Remember that one time Black Mask infiltrated the clocktower and Babs was forced to activate a self-destruct device basically sacrificing all her equipment and personal materials. Remember how she didn’t dwell on her losses but instead immediately took her situation into her own hands and proceeded to kick ass. I feel like these panels alone are very telling about who Babs is as a person: you can knock her down, but she’s going to get back up, brush the dirt off her shoulder, and come back better than before. Fuck lingering in the past, there’s ass that needs to be kicked.

[Birds of Prey #75]

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via thisisfusion: Prison-reform advocates say they’re not at all surprised by an uprising at a Texas prison that has forced the relocation of some 2,800 detained immigrants.

Inmates at the Willacy County Correctional Center, about 200 miles south of San Antonio, started fires and had “kitchen knives and sharpened mops and brooms to be used as weapons,” Willacy County Sheriff Larry Spence told local news station KGBT. The prison is “now uninhabitable due to damage caused by the inmate population,” read a statement released by the Bureau of Prisons (BOP).