Don't hurt him

Summary: Dean is a demon and the reader struggles to help cure him.

Warnings: blood, mentions of death, injury to reader

Screams rang out through the night. It wasn’t always there, most of the time it was in my head. I couldn’t stand it anymore, it needed to end.
"It’s almost over," a deep voice assured from across the room. That’s the only sign Castiel gave me of his appearance. I lied on top of the covers on my bed. I hadn’t even bothered to turn the lights on when I entered an hour earlier, so dark consumed my room.
The angel was keeping careful watch over Sam and I ever since Dean came back as a demon. It had been a long time since any of us had seen the older Winchester, the real Dean. The last time we saw him, he was lying lifeless on his own bed. I can’t describe the pain that controlled my body for weeks. Seeing a man who I considered family, dead, made me want to die. Dean was dead, but he walked away leaving only a note for us. Sam and I tried everything to find him. That’s when anger and determination became my only emotions. I knew Sam felt the same way, I could see it in the way he acted, the way he carried himself.
"Cas, it’s killing him," I mumbled. The anger was gone and replaced by fear. I was terrified we would kill one of the only people in my life who ever cared about me.
Sam and Dean found me on a hunt 2 years ago when I was 13. I didn’t have anywhere else to go so they took me in and have been family to me ever since. Dean and I had always been close but over the last few months, Sam and I had grown closer. Pain does that to people, we understood each other.
"Dean needs us, Cas, and we’re killing him." He didn’t respond. I rolled over on my side to see the silhouette of our angel, sitting in a chair hunched over. It was hard on him, too. "I’m going to see Sam."
I shuffled into the war room where I found the younger Winchester. He held a bottle of beer and stared blankly at the wall. He, too had neglected to turn on the lights. I flipped them on.
"Oh, hey, (Y/N)," he looked up at me, eyes full of fear. He looked worn down, always tired. He definatley wasn’t the same man he was when Dean was here. "Can’t sleep either?"
I shook my head and sat across from him. “He’s not screaming, but his screaming won’t stop,” I answered. I didn’t need to say more, Sam understood. We sat there in silence for a long time. Since Dean had gone missing, we did that sometimes, just sat in silence with each other for company. Finally, Sam got up, said goodnight and walked to his room.
I was walking down the hall back to my room when the screams started again. Then, as quick as they started, they stopped. That wasn’t normal, usually they continued for at least another five minutes. Something was wrong. I took off sprinting down the hallway to the locked room where demon Dean was held. Still no noise.
"Dean," my voice came out shaky as I pushed the giant metal door open. To my horror, Dean sat hunched over in the chair he was tied to. "Dean," I repeated running over to him. I took his face in my hands, his eyes remained shut. "Oh my god," using my knife, I cut him free, scratched away the devil’s trap, and dragged his unresponsive body to the ground.
Giant hands shoved me to the ground. Deans once motionless body now towered above me. “Hey, kid,” he smiled down at me. Dean grasped the collar of my shirt and pushed me up against the wall. “Long time no see,” he said while grinning. His green eyes turned completely black. The Dean I knew was gone.
"You tricked me," I could feel the anger start to return.
"Of course I did, it was so easy, you would do anything for your precious Dean. But you know what, I wouldn’t do anything for you, neither would our little Sammy. We just helped you out of pity," his words stabbed me, "No wonder your family left you, you’re despicable."
Tears fell down my face, “Dean please, this isn’t you.”
"This is me," he snapped back, "and I want to thank you, actually. It was you who made me this way, and it’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me. It’s all your fault."
Tears streamed down my face, “Let me help you,” I pleaded.
"I don’t need to be helped," Dean raised his fist and punched me straight across my mouth. I fell to the ground next to his feet. Blood started to trickle from my mouth and lip. The boot of the older Winchester impacted my ribs multiple times.
"Sam!" I screamed, by now I was coughing up blood.
Dean knelt down so he looked me in the eyes, “He won’t come, he doesn’t care about you.” Another blow to my face.
Castiel, I prayed, if you can hear me, I need your help.
Blood was everywhere and I knew I was about to black out. Just one more hit and I’d be out, but that last hit never happened. Dean was flung to the opposite end of the room. Cas, our angel, walked over to the demon.
"(Y/N)," Sam grabbed ahold of my face and stared intently into my eyes, "It’s ok, it’s over." He pulled me to his chest protectively. "Don’t hurt him," I whispered.
I woke up on my bed, alone. There was no blood, but my body ached and yelled when I tried to move. It took me a moment to register the screams that came from downstairs. Dean. I was still determined to help him, he needed help now more than ever. I don’t care if he hurt me, it wasn’t him.
Slowly, I traveled out of my room. It wasn’t surprising to find the bunker empty, I knew where Cas and Sam were. My ribs felt like they were on fire, and I couldn’t stand up straight, but it wasn’t about to stop me from getting to Dean.
The demon was the first to spot me standing in the doorway. An avalanche of memory buried me, reminding me of the previous hours.
"Ah, (Y/N), welcome to the party," Dean said coldly.
"(Y/N), you shouldn’t be here," Cas warned. Sam said nothing, he just stared at me. He understood why I had to be there, he understood why I had gone to see Dean before.
Sam held a syringe in his hand, Deans cure.
"You know, guys, (Y/N) and I had a nice little chat. We really had a heart to heart," the demon commented. I wanted it gone. Sam stared at him, before glancing at me. I nodded my head, this needed to end.
I closed my eyes as the needle plunged into the demons body. I heard screams and coughs. He yelled and he struggled. Then, silence. Cautiously, my eyes opened, examining the once again motionless body in front of me. Fear rocked my body once more. What if this was it, what if we killed him?
Dean shot his head up inhaling and exhaling deeply. His black eyes turned green.


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