I am always astonished how few people are aware that birds are in fact dinosaurs. Real life dinosaurs, everywhere in our cities, bopping around on their little clawed feet and being detested for spreading their little dinosaur germs.
—  Marie-Claire Koschowitz
  • t a g g i n g → Keegan Dolsen,  vontuss, carter-stlaurent, montyclifton, beautyqueenbunny, queen-tinsley, and countless other important members of the Rosewood community (most importantly Lola Leon who’s faceclaim is the incredible Laverne Cox).
  • t i m e  f r a m e → June 24, 2015
  • l o c a t i o n →  The Judy Garland Center, Rosewood’s new LGBTQ center.
  • n o t e s → Okay, so this is basically the groundwork for an event coming up, an event that I think will really excite all of you. Basically, Rosewood will be having it’s very own ball a la Paris is Burning. Below all the information on the event, including who’ll be heading the houses of Rosewood and when it’ll occur. Also enjoy this little bop while reading that monster of a self para. Also thank you to everyone included in this self para for allowing me to include your characters in this.

Keegan walked down the hallways of Rosewood’s newest Lesbian, Gay Bisexual and Transgender center. One that like Katz had met it’s end last year, but unlike Katz, it didn’t go down because of some psychopath. No, it was brought down by someone close to him. Because of a game. A game that he hoped would never rear it’s head back in Rosewood ever again. But what it’d taken away was brought back in a grand way.

He was in awe of just how beautiful the building truly was. He’d heard his aunt’s praises for the promptly named Judy Garland center but he didn’t know just how right she was. The building was stunning, it was a work of architectural art. It didn't’t seem like it belonged in Rosewood, rather a big city like his now hometown or any of the big cities. He smiled as he popped his head into each room, the spirit was light and… it only made him excited for the future of Rosewood. When he was struggling with his self identity, he wished he would have had a place to go, where he felt accepted. Where he felt normal. This place, it was going to provide a shelter for so many who might feel like the world thinks they are odd or weird. It would be where a boy from an uptight family could go and see that he isn’t an “abomination” or the boy struggling to accept his sexuality that he takes to the bottle. Or the cheerleader scared to tell her teammates that she’s not into the football players like they all were, but instead was into one of them. Or the person who didn’t see themselves in the body they were currently in.  

It would be their home. 

Being there, taking it all in. It made all the headaches of networking and the fundraising, it made it all worth it. 

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I find it really hard to talk about how I adore the new Batgirl, Black Canary, and Starfire titles because the minute I say this I get jumped by people saying it’s not really them. “She isn’t as smart as oracle or this is not black canary” But I’ve read BoP, old Batgirl stuff, and I see the difference but these new titles are very much derived from past incarnations. Starfire is still extremely smart and lovely, Batgirl is building a team and just as smart as Oracle, and Black Canary still feels like Dinah from BoP who lets her mouth get her into a lot of trouble (and later I can see her becoming this team leader). Maybe it’s just me but I wouldn’t trade where we are in terms of telling these different stories. They’re different, but I still see how much past incarnations have fueled and brought these characters to the point they are now. Also, this slice of life approach is great. BoP had so many short little slice of life moments in it. The JL cartoon was based on personal struggles just as much as villain fighting. Idk I just feel like we’re in a period of exploration for comics and too many people are angry to even let it happen. I love the past incarnations. I really do, but these new one are having a much bigger impact on my learning and adult experiences more than any of the previous stuff. 

its 12:39 am and im doing a test correction thing because i got a D on my social studies test and my social studies teacher like hates me because i cheated on a test on Wednesday and he found out..y i k es

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