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I have read your meta Hannibal about Bryan Fuller and Hannibal. Bryan Fuller and the Hannibal Crew used exactly the same Queerbaiting strategy like many other series and showrunner. The other heterosexuals ships like Hannibloom and probably soon Hannibal and Bedelia are also unhealthy and a bad representation for healthy relationships, but they are canon. The only difference between the unhealthy Hannigram relationship and unhealthy Hannibloom relationship is that Hannibloom is not gay.

Same anon here. Bryan Fuller said multiple times in different interviews he’s trying to explore one hetero-friendship and making the relationship sex would be bad for gay representation. If Bryan Fuller talks to media und not-Hannibalfans about Hannigram, he says that Hannibal and Will have a heterosexual friendship and Hannibal and Will are heterosexual men. If Bryan Fuller talks to Hannibal fans about Hannigram he says Hannibal and Will have a romance without sex. That’s Queerbaiting.

If Bryan Fuller and the other Hannibal Crew really want to show not a bad gay representation, then Margot Verger never had sex with Will Graham. But I think Bryan Fuller, the whole Hannibal team, NBC and other people are only interested in the protection of male heterosexuality in Hannibal, because they have not protected Margot Vergers homosexuality. I do not understand why you still defend this. My message is not a hateful message,but only criticism. I am curious whether you publish my answer.

You’re the person who was up in arms over queerbaiting and Margot last September, or whenever it was, aren’t you? The one who decided that Margot would never get a girlfriend? If not, you sound a lot alike. Now that we don’t have that to complain about anymore, it’s on to other things?

The only reason I wouldn’t publish your answer would be if it were full of boring hate (it’s not) or if I haven’t the time or inspiration to answer (I do) or if you’d disregarded some aspect of communicating with me that I ask people to respect, which in your case included:


  • Just so we’re clear, I’m NOT going to write every opinion I have about every  detail in this whole thing. So if someone wants to discuss this with me, please limit it to the points I’ve contained herein, and do not assume you know what I think about other aspects of the issue just because I’m kind of taking down these particular five claims. (from the post itself)

Oh, wait! You did disregard these.

Because you haven’t done ether of these–you have neither backed up your opinion, nor kept yourself from jumping WILDLY to conclusions–I’m going to respond rather shortly–both in content and in tone–to your claims. 

Forewarned is forearmed, and for the sake of my followers, I really want to make sure everyone understands before reading this I’m not going to try to be nice in this answer. I’m not going out of my way to be mean, but I’m not trying to protect anyone’s sensitive feelings, either.

My apologies to people on mobile who can’t skip the read more. Just scroll quickly. Sorry.

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“Shut up with the ‘King’ crap, I’m here too!”

“I’m Hinata Shouyou, and I sprouted from that concrete.”

Reminder that the first time Hinata met the tallest person on his team, he straight up jumped over the guy, and snatched a volleyball out of the air above his head. He jumped more than 190 cm in the air. He then proceeded to assert his presence, and tell Tsukishima off for ignoring and underestimating him. Reminder that all this was because Tsukki was basically bullying Hinata’s rival (read “goal”). 

Reminder that when Hinata met arguably the best high school volleyball player in the prefecture (or was it the country?), he once again jumped and snatched a volleyball from the air and out of his reach, because Ushiwaka was trashtalking Aobajousai. The team that Karasuno’s been trying to beat all year, that Hinata’s seen first hand has all kinds of really skilled players, who Ushiwaka is talking about like dirt. Aobajousai is Karasuno’s current rival, Hinata’s current goal. And he won’t stand for Ushiwaka making them seem insignificant, anymore than he would if it were Kageyama. 

Reminder that canonically Hinata’s response to people belittling rivals that he looks up to (which is also by extension belittling him) is to just… jump over them. He just jumps impossibly high, grabs their volleyball from midair, and then tells them off, and says he’ll win. Like, the only thing he’s good at is jumping, so his strategy for intimidating people is to jump over them, and say a cool line when he lands.  And it works. How even. 

Reminder that Hinata Shouyou is 162.8 cm of bouncy sunshine and intensity and terror, who can almost definitely jump over your head while you’re standing up, who never gives up a fight even when he’s already lost, and won’t let anyone trashtalk him or his unbelievable ambitions. If that means defending his rivals, he won’t hesitate. If you don’t already respect Hinata to some degree, you should seriously consider it.

I Could Be Really Wrong About This

Okay, so I could be wrong about this. Like, really, really wrong, but I feel like this should be discussed.

I was making a ficlet spiel (x), and I used this gif in it:

And it made me realize something…


Cas may be fluent in two languages, but CAN CAS READ?

Stories matter. Many stories matter. Stories have been used to dispossess and to malign, but stories can also be used to empower and to humanize. Stories can break the dignity of people, but stories can also repair that broken dignity.
—  – Chimamanda Adichie: The danger of a single story.
The most significant moment is surely the end of their showdown on the helicarrier, when Steve finally gives up. For the first time ever, he backs down from a fight. Why? Well, he certainly can’t bring himself to kill Bucky. But there’s also the fact that fighting Bucky no longer serves any purpose. Steve doesn’t really have anything to live for if Bucky doesn’t remember him

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What do you think about people saying that Cosima is being childish and immature this season?

oh god, i’ll try to keep this relatively short, but i completely disagree. i want to preface this by saying that i do consider cosima’s nature to be somewhat childish at times–or, well, i’m not sure that’s exactly the word i’m looking for (she’s very much an adult, who makes conscious decisions, regardless of whether or not they’re wise ones in retrospect) but there’s certainly elements of…pettiness (?) or spitefulness to her personality that have come into play multiple times in the past. that being said, most of the criticisms of cosima i’ve seen re: her “childishness” this season have been in reference to how difficult she’s made things for delphine, which…honestly, i’m not sure why that argument is even on the table in the first place, because it’s just patently unfair.

i think part of the issue here is that people aren’t very good at looking at delphine through an objective lens. i can understand that, to an extent, since delphine is an extremely important character to me–but as far as i’m concerned, painting her as blameless only does the complexity of her character a disservice. and the truth of the matter is that delphine has not treated cosima with kindness and consideration. yes, we as an audience know that delphine loves cosima, and that she wants to keep her safe–but the ends never justify the means. in her quest to cure cosima, delphine knowingly crossed boundaries cosima very explicitly laid out for her, not once but multiple times. she very deliberately decided that she valued her desire to keep cosima alive over cosima’s right to choose. i’ve seen some people insist that delphine’s actions are forgivable because her eventual end-goal is cosima’s physical well-being, but that’s so extremely far from true. in fact, the importance of autonomy was easily one of the most important themes of the second season. 

of course, this isn’t the first time delphine has lied to or otherwise manipulated cosima (even if cosima was fully aware before entering into a relationship with her that delphine was her monitor, delphine didn’t know cosima was aware of that–and we have to keep in mind that delphine was the kind of person who was willing to spy to suit her own ambitions; from her very first appearance, delphine exhibited a troublingly machiavellian attitude) and judging by the latest episode, it won’t be the last. there have been plenty of rumors circulating about why delphine is tracking cosima and who she sent to do it, but the fact remains that she is doing it. two seasons’ worth of knowingly causing cosima anguish as a result of her actions, and she’s still behaving in essentially the same way. 

and ultimately, even putting aside their complicated history, we need to keep in mind that delphine is currently occupying rachel’s seat at DYAD. now, consider this from cosima’s perspective: the woman who was hired to spy on you, the woman who spent the past few months making medical decisions on your behalf knowing full well you would disapprove, shows up at your door and announces that she’ll be filling the position of your former worst enemy. why on earth would she share the cure with delphine? it’s been ages since they’ve last spoken, and delphine is being extremely distant and withholding. more importantly, since DYAD is the only place where cosima can access the technology she needs to stay healthy, delphine (who, again, has a history of handling cosima’s medical care very selfishly and irresponsibly) has her dangling on a string. cosima’s life is at stake here, so why would she reveal her only trump card unless she felt there was no other option? 

Sam, Dean and PTSD

So travellerintime submitted this to me, with a permission to post it. I might add that Tess is a psychologist, so that’s how she analyze the boys this one of the reasons i love reading her meta so much. 

I would diagnose them both with PTSD. (by travellerintime

And as for Dean; Dean’s baseline is to blame himself. He consistently turns things inward which is a typical trait in people with depressive personalities. He can also quite easily go from this self blaming, passive state to a very active type of behavior. Excessive drinking,eating, fighting and fucking, Because of this I suspect Dean would be diagnosed with some sort of mood disorder. Most likely Bipolar II,where you have episodes of depression accompanied by hypomanic episodes which are less severe manic episodes. People in a hypomanic state are careless and arrogant but also charming, carefree and funny. He most likely also has a substance abuse diagnosis.

Sam too shows signs of having a depressive personality but without the hypomania.He does however seem to have a touch of obsessiveness to him.  I would also guess he falls somewhere on the dependent/avoidant personality disorder- or the borderline personality disorder spectrum, not sure if he would qualify for a diagnosis though. He is revenge driven, emotionally unstable and manipulative. He fights for his independence but at the same time he is unable to really function on his own. Fearing abandonment and once the abandonment is a fact he falls apart to an almost psychotic degree. He also seems to have the narcissistic rage that often is seen in people with bpd when they feel rejected or stepped on. Dean also has these traits but to the same extent.

The dependent/avoidant trait in Sam is there in the way he rather runs away than fight [edit: even if he’s perfectly capable of defending himself]. He doesn’t even defend himself when beaten by his brother unless he is under the influence of something. He didn’t even do it when he was soulless which, given his superior size and strength is notable.

Sam has this idea of himself as fundamentally bad where as Dean has an idea of himself as fundamentally worthless and they are both trying to compensate for this subjective “fact” resulting in overcompensation in both cases. Sam desperately trying to do the right thing and Dean just as desperately trying to make his life mean something, both to the point where it becomes destructive.

On top of all this you have the codependency. Now you don’t really need to be a shrink to see why these two would have trouble existing in a “normal” environment.

Long post coming up, but I’m not putting a read-more on it because the font on my blog is terrible. Also, if you read the whole thing, I spent hours writing this please talk to me about it.

So I was thinking about the Mortis arc in the Clone Wars, in particular about the dysfunctional embodiment-of-the-Force family.

Obviously the Daughter and the Son are the personifications of the light and dark sides of the Force, but the Son, at least before he went pyscho, didn’t strike me as an evil character. Sure, he was volatile, and as a result of being the embodiment of the dark side eventually tried to manipulate Anakin, but I found that his actions were kind of justified? (Not the killing Ahsoka part, that was unacceptable, but he was trying to escape a controlling environment, like a certain trash bag Jedi. It’s just that they both went too far.)

Also, I was thinking about the Father’s insistence that Anakin had to stay behind to control the Son and Daughter because he was the Chosen One. It’s just I don’t think that he was correct about that. Not that Anakin wasn’t the Chosen One, I believe that he was, but I don’t think he was ever supposed to be the one who balanced the two Force siblings.

Although Anakin is a good person- at least until he devolves into a murdering Sith- the majority of his decisions are not driven by typical Jedi light-side values. They are driven by dark-side values, based upon Anakin’s wish to keep particular people safe, not necessarily ‘people’ in general. According to the Jedi, putting singular lives over a planet, or a concept as a whole, is defined as ‘attachment’. This in turn is recognised by the Jedi order to be from the dark side. As a Jedi, Anakin is supposed to think of people as a whole, republic and separatist, not as individual beings whom he feels loyal to separately.

Was there a Force-user who said that one did not have to be evil to use the dark side? This is thinking of the grey Jedi, who used both sides in balance, and were not considered evil. So, if the grey Jedi were not evil, the Jedi order was not evil, doesn’t this mean that those who purely use the dark-side are not evil either? More corruptible, certainly, but not evil.

(Believe it or not, this is going to turn back around to address why I started talking about the Son and Daughter.)

The light-side of the Force is not evil, but neither is the dark-side. Stemming from my own personal beliefs, an object cannot be ‘evil’ unless it is made to be so by a person. It can do evil things, but is not, in itself, evil. Neither is it good.

Despite the fact the dark and light sides are not evil, they are, however, different, and can both be used for good and evil, but only when in balance. (This is why I admire the grey Jedi.) However, when the dark and light are used in excess, they can lead to evil. Passion is not evil, and neither is the sort of logical removal of emotions. Passion in this case means that one values individual people over a population as a whole, while the sort of apathy the Jedi order values allows the Jedi to put a whole over individuals. Neither of these are evil points of view; in fact both are admirable. But passion to the extremes is very dangerous, which does lead to anger and the emotions the Jedi condemn, as is apathy, which can lead to callous indifference which can be just as harmful.

I think it’s very reasonable to suggest that a dark-sider could be good, just as a light-sider could be bad. I think that detachment in an evil person, despite it being a Jedi quality, is just as bad as evil driven by passion. “Thinking of the bigger picture, I’m going to blow up this nuclear reactor because, even though everyone in the vicinity will die either quick painful deaths, or much slower and agonising deaths, it’ll be doing the world good.” (Think the Samuel L. Jackson’s character in Kingsman: The Secret Service), as opposed to “I’m going to murder this person because they murdered my friend, and I feel the need for revenge.”

Both the light and dark side are more greyish than specific shades; really, the only difference are the traits that are valued by each ‘side’. Passion and peace, etc. This is why I think the grey Jedi had far better ideals than the Sith and the ‘light’ Jedi. They could examine the bigger picture and they could place value in individual beings. 

So, the Son is a dark-side being, powerful only in that aspect of the Force, just as the Daughter is powerful only in the light-side. Neither are ‘good’, neither are ‘evil’. Although it seems that they can use only the side of the Force they embody, I find that I see them as grey figures. (I think an interesting thing I must point out is that the Daughter, after being confronted by Obi-Wan, was willing to have the Son killed. And even though the Son fought the Daughter when she tried to stop him, he completely freaked out when he accidentally killed her, the ‘only person I ever loved’.)

(Hahaha first draft RotS Anakin/Padme parallels no not at all.)

*Wipes away tears* Anyway.

Until Anakin, Obi-Wan and Ahsoka land on Mortis, I don’t think (correct me if I am wrong), that there were any problems with the Son and the Daughter. Both obeyed the Father, right? (Here, I’m thinking of that scene where the Father had the Son and the Daughter threaten to kill Ahsoka or Obi-Wan unless Anakin chose between them. Which is, I might add, a really horrible cruel thing to do, and that’s a reason I cannot stand the Father.) They were generally good kids, the Son rebellious and passionate, but all in all, a good kid.

(Also, I found that the Father treated the Son an awful lot like the Jedi council treated Anakin. You know, kept them cooped up out of concern, which literally only made them more resentful.)

(I’ve gotten really, really off-track now.)

Now, heading back to my child Anakin, who uses, I believe, the dark-side of the Force. I don’t actually think there’s a difference between the two, it’s just the Force responds slightly differently depending on what the user is like. Anakin relies on his passion and his instincts, while the Jedi, Obi-Wan in particular, uses his head. (Admittedly, Obi-Wan is reckless as well, but in comparison to Anakin… well.) The Jedi can’t tell the difference between the light and the dark in general, but they can if the dark side is being used for evil (see numerous actions by Anakin Skywalker). (That’s why Anakin has always seemed like a grey sort of Jedi. ‘Light-side’ activities, stemmed from the dark-side.)

What am I saying? The Son is so alike to Anakin it isn’t even funny.

So now, I have finally gotten to the point, which was backed up by some of the above (the rest being word vomit) to support my stupid headcanon.

Anakin was not meant to replace the Father, he was meant to replace the Son. Which, by extension, means that there was, at some point, a replacement Daughter. 

Ah and here is my stupid headcanon: Shmi, at some point in her life had a daughter. Whether this was Anakin’s twin, elder, or younger sister, I think it’s pretty clear that she died young. Maybe a miscarriage, maybe she was stillborn, maybe she died as a very young child from disease. 

(Also, I’m very partial to an idea from one of Irnan’s fics where Anakin has a stillborn twin sister. This may have stemmed from that.)

In conclusion, I think Anakin was meant to replace the Son, he had a sister who died, and I literally wasted hours typing this crap up. 

Reasons why I love the Group Meditation scene in TCW: The Lost Missions (A personal rant):

It is a solemn congregational act of communing with The Force. In that scene, within the quiet enclave of the Council Room, the tallest spire of the Temple, well-above the skyline of Coruscant, the Jedi are seekers. They are seeking a greater Truth beyond which they can see. A deeper sensorial and spiritual pursuit. A level of introspection that transcends their individual selves. Imagine a gust of wayward wind suddenly slowing down with leaves caught in it, imagine a cresting wave crashing with each grain of sand upon a shore, imagine great mounds of sand dunes shifting the face of a desert… all eclipsed into the space of a red heartbeat. How the elements are collective and alive. If the Living Force could be defined as an act, this is itThe Jedi are a community, so this act of group mediation is a witnessing of Jedi being Jedi. It is beautiful and it is important.

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Hello! I really enjoy reading your Meta. I find them unbiased, logical and respectful which is really like a holy miracle in this fandom filled with so much character hate because they get in the way of one's favorite ships. Have you read the MH Mook? I would like to hear about your insights on it. I found it great because KyoAni did show a lot of things I love about MH. Who do you think was dreaming? And I feel bad that Rin is getting hated for being a "villain" .

Hello! Thank you very much, you’re too kind ♥

I did indeed read the MH mook :D I really enjoyed it. I wasn’t planning to write a big post about it because the mook stories are very much just over-the-top dream fun, but as you rightly point out, that doesn’t mean there isn’t a lot to love in them and the MH mook did a wonderful job of showcasing much of what makes Makoto and Haru’s relationship so special.

I’ll gladly share some of my thoughts - by no means exhaustive. Mook spoilers follow, obviously, so if you’ve yet to read it, stop now and click the link above!

Finding “home” with each other, seeing the world

Makoto: Since you mentioned that you don’t have a home to return to, how have you been living up until now?
Haru: I’ve just been traveling around the world, living here and there…

I really loved the fact that Haru had travelled the world and never settled down in one place before busting into Makoto’s bathtub. Because it’s exactly the opposite of canon!Haru, and shows how much these two anchor each other; in canon, Haru’s interest in the rest of the world had always been dormant and secondary to his natural instinct to remain in his safe space of “home” with Makoto in Iwatobi. His desire to see the world is sparked partly by Rin bringing him to Australia, but also owes a lot to Makoto taking the first step to open up the option to him, by leaving home himself.

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Things I love about Supernatural:

  • the cast
  • 80% of the fandom
  • most of the characters
  • the conventions
  • the gag reel
  • basically all the fun we can have
  • discussing what could be / reading meta
  • the fact it had an impact on my life and has saved people
  • fond memories

Things I hate about Supernatural:

  • the canon show now
  • it’s assassination of it’s characters
  • bad writing and poorly executed storytelling
  • the fact that TPTB do not see it’s decline 
  • seeing something you loved get totally ruined 

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what are some of your fave fics you've read recently? :D

The Single Biggest Problem With Communication by SakuraTsukikage ( R / 100.8k / 616 )

so SO good. it’s an epic length maximum pining and angst fic and it explores the aftermath of civil war and tony deleting his brain beautifully. kind of like reading the most beautiful meta about why these two could be so perfect for each other in the form of an extraordinary, and very very long, fic. not to mention the sex scenes are just ???? holy shit i don’t think i’ve ever read more gorgeous smut lmao

Toasted Buns by copperbadge, scifigirl47 ( R / 33.7k / MCU )

if you haven’t read this fic yet idk what to tell u man. it’s been out for a month and it’s already got 2k kudos so y’know. a collab between two of the huge fic giants in this fandom could be nothing but amazing. really smart, sharp and witty banter and slow build with UST that actually gets resolved!!

All That Glitters (Is Definitely Gold) by mirrorneurons ( M / 1k / MCU )

hilarious. and sweet. and very funny. this fic needs a gazillion kudos tbh.

How To Be a Truly Terrible Wingman by Wordsplat ( R / 11.7k / MCU )

hatesex to love and sO MUCH FREAKING FUN oh my god. the banter is so on point and all the misunderstandings/angst/pining that ensues is beautifully written. will reread at least 10 more times in the near future.

The Silence In-Between by Winterstar ( R / 129.8k / MCU / AU )

there are times when you stumble on those fics that just. leave you thoroughly fucked up after you’ve read them they’re so damn good and so soul-crushingly sad. this fic is one of those fics. it’s a dystopian au and very heavy with tons of dark themes so tread carefully but the world-building in this fic is honestly amazing. that’s one of the first things i look for in an original au and this author does it all sO believably and fantastically. it is still a WIP right now and if you start it, it’s going to be v. depressing v. soon but i promise you do get pay-off!

Hard Reset by Kiyaar ( R / 8.8k / 616 )

NOT A FIX-IT. not a fix-it. oh my god. i found this while going through ‘fix it’ fics on ao3 and je sus chRIST. it’s so good. but it will rip your heart out and stomp it into little tiny pieces and then keep going. (…….there has been possible talk of a sequel.)

Hold On Let Go by gracerene ( R / 2.8k / MCU )

sex in a barn. very hot sex in a barn.

When I Speak I Cross My Fingers by Sineala ( R / 1.7k / 616 )

tHE FIC WE ALL SECRETLY WANTED WHERE SIM!TONY MEETS STEVE BUT IT’S ALL TERRIBLE AND TRAGIC AND j fc. i’m so compromised by everything this fic is. it’s so wonderful. their sim!tony is terrifying and beautiful and stEVE. poor steve. i ju st. read this fic.

better to have loved and lost by laireshi ( R / 1.6k / 616 )

where are my fix-its i whisper as all of my favorite 616 authors continue to write TOTALLY NOT FIX-ITS with soul-crushing angst and more pain.

Morning Glory by mirrorneurons ( R / 2k / 616 )

and to round out this list, some gorgeous domestic fluff and one of my fave fics of this year possibly. starring caroljess my other otp to end all otps and tons of gorgeous, sweet superhusbands being superhusbands.

PSA: Calling All Frozen Fanfic Writers and Readers

If you have time for only one thing from the Frozen fandom today, please read this set of writers’ guides.

Brilliant meta and writing insight from 4mation-is-1derful, the author who brought us Argos and Cafe Liegeois. Please take time to read this; it’s worth it, I promise.

Linking the entire set here:

A Writer’s Guide: Writing Frozen Fanfiction And Characters In General

A Writer’s Guide: Writing Frozen Fanfiction and Princess Anna of Arendelle

A Writer’s Guide: Writing Frozen Fanfiction and Queen Elsa of Arendelle

A Writer’s Guide: Writing Frozen Fanfiction and Kristoff the Love Interest

A Writer’s Guide: Writing Frozen Fanfiction and the Villains

A Writer’s Guide: Writing Frozen Fanfiction and the Sidekicks

Fury Road

I just went to see Mad Max: Fury Road after 2 weeks of it being EVERYWHERE ON MY DASH. 


It’s particularly refreshing to see men and women just treated equally, like it’s no big thing.  Usually in action movies only the main character gets those “slow zoom-spin around their face as the background noise fades to silence” dramatic moments where the camera is clearly taking on the main character’s POV. But in Fury Road that happened to not only women, but actually Rad Biker Grandma.  :DDD

- Furiosa.  Wow.  Her prosthetic arm portrayed as a tool that assists her but that she’s perfectly competent without.   Furiosa having a rich backstory that drives no only her own character arc but the plot of the whole story.   (Compared to backstories in other films that are trotted out just to create moments of vulnerability, or in the case of Laura in AoU, not at all.)  Furiosa making the hero decisions time and again.  Furiosa throwing herself into danger to protect others.  Furiosa standing strong alone but standing stronger with others.  I basically want to know everything about Furiosa and her becoming an Imperator and her 7000 days.

- Max as the classic type of wanderer/loner who encounters a situation, does an assist, and then moves on.  Makes my wuxia-loving heart all a-flutter.  All that talk about Max being the reluctant hero?  I feel like he’s been positioned as the side-observer/narrator from the get-go.   (Also reminds me of Kino no Tabi, but I’m sure the story lineage goes the other way)

- The Five Wives having distinctive consistent personalities, not being afraid to get their hands dirty, and wearing their clothes like they’re clothes and not just for tittilation.  Of course I love Toast the most. 

- Nux has proven that my love for underdeveloped side characters doesn’t just apply to women.  

- Help I love all the vehicles?  Especially the war rig?  I love how Furiosa giving others control of her war rig is her way of saying “I trust you.”  And the war music truck: because why wouldn’t you want your own moving soundtrack?

And the action and plotting were so tightly woven.  There’s really no wasted shots.  The action is frenetic without being chaotic.  There wasn’t any disorienting shaky-cam or wire-fu shots, and I *loved* the slightly sped-up style that they establish in the first action scene.  Max and Nux and Furiosa having distinctive fighting styles

Okay, I’ve run out of gushing for the non-spoilered portion.

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Time to talk about Nedcy.

Alright. Sea of Darkness is out and many of us have finished it. I have seen a fairly polarizing divide within the fandom regarding Ned in this game. So I’m gonna talk about that (+ the series as a whole.)

It is… pretty clear from my blog that I’m anti-Ned most of the time. I just really dislike him. He irritates me and most of the time I feel like he’s a waste of space. So I know you all were expecting me to dislike his arc in SEA and yeah, well, I do. But it’s a lot more than just my personal character preference. It’s not like I think Ned is absolutely worthless. Like, I ship him with Deirdre and I really like the idea of them as a couple. I feel like Ned might actually be much more entertaining if he and Nancy were just buddies. When they joke around and just act like friends, I’m so much more at ease. And his character becomes infinitely more interesting to me when he’s pitted against anyone but Nancy (for example: when he was a joint phone character with Bess in Ghost of Thornton Hall.) But I hardly ever get to see him interact with ANYONE besides Nancy. When they are one-on-one I am infinitely bored, and 99% of the time, that’s all I get from him.

Part of me thinks that Her Interactive feels stuck in the Nedcy relationship. They kind of just… made him her boyfriend in the original games and didn’t think twice about it. Generally speaking, their relationship is not questioned and it is fairly unchanging. Take Phantom of Venice, for example: Nancy walks around toting this precious locket Ned bought her. Colin obviously has a crush on her but she brushes it off, telling him about her boyfriend and then calling Ned and having boring, amicable discussions with him. This is pretty much how it is for twenty. three. games. We had pleasant, calm, textbook adorable interactions between the two of them. Nothing happens. They just… are.

Until Captive Curse comes along and throws everyone for a loop. Nancy and Ned have… a… fight??!? Couples have arguments? What? Honestly, the argument between Nancy and Ned in CAP makes a lot of sense to me and they resolve it pretty well. The more interesting part of this game, in my opinion, is the introduction of Frank as a possible love interest for Nancy. This is emphasized even more in The Deadly Device. I think they have obvious chemistry. At the very least, the Her Interactive team was toying with Frank having feelings for Nancy. And it’s not a new idea for suspects to be romantically interested in her. Colin in VEN and Dave in SHA both express an interest in Nancy. She’s never been available to reciprocate but what if she was? I’m really in favor of this possibility!! But first we have to look at this Ned situation again.

The Silent Spy is probably the best Nedcy game out there. Again, I’m not massively happy about Ned’s existence but I will concede that their relationship is strong and this is truly the only game where I see them as a couple. They aren’t facing problems like in CAP and SEA, but they aren’t sitting in a static relationship either. Instead I actually feel growth and substance to them as a couple in SPY whereas in the other games I get nothing. I’d be more keen to the idea of Ned and Nancy dating throughout the rest of the series if their relationship was always like this, but it’s not. SPY is–so far–a one-time achievement.

If anything, I am usually noticing details about Nancy and Ned’s relationship that really makes me think they aren’t compatible. Ned tells Nancy in HAU that he literally can’t have fun without her. He depends on her in this weird, unhealthy way. And Nancy is not there for him. Not ever. There have been multiple games where she’s written notes to herself in her journal that she has to remember to call Ned. It’s like… he’s not a priority for her while she is everything to him and I hate that. I hate that so much. It’s not balanced and it’s not normal and it’s not healthy.

It needs to be said that Ned is not Nancy Drew’s boyfriend throughout all the books. I want to make that clear. She dates different guys throughout the original series as well as spin off book series. He’s often her main squeeze, so I understand why Her wrote him as her boyfriend in the games. I get that. At the same time though, it would not be going against book canon if Nancy dated other guys. Not at all. But I feel like Her has dug themselves into a hole.

It’s like… they have kept Ned and Nancy as a couple for so long that it would be weird if Nancy just started things with another dude. If Her wanted Nancy to explore any other dating scenarios, they would have to actually break Nedcy up and I don’t know if they are willing to do that. I think most of the fandom ships the two of them together and if they actually ended things, there would be outrage and rioting, etc etc.

What I’m kind of concerned about is why they are devoting so much attention to their relationship now. The Nedcy arc in SEA was a pretty decent slice of the game, all things considered. I guess I can finally talk about this now. Maybe you thought it was cute. I was profoundly uncomfortable. I think maybe the dysfunction in Nancy and Ned’s relationship is meant to be humorous, but I am always left feeling awful about them. Ned calls Nancy thinking they are about to meet up for an anniversary dinner and she literally forgot. Had no idea it even was their anniversary. She got the call to go to Iceland and left without telling him. If I were dating someone for years and they did this to me, I would be shell shocked, honestly. I would probably need to hang up on them and cry. Missing an anniversary, I can understand, but only if they told me about it in advance. And if I found out–at any point in time, let alone on our anniversary–that my long-term partner had left the country without bothering to tell me about it, I would feel betrayed and unimportant and unloved. That’s so fucked up. I get that it’s a running gag, but… the rest of Ned’s storyline in SEA is (I think) meant to be taken pretty seriously! He calls Nancy repeatedly and is genuinely panicked about talking to her and then gives this huge speech about being in love with her. Everyone who has played the game thought he was going to propose to her.

What the fuck??? Honestly??????

I have so many issues with this entire situation. First of all, Ned is getting hurt by Nancy and he represses it. He brushes it off like it’s no big deal. It is a big deal, Ned. In SPY, Nancy asks him if she’s ever missed a date. He responds, “yes all the time.” (again, oh ha ha ha Nancy is a flaky gf, how funny.) Then she asks “how about something really important to you,” and he says “no.” To me, Nancy has crossed that line now. This was obviously important to Ned and he just pretends it wasn’t. Maybe he was even lying about his answer back in SPY, who knows. Nancy has really fucked up her trust with Ned but he doesn’t really get upset with her. Instead, he does the exact opposite and tries to move their relationship a step forward. This is awkward and sloppy to me. It’s incongruous. And because of that, it doesn’t feel genuine. It doesn’t feel like it’s for the right reasons.

Ned’s speech to Nancy is this painful leap of desperation. It’s like Ned is trying to cover up Nancy’s huge misstep by just HURLING himself over this gap in their relationship and hoping he lands on the other side, effectively covering it all up and putting it behind them. But it doesn’t really work that way. There are so many wrong things about the way Ned interacted with Nancy in this game. He calls her completely on edge and then hangs up on her and won’t answer her when she tries to call him back. Nancy literally thinks someone is threatening him or trying to hurt him. Scaring her and then ignoring her is so manipulative and rude. I’m so angry that he did that to Nancy. He doesn’t even text her something like “I’m fine. Will call later.” When he finally does call her back, then he piles on this huge gesture about how he loves her?

It… I… what…? To me, it felt like he was cornering Nancy into the relationship. Like he experienced a flash of fear that he might be losing her and then felt like he needed to sink his claws into it. I think someone else (Basia maybe?) pointed out that the speech itself was actually pretty sweet, but the circumstances soured it a lot. I agree–I read the stuff he said out of context after I had finished the game, and I didn’t even recognize it. The words themselves were pretty lovely. But I wasn’t paying attention to the dialogue because it was such a weird and painful situation. The way Ned led up to this speech was wrong. The fact that he did this over the phone while Nancy was in another country away was massively wrong. (I’m not even going to go into the fact that they have used the L-word with each other before in other games and that if this is meant to be the first time Ned’s saying this to her, it should have happened probably years ago and in person. This has been discussed by other people. But yeah.

Here’s what I find interesting though– Nancy has the option to tell Ned she doesn’t know how she feels about him. This intrigues me. I’m wondering if maybe in the future, we’re going to have similar options?? Maybe in an upcoming game, we can call Ned and have decision to go on a break with him. Nedcy shippers can happily choose not to. But the rest of us could actually explore what it would be like for Nancy to admit to having feelings for another person. For Nancy to tell Dave “no I don’t have a steady back home,” for her to say “sure, Grigor, I’d be open to more than friendship.” The freedom for Nancy to have flirty banter with whomever she pleases? The option for Nancy to just be single and focus on her cases without romantic attachment whatsoever??!!? I would be so down for that.

Otherwise, I don’t know where Her is going with this. We’re stuck in this perpetual state of either getting a boring, stagnant relationship, or this new trend of having Nancy and Ned actually experience some sort of conflict and resolution–which, let’s be real, would also get tedious. I don’t foresee either lending themselves positively to the plot of the games. There is honestly not much more development they can give Nedcy and I’m confused about why they are starting to pay so much attention to adding forced plotlines of their relationship to the games. If they do decide to have Ned propose like we all thought he was doing, I will probably have to hurl myself into the void. I know couples who have been together since high school and have since grown too-comfortable and unconsciously disenchanted with their relationship. Those people don’t compel me in real life and they don’t compel me when it’s Ned and Nancy.

What’s your name? (it’s gonna be the first one alwaaaays)

Call me Fel.

What scene that doesn’t have Klaroline interacting together in it is your favorite from season 3 or 4?

Actually come to think about it I have a lot of scenes that don’t have Klaroline interacting but are important for Klaroline that are extremely interesting to me.

And are actually equally important with many Klaroline canon scenes.

So bear with me.

Now the Originals turned into vampires because they wanted to survive the werewolves. This kind of mentality always followed them and especially Klaus.
Klaus was a werewolf also and he considered himself to be a abomination due to his particular nature. Henrik died by a werewolf (in front of Klaus’ eyes) and Mikael hated and was disgusted by werewolves. Esther gave to the vampire species strengths that would be an ammunition to the Originals in order to fight off and subdue the werewolves. Klaus was cursed in order to not be a werewolf.

In Klaus’s mind werewolves and vampires did not mix. That alone was a contradiction to his eyes. Being a Hybrid was a whole different thing from having a Vampire and a Werewolf being friends and lovers and helping each other and standing next to each ready to fight and die for each other.

When Klaus was preparing the ritual he had wired the places were he kept the prisoners he would kill in the sacrifice along Elena. He monitored those he had kidnapped and caged. He has shown to Damon Jules like that after Damon told him he had freed Caroline and Tyler.

So chances are that Klaus has seen Caroline and Tyler talking in 2x20.

And if he had that surely must have peeked his interest.

There you have a Vampire and a Werewolf talking to each other. But there is more to it. The Vampire (Caroline when she was talking to Tyler) simply states that Klaus is going to kill them and she is nonchalant about it. She seems fearless and as if she has surrendered to her destiny but her attention is diverted. She is not terrified by what is to come. Her focus is actually elsewhere. She wants answers from Tyler. Answers that are revealing her strength and weakness but most of all her…loneliness and her insecurities. Caroline wants to know why Tyler left her without saying goodbye. Klaus could certainly relate to that. People leaving him behind. Him being insecure. Him feeling all alone. People not bothering with him. Him not being the first choice.

And there you have a girl that she wants to connect with a werewolf while she is a vampire. Those two should be enemies but Caroline is reaching out and she is showing her heart. To a natural enemy of hers. If Klaus was monitoring that discussion (which he probably was since he was leaving nothing to luck when it came to the preparations for the ritual) that must have been a revelation to him.

A werewolf and a vampire being not just allies by necessity but actually friends. Even more than just friends. How interesting. 

The girl’s attitude and bravery must have also been interesting too.

Caroline is calm. She is not panicking. And at the same moment she is building a connection with a werewolf. Klaus can see that this is not impossible after all no matter what 1000 years of feud and blood and his own very origins had taught him. Klaus wants to become a Hybrid in order to be accepted by others that would have the same nature with him and that way vampirism could finally meet lycanthrope without shame or barriers.

And yet here  there was a vampire that wanted to be near a werewolf. That was communicating with a werewolf. That was at ease and accepting to be near a werewolf. No rituals needed. No new species demanded. No prejudice or hate evident.

And he can also see that this girl in the face or death is not wasting her last moments with fear and tears. She demands answers and she wants to know why she was left behind all alone.
Those are things that Klaus can relate to. And things he admires.

And then time passes by and maybe that intrigue is set deep inside him. But he let go of the memory until he sees Caroline once more in the gym when he is turning Tyler into a Hybrid.

And there you have it.

This is a semi interacting scene. Klaus is a very clever man. No doubt about that. At least he was a very clever man in S2 and S3 of TVD.

Klaus always pays attention to the details and he always checks out things that other people would not bother with. And even though what he wants more is to turn Tyler into a successful hybrid I am sure he noticed how Caroline has been fighting for the well being of a werewolf.

That girl…the vampire baby…was now Tyler’s…a werewolf’s girlfriend. A vampire and a werewolf have forged a bond of friendship, love and loyalty no matter what their nature was and no matter how magic and nature had deemed them to be opponents and enemies.

This is what Klaus always wanted. To be accepted. To see people love him despite his genetic nature even though those people (like his father, his mother and his siblings) had a nature that was meant to force them against him and to have them see him as an abomination. Klaus wanted people to see him for who he was and not what he was and this is what Caroline was doing with Tyler Lockwood.

And there he is in that lab right now watching the impossible becoming possible. His longings, his hopes, his dreams are becoming a reality but he is not the one that is the receiver of that impossibility.

There she is. A blonde vampire. A beautiful young girl that knows nothing about what life and vampirism in the long run means fighting against the hold of an Original as hell for… a werewolf. Caroline has not only accepted Tyler but is willing to fight for him. She is showing her loyalty and her devotion both being things that Klaus appreciates and starves for like a madman.

When Klaus entered the lab Caroline momentarily froze. He could see that she was afraid of him (and for good reason) but that didn’t stop her from struggling against Rebekah’s hold and wanting to protect Tyler. That kind of devotion is a spectacular exception in Klaus’s eyes. Especially since it is coming from a Vampire and it targets a werewolf.

Why is this happening? What made Tyler so special? Why is this girl willing to risk her life and being around a werewolf? How can this be even possible?

These are seeds that are slowly taking root inside Klaus’s mind.
Caroline had gained his attention. He can remember her being in chains and holding on to Tyler and now once more he can see her fighting for Tyler.

And then Tyler becomes his first successful Hybrid and anything related to Tyler has now Klaus’s undivided attention.

Klaus has noticed Caroline. And like a poison her image is taking over his mind. Because she is a peculiar thing. She is obviously strong. She is young. She is stubborn. She is capable for devotion.
She is the doppelganger’s friend. She is Stefan’s friend. She is the Bennett witch’s friend. She is his Hybrid’s pretty little girlfriend.

This is how he refers to her now. Everyone else is forgettable and everyone else has a name but Klaus sees her now as Tyler’s pretty little girlfriend.
She is pretty all right. And in the outside and in the inside and Klaus has gotten glimpses of it again and again and again and this is stirring things inside him along with his curiosity. And curiosity can be a very dangerous thing for someone like Klaus because it can turn into an obsession. And after a thousand years of existence being curious about something or someone is not something that happens often to him.

And the fact is that he is indeed curious. He must be. Now Caroline is in his radar. Pretty little girlfriend he said and this is bugging him. Caroline is still with Tyler even though Tyler can kill her with a single bite and even though she knows it she is not letting Tyler go and that doesn’t escape Klaus’ attention either.

Those are the first seeds of obsession.

Those thoughts are coming again and again in his mind because Klaus is obsessed with the fact that he has been alone for far too long and that his Hybrid has what he has been dreaming of having for far to long. Caroline’s attention and love towards Tyler has been a dream of his. Not with Caroline of course since he has only met her but in general he wanted to be accepted like this. Love is a Vampire’s greatest weakness he had said but that doesn’t stop him from being tempted when he sees such a thing in front of him. Something that was denied to him. Something he exiled from his life because he thought he didn’t deserve it for many reasons including his nature. It was an ideal he never thought possible of happening in real life.

And there he is now witnessing the impossible. Or what he thought impossible. And for a man that has lived a thousand years that says something. He is reevaluating. And for a man so set in his ways that is really surprising. And when was the last time he was actually surprised by others and himself?

But what has Tyler has done to earn this? He is too young, too naive, too unimportant. A small town boy. Not even a man. He knows nothing of life. He has not done anything to deserve this. It is not earned. He hasn’t bled or struggled. It was simply given to him out of nowhere and that must have been grating for Klaus.

Tyler has not suffered. He has not seen everything Klaus has seen. He has not felt everything Klaus has felt. He was not being hunted for what he was. He was not denied of love because of what he was. Why does an insignificant person like Tyler get to have what should belong to Klaus?

And in Klaus’s mind the bond Caroline and Tyler have at some point needs to be tested. He wants more proof. He wants to see if it is actually real.

He also wants to witness it first hand. He wants to also get closer to the enigma Caroline Forbes is. The fearless baby vampire that stands next to werewolves -and now Hybrids- and gives away her loyalty and love. Even to those undeserving of those gifts.

Klaus has been craving for everything Caroline freely gives away. He is intrigued. He is intrigued by her relationship with Tyler but also admittedly by her.

She is the one that risks her life next to a Hybrid that could end her life so easily even by accident with a poisonous bite and yet there she is… still fighting and holding on to Tyler.

And honestly he has done his search over the doppelganger and her friends. Caroline is meant to be shallow. To be frivolous. To be superficial. And Caroline Forbes is actually a revelation. She is intelligent, loyal, trustworthy, radiant and beautiful and she shines like a rare gem in his eyes.

He should put Caroline’s worth and her bond with Tyler to the test. He should meet her. He should see with his own eyes what is it exactly that makes Caroline so special. Is it that she is naive or it is something else? Something deep? Something even he can’t explain?

And at the same time she is still a great pawn. She is part of the MF gang and a convenient collateral damage that he can’t stop thinking about.

So when the time came Klaus ordered Tyler to bite her. He wanted to have leverage against Stefan. He wanted to sent a message to Elena and the rest of their insolent group. He wanted to get the sheriff and the council at his side. He wanted to test Tyler’s sirebond. He wanted to test Tyler’s bond with Caroline. But most of all it was the right time to finally meet the girl that has gained his attention.

And he would meet her in a situation where he would hold all the cards and he would have power over her.
That would be fairly harmless for him. Quite amusing also. And he could finally get all the answers he wanted concerning the conundrum Caroline Forbes was.

Of course that was still a game. A fairly harmless one.

He never expected to enter her room and fall for her. He never expected to be enchanted by Caroline Forbes and to be rendered weak by her light, her fire and strength. By her acceptance of her nature and her thirst for life.

And he finally sees it. More so. He finally feels it. He gets it. He understands it. She is different. She is special.

Now he knows. Now he cannot pretend otherwise. He took a taste of what Caroline is. Of who she is. Of how she embraces her nature and how she has set her prejudices for those she loves aside. He has tasted her blood but most of all he has tasted her passion for life, her strength and her untamed potential.

She is beautiful, strong, full of light. She can be ageless as she is already fearless even in the precipice of death. Genuine beauty indeed. And if anything Klaus always appreciates beauty because he knows how rate it is to be found. Especially in people.

Caroline Forbes is all he inspired to be a long time ago. She is all he wanted to have a long time ago and deep down still wants.

Caroline is his opposite and she is still also made out of the same material as he is. They are the same and she is his opposite pole that attracts him like a magnet. He is death she is life. He is knowledge she is the sponge that craves it. He is the shadows that can rise higher by her light and he can illuminate her darkness that she can’t hide and she is ready to embrace as much as she embraces life. In her eyes he can see all the art he appreciates and everything he wants to create and cherish.

His manipulation is rendered useless now. The trap he set proved to be lethal. But not for her. He is now trapped and mesmerized and he can understand that the early signs of Caroline Forbes have not been a facade. She is the real thing. She is unique. And he is selfish. He wants her by his side. He wants her to be his. He want to sink in more into her beauty and her mind. He wants to learn more about her and he wants her to fall for his charms.

So his intrigue over her becomes an infatuation.

But the infatuation does not stop there does it?

He starts falling for her. Not just because of everything she represents but also because of everything she is as a person. The idea of Caroline Forbes becomes something tangible. He can see the girl and the woman she can be and he wants her even more. Harder and harder he falls for her to the point where he cannot hide it anymore.

And everyone can see it.

“Why do I always have to be Klaus bait?… Because he’s obsessed with you.”

He has fallen for her to the point where he…Klaus Mikealson…the most feared of the Originals wears his heart on his sleeve. He draws horses and he is ready to give her the world. Champagne and dresses. Dates and hummingbirds. Anything and everything she desires.

“You know you have him (Klaus) wrapped around your little finger, right?“

Klaus attempts to even to understand human nature because he wants to understand her. Because Caroline is meant to be a vampire but she still connects with humans and that will always be a part of her and the key to win her heart over. Because love and hope are still human emotions and now he feels them all together at once for that girl. That girl that shouldn’t mean anything to him but somehow has managed to invade his heart and mind.

All it takes is for someone to simply mention her name to him for him to show his vulnerability. All it takes if for someone to remind him that Caroline is not his and she is with Tyler and she is rejecting him. Then everyone can see how the mighty can fall from love and how hurt Klaus actually is. He is on his knees for her.

And it was actually that obvious for everyone.

In the decade dance when his mother has trapped him into the school and he was ready to choke the life out of Bonnie’s boyfriend in order to make Bonnie follow his orders all it took was for Stefan to mention Caroline’s name for him blink as if lightning struck him and to back off.

“Don’t be stupid Klaus. Bonnie doesn’t give a damn about us. The only reason she’s helping right now is to save… Caroline… and Tyler.”

When Caroline was trapped into the highschool with Alaric and Elena all it took was Damon mentioning Caroline’s name for him to get all riled up and to be convinced to actually help.

“Caroline’s in there. Don’t you have a thing for her, or did she just reject you too many times?“

Every time someone mentions her name it is as if a bullet is finding its target straight to the heart he never thought he had.

“What is it that you say to her”

He had asked Damon. He had actually lowered his head and asked a question like this as if he was a shy school boy. Because Damon has managed to achieve the impossible. He had managed to make a girl that still believes in morality and compassion fall for him by averting her eyes to all the terrible things he had done. What is it that Damon has and can tempt Elena that he doesn’t have when it comes to Caroline? Why does Damon (that obviously is not worth it) get to allure a woman that still believes in the good fall for him while he can’t manage to get Caroline to send even a smile to his direction.

Klaus has lived for a thousand years. He has used all the tricks he knows. He has tried wooing Caroline. He has even opened his heart. And it is not enough. It is not enough because he wants the real thing. He doesn’t want a compelled fake love story. He wants Caroline to show him her true devotion. Her love. Everything she shares with all those people that never put her first.

And there he is. Klaus Mikaelson. Admiring Caroline Forbes even when she is not there to see it. Having his eyes shining when he hears her name. Putting her first even when she is not next to him or anywhere near him. He is ready to show to his enemies his weakness if it means that he would gain Caroline’s favor or if he would simply contribute to her well being.

And more so he is ready to change himself because Caroline has not managed to simply infatuate him. She has gotten deep under his skin.

For her he can be the best version of himself. And maybe that doesn’t say much because he is not a good or nice person to begin with but even so he is ready to take a step back from his evil ways for her. It won’t change him completely or that much but truth is that he has changed in his core for her even if it is an infinitesimal change. Because it is still a change that he wouldn’t allow for anyone else to happen. Because for a man that has lived for a thousand years inside twisted emotions of rage and psychosis this change is actually monumental and doesn’t happen often…or at all. And this is why it matters. Because Klaus is the unmovable object and Caroline has been the unstoppable force that managed to create a slight thin crack to that object. Enough to let the light pour in.

“Was it worth it to see her smile? To make her dream night come true?”  

Here he is. The monster that sends his enemies running away for centuries in fear and terror. Here he is allowing Tyler to come back to town and to leave in peace all for giving to Caroline Forbes the prom dance of her dreams. Something so silly and insignificant and yet important to him because it is important for Caroline.

And all that while Caroline does not know what he has done for her. How much he has changed for her. How much he is willing to lay his arms down only for her smile even if that smile is not directed to him.

He is not selfish for her anymore. He simply wants her to be happy. Because that makes him happy.

And he finally sees it for what it is. He is in love. And anyone capable of love is capable of being saved. It might never happen but as long as Caroline Forbes is out there and smiles and is happy there is always hope.

However long it takes. And for an immortal like him that is plagued by feelings of emptiness and loneliness hope is the one and only emotion he can truly appreciate and for that he can truly wait. He can wait for a day, a month, maybe a century or even an eternity.

Because that hope now has a name.

Caroline Forbes.

What do you envision was going through Caroline’s head during the famous ‘however long it takes’ speech?

I think that for a moment her mind went blank.
And then realization hit. The magnitude of it all. I mean here is the scariest dude of them all professing not only his love but also his eternal devotion and dedication. And he is honest. Brutally so. But most of all that promise made her realize what actually means to be a vampire. Klaus is a creature that is immortal and so is she.

I think that in that particular moment Caroline Forbes realized that she will live a very very long life and that her future was just beginning and that Klaus actually knows what he is talking about. He is one thousand years old and she is just beginning.

Forever get a whole new meaning. It finally became a realization for her and Klaus infatuation with her became suddenly something more. It was scary and huge and made the butterflies in her stomach rage and it was opening her eyes and her horizons to what a vampire has to face ahead. The promise of forever. And somehow that must have felt both liberating and suffocating and incredible and terrifying all at once. That scary feeling but the good kind of scary.

Just imagine all the possibilities and all the paths that lead to one inivitable destination that inside it holds eternity.

Is there a scene you would change from either season? Why would you change it?

The prom dress.

Too much fluff.

Too . much . fluff.


Worst of all too much out of the blue unnecessary fluff that didn’t belong to the progress of their relationship especially considering the previous episode.

Is there a scene you’d want to add in for either season? Something that was implied or talked about but we weren’t actually shown?

Yes actually. I wanted to see the gap between the first Klaroline scene in 3x11 and the bracelet scene in the end of 3x11.

How did Klaus deliver his gift? How did he even chose it?  Did he linger in Caroline’s room? Even for a moment? Watching her sleep? Was he on his stalker mode or in his “wow I am having a revelation kind of mode” as he watched his sleeping beauty? lol

Any fic recs set in Season 3 or 4?

Check my KC recommendation page in my blog.  Too many too count. lol

loserofauser asked:

Hi! I read your meta about juuzou and mama and you said mama "forced juuzou to live as another gender" I'm curious about this bc i actually haven't read the manga and the anime doesnt touch on this(or maybe I didn't pick up on it?) Is it a canon fact or a well supported headcanon? Thanks

Oh my, no, that’s is 100% canon fact. (I’m sure you’ve heard this before in this fandom, but if you’re able please ready the manga!)

So she had him cross dress, and then, to ensure that he would never develop his male secondary sex characteristics (body hair, deep voice, muscle, thicker skin, etc) she used a hammer to smash his genitals. That’s why he ooks (and sounds) so gender-ambiguous, and why he gets so upset (read, triggered) when people like Marude insult him for looking like a girl. (That particular trigger seems to be less active by :RE, as he cross dressed without a problem. Then again, it’s HIM cross dressing as part of a mission, not an insult, so we’ll see.)

anonymous asked:

I'm a bit uncomfortable with the concept of "the author is dead", but perhaps I'm misinterpreting. I feel like it's saying that once you share something you wrote and created with someone else, you no longer own what you've created, and it's out there for anyone to change and take apart and make it whatever they want it to be, and you don't have the right to object or be upset because it isn't yours anymore. Can you help me understand? This makes me very nervous to share my own creations.

oh gosh i find myself so conflicted with the author is dead but i’m not entirely sure if it’s because i’m not getting the full picture since we devoted like ten minutes talking about it in english class


i have a queued post later on talking about readers and texts and authors that you might find of interest though it’s mostly just ???? because i find all the models i’ve heard about (which you know, considering the education i received, lollerskates, means shit) deeply unsatisfying

Here is an excerpt from the wiki entry

Keep reading