I forgot to check if this story was going around tumblr when it happened, so I’m pointing it out a little late for the obvious comparison. Dad Egbert, what did KFC ever do to you??

The Seattle PD report that a dispatcher alerted officers that an “Unknown male was throwing cake at employees,” and more importantly, that the KFC “can no longer sell the cake.” […]

The incident happened over the weekend, when workers at the store say a man entered the restaurant and began tossing the cake around.

(Source: Consumerist)


Formylation (aldehyde group insertion to the molecule) with the Vilsmeier–Haack reagent. 

This pretty useful reaction is named after Anton Vilsmeier and Albrecht Haack who discovered, that if phosphorous-oxychloride is added to a substituted amide (they used originally N-Methylformanilide, but N,N-dimethylformamide works also great) a chloroiminium ion will form. If an activated aromatic compound is present, an electrophilic aromatic substitution produces an iminium ion intermediate, which can be hydrolyzed to give an aryl aldehyde.

This happens: 

-image from wikipedia.

The reaction depending on the temperature control and a few other things, could also produce a few side products. The “gunk”, what is produced from the side reactions could easily result an intense, adorable colored reaction mixture, just as seen on my favorite picture: http://labphoto.tumblr.com/post/85408986808/the-blood-red-reaction-product-is-poured-on



Seriously, I’ve been waiting for this moment for so long, I saw the characters being casted and freaking out over each one bc perfect match and I was ffff worried about the effects and everything and daaaaamn

SO GOOD. Of course they changed some lil things from book that would hint on other things, anyway, that got me thinking bc they want to keep as surprise for sequel

all I have to say, amazing effects, perfect acting. I NEED MORE, SO IT BETTER THEY BE FILMING SEQUEL SOON ENOUGH


A 5 Year Old watches Godzilla (2014)


So, I watched the new Godzilla with my 5-year-old cousin. He’s seen a lot of these movies, the only films he hasn’t seen are: Godzilla (1998), Godzlla X MechaGodzilla (2002), and Godzilla: Final Wars (2004).

I thought it’d be neat to collect his thoughts and quotes during the experience. Some of this is interesting, some of it is just strange. XD

The rest is beyond the cut.

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Eight Weeks
 The two of you sat in complete silence; you reclined on a paper covered examining table and Harry silently seated next to you. You busied yourself with studying a supposedly placating painting mounted on the wall across from where you sat as Harry merely sat, bowing his head next to you. The two of you had been fighting a lot more lately and that obviously bothered you. From the beginning, the two of you had promised to give the growing living being inside of you the most peaceful surroundings you could possibly muster, for you were told that perhaps that would help you farther along into the pregnancy. The fact was that the two of you had been trying to start a family for quite some time, yet the past three times you succeeded in conceiving, you wouldn’t be able to keep the fetus safe. The longest you had ever gotten before the current pregnancy was four weeks. Thankfully, you had finally made it to week eight and were about to be informed as to whether or not everything was running along smoothly. The only thing that couldn’t allow you to be fully happy was the fact that you and Harry were fighting more than ever. It was stressful, you understood that. You just didn’t understand why Harry was choosing to jeopardize your chances of delivering a perfectly healthy child by arguing with you. His reasoning, though, was that perhaps your inability of childbirth was a sign. A sign for what, he would never say. He had already promised that if you weren’t able to carry a child one more time, he wouldn’t purposely try for another pregnancy any time soon. This only sparked a larger fight on the car ride to your obstetrician. So, naturally, the two of you had kept quiet the whole wait for your doctor to walk in, as to not take the risks of her walking in on the two of you yelling at each other. Soon enough, the familiar build of your doctor pushed through the heavy door in front of the two of you.
"Hello, Y/N! Harry," she offered the two of you a bright smile as she respectfully closed the door behind her.
"Hello," the two of you chorused with forced smiles, Harry letting out a noticeable tired sigh.
"How are the two of you doing?" She inquired, sincerely as she made her way to the two of you.
"Alright, thanks," Harry answered for the two of you.
"Nervous?" She asked, with an all-knowing smile.
"Very," you laughed as you observed her grabbing foreign materials.
"I know, honey, I know. The two of you had a hard year and I’m sure it’s a little frustrating," she sent a sympathetic glance to Harry before making her way to the stool beside you. The two of you only nodded in agreement before she sighed and shook her head in sorrow.
"It’ll happen. You just gotta hang in there… Alright, so Y/N, do you know how far along you are, dear?" Your doctor asked as she took a seat next to the equipment used for performing ultrasounds.
"Eight weeks," you answered as she shook a bottle of the gel you had been looking forward to. You noticed Harry smile and hold back a soft laugh as he stared at the bottle in your doctor’s hands and knew that he had remembered his comment about the substance. Belly Jelly, he had called it before laughing hysterically at the rhyme he had just made.
"Okay, so we’ll just be able to estimate a close due date, point out some little milestones, and most likely be able to hear the heartbeat during this ultrasound. Now, the fetus is quite small, so it might take just a few moments to locate," your doctor smiled tightly as she started preparing for the procedure. This is when your thoughts made you tune out of your surroundings, making the first sound out of your doctor’s mouth even more surprising than it would have normally been.
"Hm," your doctor hummed in a tone that instantly frightened you as she pursed her lips and furrowed her eyebrows in curiosity. You had received that tone the second time you had learned your womb had been vacated. You automatically inhaled sharply as Harry’s hand went to his forehead to apply pressure to his most likely throbbing head. You were already prepared for the worst, your eyes suddenly stinging. Perhaps Harry was right, maybe the two of your weren’t cut out to be parents. You had already accepted that you were no longer pregnant and you were ready to go home and lock yourself into some room where you could have some time apart from Harry.
"No, there it is," your doctor nodded as she slightly repositioned her hand over your small bump. All of a sudden, a quick thumping sound rang throughout the petite room, calling your attention to the screen before you as your doctor pointed out the shape of your child. Out of the corner of your eye, you saw Harry’s heavy head rise from its bowed position to look at the screen that had demanded your attention earlier, his palm falling to cover his mouth. All of your doctor’s words seemed to drift away as Harry readjusted himself on his chair so that he could hold your hand with one hand while his other hid the prominent smile on his face.
"So, can you tell if it’s healthy, yet?" Harry spoke up from his seat as he stared at your doctor for her response.
"Uh, it’s still a little early to be specific but I must say that everything appears to be normal with its development and the heartbeat sounds average," the older lady informed with a glance at your husband before going back to observing the screen in front of her. You glanced at Harry’s obviously ecstatic features as he intently listened to what your helpful doctor had to say and you were instantly filled with joy. You couldn’t explain it but you had a gut feeling that everything was going to be okay. If that meant you had to let Harry be right a few times, then so be it. You were going to try your hardest to live in a stress free manner for nine more months and, hopefully, give birth to a healthy baby girl or boy.