent/avoidant personality disorder- or the borderline personality disorder spectrum, not sure if he would qualify for a diagnosis though. He is revenge driven, emotionally unstable and manipulative. He fights for his independence but at the same time he is unable to really function on his own. Fearing abandonment and once the abandonment is a fact he falls apart to an almost psychotic degree. He also seems to have the narcissistic rage that often is seen in people with bpd when they feel rejected or stepped on. Dean also has these traits but to the same extent.

The dependent/avoidant trait in Sam is there in the way he rather runs away than fight [edit: even if he’s perfectly capable of defending himself]. He doesn’t even defend himself when beaten by his brother unless he is under the influence of something. He didn’t even do it when he was soulless which, given his superior size and strength is notable.

Sam has this idea of himself as fundamentally bad where as Dean has an idea of himself as fundamentally worthless and they are both trying to compensate for this subjective “fact” resulting in overcompensation in both cases. Sam desperately trying to do the right thing and Dean just as desperately trying to make his life mean something, both to the point where it becomes destructive.

On top of all this you have the codependency. Now you don’t really need to be a shrink to see why these two would have trouble existing in a “normal” environment.

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what are some of your fave fics you've read recently? :D

The Single Biggest Problem With Communication by SakuraTsukikage ( R / 100.8k / 616 )

so SO good. it’s an epic length maximum pining and angst fic and it explores the aftermath of civil war and tony deleting his brain beautifully. kind of like reading the most beautiful meta about why these two could be so perfect for each other in the form of an extraordinary, and very very long, fic. not to mention the sex scenes are just ???? holy shit i don’t think i’ve ever read more gorgeous smut lmao

Toasted Buns by copperbadge, scifigirl47 ( R / 33.7k / MCU )

if you haven’t read this fic yet idk what to tell u man. it’s been out for a month and it’s already got 2k kudos so y’know. a collab between two of the huge fic giants in this fandom could be nothing but amazing. really smart, sharp and witty banter and slow build with UST that actually gets resolved!!

All That Glitters (Is Definitely Gold) by mirrorneurons ( M / 1k / MCU )

hilarious. and sweet. and very funny. this fic needs a gazillion kudos tbh.

How To Be a Truly Terrible Wingman by Wordsplat ( R / 11.7k / MCU )

hatesex to love and sO MUCH FREAKING FUN oh my god. the banter is so on point and all the misunderstandings/angst/pining that ensues is beautifully written. will reread at least 10 more times in the near future.

The Silence In-Between by Winterstar ( R / 129.8k / MCU / AU )

there are times when you stumble on those fics that just. leave you thoroughly fucked up after you’ve read them they’re so damn good and so soul-crushingly sad. this fic is one of those fics. it’s a dystopian au and very heavy with tons of dark themes so tread carefully but the world-building in this fic is honestly amazing. that’s one of the first things i look for in an original au and this author does it all sO believably and fantastically. it is still a WIP right now and if you start it, it’s going to be v. depressing v. soon but i promise you do get pay-off!

Hard Reset by Kiyaar ( R / 8.8k / 616 )

NOT A FIX-IT. not a fix-it. oh my god. i found this while going through ‘fix it’ fics on ao3 and je sus chRIST. it’s so good. but it will rip your heart out and stomp it into little tiny pieces and then keep going. (…….there has been possible talk of a sequel.)

Hold On Let Go by gracerene ( R / 2.8k / MCU )

sex in a barn. very hot sex in a barn.

When I Speak I Cross My Fingers by Sineala ( R / 1.7k / 616 )

tHE FIC WE ALL SECRETLY WANTED WHERE SIM!TONY MEETS STEVE BUT IT’S ALL TERRIBLE AND TRAGIC AND j fc. i’m so compromised by everything this fic is. it’s so wonderful. their sim!tony is terrifying and beautiful and stEVE. poor steve. i ju st. read this fic.

better to have loved and lost by laireshi ( R / 1.6k / 616 )

where are my fix-its i whisper as all of my favorite 616 authors continue to write TOTALLY NOT FIX-ITS with soul-crushing angst and more pain.

Morning Glory by mirrorneurons ( R / 2k / 616 )

and to round out this list, some gorgeous domestic fluff and one of my fave fics of this year possibly. starring caroljess my other otp to end all otps and tons of gorgeous, sweet superhusbands being superhusbands.

Things I love about Supernatural:

  • the cast
  • 80% of the fandom
  • most of the characters
  • the conventions
  • the gag reel
  • basically all the fun we can have
  • discussing what could be / reading meta
  • the fact it had an impact on my life and has saved people
  • fond memories

Things I hate about Supernatural:

  • the canon show now
  • it’s assassination of it’s characters
  • bad writing and poorly executed storytelling
  • the fact that TPTB do not see it’s decline 
  • seeing something you loved get totally ruined 
Fury Road

I just went to see Mad Max: Fury Road after 2 weeks of it being EVERYWHERE ON MY DASH. 


It’s particularly refreshing to see men and women just treated equally, like it’s no big thing.  Usually in action movies only the main character gets those “slow zoom-spin around their face as the background noise fades to silence” dramatic moments where the camera is clearly taking on the main character’s POV. But in Fury Road that happened to not only women, but actually Rad Biker Grandma.  :DDD

- Furiosa.  Wow.  Her prosthetic arm portrayed as a tool that assists her but that she’s perfectly competent without.   Furiosa having a rich backstory that drives no only her own character arc but the plot of the whole story.   (Compared to backstories in other films that are trotted out just to create moments of vulnerability, or in the case of Laura in AoU, not at all.)  Furiosa making the hero decisions time and again.  Furiosa throwing herself into danger to protect others.  Furiosa standing strong alone but standing stronger with others.  I basically want to know everything about Furiosa and her becoming an Imperator and her 7000 days.

- Max as the classic type of wanderer/loner who encounters a situation, does an assist, and then moves on.  Makes my wuxia-loving heart all a-flutter.  All that talk about Max being the reluctant hero?  I feel like he’s been positioned as the side-observer/narrator from the get-go.   (Also reminds me of Kino no Tabi, but I’m sure the story lineage goes the other way)

- The Five Wives having distinctive consistent personalities, not being afraid to get their hands dirty, and wearing their clothes like they’re clothes and not just for tittilation.  Of course I love Toast the most. 

- Nux has proven that my love for underdeveloped side characters doesn’t just apply to women.  

- Help I love all the vehicles?  Especially the war rig?  I love how Furiosa giving others control of her war rig is her way of saying “I trust you.”  And the war music truck: because why wouldn’t you want your own moving soundtrack?

And the action and plotting were so tightly woven.  There’s really no wasted shots.  The action is frenetic without being chaotic.  There wasn’t any disorienting shaky-cam or wire-fu shots, and I *loved* the slightly sped-up style that they establish in the first action scene.  Max and Nux and Furiosa having distinctive fighting styles

Okay, I’ve run out of gushing for the non-spoilered portion.

Keep reading

Time to talk about Nedcy.

Alright. Sea of Darkness is out and many of us have finished it. I have seen a fairly polarizing divide within the fandom regarding Ned in this game. So I’m gonna talk about that (+ the series as a whole.)

It is… pretty clear from my blog that I’m anti-Ned most of the time. I just really dislike him. He irritates me and most of the time I feel like he’s a waste of space. So I know you all were expecting me to dislike his arc in SEA and yeah, well, I do. But it’s a lot more than just my personal character preference. It’s not like I think Ned is absolutely worthless. Like, I ship him with Deirdre and I really like the idea of them as a couple. I feel like Ned might actually be much more entertaining if he and Nancy were just buddies. When they joke around and just act like friends, I’m so much more at ease. And his character becomes infinitely more interesting to me when he’s pitted against anyone but Nancy (for example: when he was a joint phone character with Bess in Ghost of Thornton Hall.) But I hardly ever get to see him interact with ANYONE besides Nancy. When they are one-on-one I am infinitely bored, and 99% of the time, that’s all I get from him.

Part of me thinks that Her Interactive feels stuck in the Nedcy relationship. They kind of just… made him her boyfriend in the original games and didn’t think twice about it. Generally speaking, their relationship is not questioned and it is fairly unchanging. Take Phantom of Venice, for example: Nancy walks around toting this precious locket Ned bought her. Colin obviously has a crush on her but she brushes it off, telling him about her boyfriend and then calling Ned and having boring, amicable discussions with him. This is pretty much how it is for twenty. three. games. We had pleasant, calm, textbook adorable interactions between the two of them. Nothing happens. They just… are.

Until Captive Curse comes along and throws everyone for a loop. Nancy and Ned have… a… fight??!? Couples have arguments? What? Honestly, the argument between Nancy and Ned in CAP makes a lot of sense to me and they resolve it pretty well. The more interesting part of this game, in my opinion, is the introduction of Frank as a possible love interest for Nancy. This is emphasized even more in The Deadly Device. I think they have obvious chemistry. At the very least, the Her Interactive team was toying with Frank having feelings for Nancy. And it’s not a new idea for suspects to be romantically interested in her. Colin in VEN and Dave in SHA both express an interest in Nancy. She’s never been available to reciprocate but what if she was? I’m really in favor of this possibility!! But first we have to look at this Ned situation again.

The Silent Spy is probably the best Nedcy game out there. Again, I’m not massively happy about Ned’s existence but I will concede that their relationship is strong and this is truly the only game where I see them as a couple. They aren’t facing problems like in CAP and SEA, but they aren’t sitting in a static relationship either. Instead I actually feel growth and substance to them as a couple in SPY whereas in the other games I get nothing. I’d be more keen to the idea of Ned and Nancy dating throughout the rest of the series if their relationship was always like this, but it’s not. SPY is–so far–a one-time achievement.

If anything, I am usually noticing details about Nancy and Ned’s relationship that really makes me think they aren’t compatible. Ned tells Nancy in HAU that he literally can’t have fun without her. He depends on her in this weird, unhealthy way. And Nancy is not there for him. Not ever. There have been multiple games where she’s written notes to herself in her journal that she has to remember to call Ned. It’s like… he’s not a priority for her while she is everything to him and I hate that. I hate that so much. It’s not balanced and it’s not normal and it’s not healthy.

It needs to be said that Ned is not Nancy Drew’s boyfriend throughout all the books. I want to make that clear. She dates different guys throughout the original series as well as spin off book series. He’s often her main squeeze, so I understand why Her wrote him as her boyfriend in the games. I get that. At the same time though, it would not be going against book canon if Nancy dated other guys. Not at all. But I feel like Her has dug themselves into a hole.

It’s like… they have kept Ned and Nancy as a couple for so long that it would be weird if Nancy just started things with another dude. If Her wanted Nancy to explore any other dating scenarios, they would have to actually break Nedcy up and I don’t know if they are willing to do that. I think most of the fandom ships the two of them together and if they actually ended things, there would be outrage and rioting, etc etc.

What I’m kind of concerned about is why they are devoting so much attention to their relationship now. The Nedcy arc in SEA was a pretty decent slice of the game, all things considered. I guess I can finally talk about this now. Maybe you thought it was cute. I was profoundly uncomfortable. I think maybe the dysfunction in Nancy and Ned’s relationship is meant to be humorous, but I am always left feeling awful about them. Ned calls Nancy thinking they are about to meet up for an anniversary dinner and she literally forgot. Had no idea it even was their anniversary. She got the call to go to Iceland and left without telling him. If I were dating someone for years and they did this to me, I would be shell shocked, honestly. I would probably need to hang up on them and cry. Missing an anniversary, I can understand, but only if they told me about it in advance. And if I found out–at any point in time, let alone on our anniversary–that my long-term partner had left the country without bothering to tell me about it, I would feel betrayed and unimportant and unloved. That’s so fucked up. I get that it’s a running gag, but… the rest of Ned’s storyline in SEA is (I think) meant to be taken pretty seriously! He calls Nancy repeatedly and is genuinely panicked about talking to her and then gives this huge speech about being in love with her. Everyone who has played the game thought he was going to propose to her.

What the fuck??? Honestly??????

I have so many issues with this entire situation. First of all, Ned is getting hurt by Nancy and he represses it. He brushes it off like it’s no big deal. It is a big deal, Ned. In SPY, Nancy asks him if she’s ever missed a date. He responds, “yes all the time.” (again, oh ha ha ha Nancy is a flaky gf, how funny.) Then she asks “how about something really important to you,” and he says “no.” To me, Nancy has crossed that line now. This was obviously important to Ned and he just pretends it wasn’t. Maybe he was even lying about his answer back in SPY, who knows. Nancy has really fucked up her trust with Ned but he doesn’t really get upset with her. Instead, he does the exact opposite and tries to move their relationship a step forward. This is awkward and sloppy to me. It’s incongruous. And because of that, it doesn’t feel genuine. It doesn’t feel like it’s for the right reasons.

Ned’s speech to Nancy is this painful leap of desperation. It’s like Ned is trying to cover up Nancy’s huge misstep by just HURLING himself over this gap in their relationship and hoping he lands on the other side, effectively covering it all up and putting it behind them. But it doesn’t really work that way. There are so many wrong things about the way Ned interacted with Nancy in this game. He calls her completely on edge and then hangs up on her and won’t answer her when she tries to call him back. Nancy literally thinks someone is threatening him or trying to hurt him. Scaring her and then ignoring her is so manipulative and rude. I’m so angry that he did that to Nancy. He doesn’t even text her something like “I’m fine. Will call later.” When he finally does call her back, then he piles on this huge gesture about how he loves her?

It… I… what…? To me, it felt like he was cornering Nancy into the relationship. Like he experienced a flash of fear that he might be losing her and then felt like he needed to sink his claws into it. I think someone else (Basia maybe?) pointed out that the speech itself was actually pretty sweet, but the circumstances soured it a lot. I agree–I read the stuff he said out of context after I had finished the game, and I didn’t even recognize it. The words themselves were pretty lovely. But I wasn’t paying attention to the dialogue because it was such a weird and painful situation. The way Ned led up to this speech was wrong. The fact that he did this over the phone while Nancy was in another country away was massively wrong. (I’m not even going to go into the fact that they have used the L-word with each other before in other games and that if this is meant to be the first time Ned’s saying this to her, it should have happened probably years ago and in person. This has been discussed by other people. But yeah.

Here’s what I find interesting though– Nancy has the option to tell Ned she doesn’t know how she feels about him. This intrigues me. I’m wondering if maybe in the future, we’re going to have similar options?? Maybe in an upcoming game, we can call Ned and have decision to go on a break with him. Nedcy shippers can happily choose not to. But the rest of us could actually explore what it would be like for Nancy to admit to having feelings for another person. For Nancy to tell Dave “no I don’t have a steady back home,” for her to say “sure, Grigor, I’d be open to more than friendship.” The freedom for Nancy to have flirty banter with whomever she pleases? The option for Nancy to just be single and focus on her cases without romantic attachment whatsoever??!!? I would be so down for that.

Otherwise, I don’t know where Her is going with this. We’re stuck in this perpetual state of either getting a boring, stagnant relationship, or this new trend of having Nancy and Ned actually experience some sort of conflict and resolution–which, let’s be real, would also get tedious. I don’t foresee either lending themselves positively to the plot of the games. There is honestly not much more development they can give Nedcy and I’m confused about why they are starting to pay so much attention to adding forced plotlines of their relationship to the games. If they do decide to have Ned propose like we all thought he was doing, I will probably have to hurl myself into the void. I know couples who have been together since high school and have since grown too-comfortable and unconsciously disenchanted with their relationship. Those people don’t compel me in real life and they don’t compel me when it’s Ned and Nancy.

Reading Birds of Prey has been a lot of fun in general but I also love seeing this side of Dinah. Like prior to this most of my experience of her came from her either from animation or from some of the Green Arrow comics I’ve read (including the Green Arrow and Black Canary run), and it’s not that Dinah is overly different it’s just more so how she’s portrayed.

Because frankly that girl is a mess in the best way possible. She’s just as confident as she is in the other comics, but in the other comics where she doesn’t take front and center she’s treated similarly to how Batman is, almost untouchable (though not to the extent he is). Dinah is one of the most skilled and competent heroes in the DC universe, and is generally respected as such by the rest of the heroing community, often taking on leadership roles or such as in the Young Justice cartoon, the role of mentor.

The first volume of Birds of Prey takes place following the death of Ollie and leaves Dinah somewhat of a mess. Working with Oracle helps bring her back to her old self, and you really get to see her in all of her glory. Her messy, flirty, overly impulsive glory. She often flirts to get what she wants, is always dropping a movie reference or wryly commenting on insignificant things, and often finds herself in ridiculous situations, even for that of a superhero, including some Hal Jordan worthy messy romances such as a brief engagement to Ra’s al Ghul.

I don’t know, I just enjoy seeing this character her previously I’d only really gotten to see as a character who reigns everyone else’s crazy in (such as with Green Arrow or the Team in Young Justice) be messy as hell while still retaining her skills.

Grant Ward: Cool motive, still murder.

I’m impressed with what they’ve done with Ward this season. Every time Kara parrots back Ward’s “tragic history” about his family and Garrett it’s like reading a meta post from a Ward apologist. Then the show strips away the bullshit and shows through staging, acting, and dialogue that these excuses are just that–excuses.

Ward is a carefully crafted subversion of the villain redeemed-by-love trope. On paper Ward appears no different than Killian Jones, Damon Salvatore, John Murphy, Klaus Michaelson, Regina Mills, Peter Hale, The Master (DW), Vegeta, Spike, Angel, or even (I’m sorry I have to say it) Prince Zuko.

He talks endlessly about how he’s misunderstood or not to blame because of the wrongs done to him. He uses that storyline to manipulate the people around him into letting their guard down. Despite claiming to have loved Skye, he continues to hurt her friends and coworkers. Everything is song and dance theater as he duplicates what was done to him back into others, all the while claiming he wishes he could be better or that someday he will be.

This is like…really kind of impressive. It’s a big middle finger to the cliche of a woobifiied villain. They’re basically saying all of fandom’s sad regretful Loki / Rumpelstilskin / Snape apologist headcanons are BULLSHIT.

That’s, like, really fucking bold. I say this as someone who even likes that trope. This is a bold deconstruction of viewer/author/fandom overt favoritism for villainous male characters (usually white) who “could” be better “if only you gave them an opportunity to change their ways.”

Now that the finale has ended the way it has for Ward (which I’m not happy with–he should have been the one to die), it seems as if he’s stepping up to full time professional Hydra villainy, while still maintaining this self-delusion about attaining “closure”.

There will be no redemption for Grant Ward. He will never regain the team’s trust or Coulson’s. He’ll do what villains often do: join a corrupt organization and commit himself to using it to achieve his own selfish and murderous ends. There will be no great Romeo & Juliet love story with Skye, because Skye’s graduated about 14 levels in her personal development and will never need Ward again, nor fear him again. All that’s left for Ward at this point is a future of murder, pain, and lies, despite all the opportunities he was given to walk away.

There will never be closure, because this is who Ward has always been, and time and time again this is where he has knowingly chosen to be.

anonymous asked:

I'm a bit uncomfortable with the concept of "the author is dead", but perhaps I'm misinterpreting. I feel like it's saying that once you share something you wrote and created with someone else, you no longer own what you've created, and it's out there for anyone to change and take apart and make it whatever they want it to be, and you don't have the right to object or be upset because it isn't yours anymore. Can you help me understand? This makes me very nervous to share my own creations.

oh gosh i find myself so conflicted with the author is dead but i’m not entirely sure if it’s because i’m not getting the full picture since we devoted like ten minutes talking about it in english class


i have a queued post later on talking about readers and texts and authors that you might find of interest though it’s mostly just ???? because i find all the models i’ve heard about (which you know, considering the education i received, lollerskates, means shit) deeply unsatisfying

Here is an excerpt from the wiki entry

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I just read a super great meta about how the whole ‘sacrifice’ Elena made wasn’t even a sacrifice because there was no choice involved, the situation just happened, and how the eff can you consider not making your BFF get murdered to solve your problem a sacrifice? But one of the points they made was that an actual sacrifice would’ve been Kai making Bonnie and Elena choose which one of them was going to ‘sleep’ for the next century or whatever. 

And that just got me thinking about how that whole situation would play out, and oh my God, it’s so much better? Like obviously we all knew Nina was leaving, so the end result would’ve been somewhat spoiled, but this would’ve been a far more engaging way to play the situation for a number of reasons, the first of which being it’s way more of a mind-fuck. Like did Kai really think Damon would kill Bonnie? Did he really think he was putting everyone in this super tough situation where they’d actually consider killing Bonnie to cut Elena’s nap short? No way, dude. That would’ve been such character regression and made everyone horrible. 

The real way to force tension and serious conflict would’ve been for Kai to say ‘here’s a fun game: one of you has to go into a coma for however long the other lives. I don’t care who - it’s up to you guys, but you have till midnight to decide. If you don’t, you both die. Have fun!’ Because there, I could see a legitimately hard choice. There, I could see everyone kind of looking at Bonnie because Elena’s in love and just became human and Bonnie’s always been the one to sacrifice herself, but on the other hand Bonnie just got her life back and is finally recognizing the value of it and for once just really, really doesn’t fucking want to sacrifice anything anymore. Like THINK about how that would play on Bonnie’s insecurities. Think about how it would put the selfless heroic part of her with the newfound self-worth into violent conflict in her mind? Elena is in love and finally found stable happiness - she has her brother and Damon and her pre-med track and she just became human - but on the other hand, Bonnie just found herself, too. She just went to Hell and back. She’s died so many times, almost killed herself (on purpose this time), and fought the hardest she’s ever fought to live another day. And now the first thing she has to do is go into a coma. 

It’d be waaaay more high-stakes and way more evenly matched, and imagine DAMON in all of this. His girlfriend who he loves more than anything, or his best friend who deserves to live more than anyone? And everyone else is trying to give their input but really just don’t know what to say, and the clock is ticking, and finally, when Elena shows up at Bonnie’s door and Bonnie just takes a deep breath because as much as she wants to live for herself, her selfless instinct to protect is still there, Elena immediately goes, “I’m doing it.” And when Bonnie goes to protest, she just cuts her off with a, “You’ve given up so much for me. Let me do this. I need to do this. And I need you to promise me you won’t feel guilty and you’ll live an incredible life, because it’s the closest I can ever get to saying thank you.” TALK ABOUT A BELENA SCENE I COULD GET BEHIND, MAN. AND THEN THEY HAVE THE FEATHER GOODBYE JUST WRECK ME RIGHT THERE. 

And the Bamon feels there would’ve come from Bonnie and Damon having avoided each other all episode, not knowing what the other’s thinking, Damon trapped between two people he cares about, Bonnie struggling with justifying her unshakeable impulse to be the one that lives first, etc, and then once Elena makes her choice, Bonnie’s positive that Damon was going to resent her and gets prematurely angry about it. And instead, when they finally get a moment, Damon’s calm. Sad, but calm. And when Bonnie, who’s steeled and defensive and prepared to be hurt by his inevitable lash-out and what it implies about her worth to him, sees that he gives her a sad sort of half-smile instead, stare fixed out the window, her defenses buckle and she slowly walks over and sits next to him. After a beat, she asks a low, even-voiced, “Are you mad at me?” He gives a slow, distant shake of his head. “Nah.” She glances down, thinking about this for a second. Then, “Are you mad at Elena?” He doesn’t respond at first, and she glances up to read his face. It’s resigned, more than anything, and after a beat, he gives a hazy shrug. “I can’t be.” Bonnie frowns, puzzled by the answer, and he finally switches his gaze to meet hers. It’s sad, simple, but nakedly honest. “Would’ve done the same thing.”

I.E. IF IT WAS BETWEEN HIM AND BONNIE HE WOULD’VE LET BONNIE LIVE HER LIFE AND PUT HIS ON HOLD. LIKE HOW GREAT WOULD THAT HAVE BEEN? AND CANON-SEEMING? GIVEN ALL THEIR DEVELOPMENT? Because like honestly, if he literally had to pick between Elena and Bonnie, I think at this stage he’d obviously choose Elena. It’s his obsession girlfriend, you know? But were it between him getting his guaranteed fairytale with Elena or Bonnie getting to live the life she deserves more than anyone, I think he’d actually choose Bonnie. And that’s why this alternate ending would’ve slayed me. Like completely.

But maybe that’s just me.

anonymous asked:

didnt robbie say they arent allowed to read fanfic cause of ..? copyright?? or so lol i think the same would apply to meta wouldnt it?

I don’t think they’re the same at all? He can’t read fanfic because if he were ever to write an episode that someone thought ripped off their fanfic, there might be legal entanglements. But meta is something completely different. No one would sue Robbie for writing an episode that validated their meta. They would congratulate themselves on having gotten their prediction right. :)

I’m pretty sure someone reported hearing Robbie say that people tweet him links to meta sometimes and he enjoys reading it. And his episode Fan Fiction made it perfectly clear that he has read meta. He simply could not have written that episode otherwise.