EXO finding out their crush thinks they are sexy

Anon said: EXO`s reaction to their girlfriend`s friend saying that their crush said that she think they are really sexy . Love your blog <3 <3 <3


Suho: Thank you for that information *dying inside*

Baekhyun: Whoa now, somebody’s about to get it


Chen: *gets all shy bc he wasn’t expecting you to like him, much less think he’s sexy*

D.O: I got the girl, time to celebrate

Kai: I know right aren’t I sexy? Just kidding, do you really think she likes me?

Kris: *sends you a wink from across the room*

Lay: *his mind goes completely blank*

Luhan: *goes up and pulls her into a hug* (ur tao)

Xiumin: I’m sorry, I don’t think I heard that correctly. Please repeat it.


Sehun: Wise choice m’lady…wise choice


Don’t get me wrong I am more than happy that Lucas made the returning cut but if he ends up with a moveset alike to Ness again why have him return but not Wolf, especially with a new Starfox in the works that would feature a new model of Wolf to use? Snake on the other hand isn’t licensed by Nintendo so his return would take a bit more effort to have the owners approve him appear again.

EXO when they hear your sick beat boxing skills


Xiumin: *when you start beat boxing he stops everything and listens*

Luhan: *approves*

Kris: “That was pretty neat but I’m still the coolest, here.”

Suho: *gets really into it and cheers you on*

Lay: “When did you learn to beat box like that?” *amazed*

Baekhyun: *joins in by dancing*

Chen: “Damn guuuurl take the mike.”

Chanyeol: “No way! Keep going, keep going!”

D.O.: *waits for a good opportunity to join in*

Tao: “That’s right, my girlfriend’s the best.”


Sehun: *speechless*

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Sakamaki and mukami reaction to you tugging at their sleeve wanting attention and affection :3

-Shuu: “Heh…what a strange thing you do when you want attention from me…come here.” the first son embraced the girl the gentlest way he could, being really happy that she was acting this way.

-Reiji: “Is there something you need from me? Yes, I understand that I have not talked a lot to you, but I needed to finish this. I apologize.” 

-Raito: “Bitch-chan you are so cute~ tugging at my sleeve like a little girl~ If you need love, just tell me~” he held her close to him, kissing all her face in a cute, yet seductive way.

-Kanato: “So you learned that from me, (Y/N)? It’s cute when you do it, if I’m honest. You can cuddle with me and Teddy if you want.”

-Ayato: “Wait, Chichinashi, is it you? You are the direct type, so the hell you’re being shy now? Ahh…yeah, I got that I’m not the lovey dovey type of boyfriend, sorry.” 

-Subaru: “W-What’s with that way of asking for attention, you idiot!? STOP BEING THAT CUTE, DAMN.”

-Ruki: “Is there something you want, Livestock? Hah…got it. I just finished to read my book, so you can be here with me. I promise I won’t bite you, just for today.”

-Kou: “This is the cutest way you have asked for me, M Neko-chan~ just because of that, I will be with you all day and give you all my attention, but I want something in exchange later~”

-Yuuma: “Heh, you tug my sleeve ‘cause that’s the only thing you can reach? How funny, Sow. You asked for my attention, you got it!”

-Azusa: “Oh…(Y/N), is there something…you want? I can give you…all you want, you know…? I promise.”

Block-B reaction: When they are trying to flirt with you in a nightclub


“Hi beautiful, I-I liked y-you s-s …”*goes blank and starts to laugh*


“Hey baby, I like you, and I’m sure you like me too, do you want my phone number?”


“Oh, wow, look at you, you are so pretty… Don’t you think I am handsome too? We could be a nice couple.”


*In sweet tone* “Hey, how are you? I couldn’t help but keep my eyes on you, you are very cute.” *smiles shyly*


“Hey girl, look at all those ugly guys” *point to the other members of Block-B* “I’m much better than them, don’t you think?”


*With seductive voice* “Hey girl… I noticed you were looking at me. Do you want this all? It can be yours, don’t miss the opportunity.”


“Hello cutie, do you want to chat a bit with me?” *Does aegyo*

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* pour petrol around the sakamaki/mukami mansion. then hold a matchstick* mua ha ha,i'm going to burn ya house~!

-Shuu: “Ghhg—!”

-Reiji: “Subaru, you know what to do.”

-Subaru: “Got it.”

-Ruki: “Kou, Yuuma, Azusa.”

-Kou: “Understood~”

-Yuuma: “Roger!”

-Azusa: “Let’s…get her…or him…”

The Flash 1x17 “Trickster”

• totally forgot how to breath during that flashback 

• falling exploding gifts (Lolsmurf? is that you?)

• “Nice name” awwwww daddy feels

• “You are just mad he named himself” good one Snow

• I’m so confused after this flashback (I knew Carrie Bradshaw’s father wasn’t in his right mind xD)

• Okay this Trickster man is hella creepy 

• Iris’s outfit on point 

• Creepy Trickster once again, Gosh he gives me chills (Is Trickster 2.0 his son? hmmm got a strong feeling abt that one)

• “I’m always here for you” GOSH! Why r u doin’ this Wells??!! I want Wells to be the good guy so badly 

• Wells’s flashback awwwww (why do I keep having those damn feels nooooo)

• So happy that they showed how the name was created (Wells was such a romantic back than)


• OMG! Wells and Tess noooo this ain’t right!!

• “This woman has been dead for centuries”

• Poor Barry, can’t watch him cry (srsly the saddest scene ever)

* I needed a ten minutes pause after that scene *

• Iris once again looking stunning 

• Sandra Bullock movies, omg srsly (OMG gonna make Barry with the crown from the movie)

• “feel that wind on your face” “lifting you up” gosh this whole speech sounded sexual af (and that shit was hot, I NEED MORE)

• Barry running and getting rid of that “thing” was hc awesome! (suck it Tricksters)

• “that wasn’t very sanitary” okay this guy is a dick but you gotta admit man’s got some good lines 

• Barry saving his Daddy yay (every time I say daddy i think of Ashton fucking Irwin, gonna call him by his name from now)

• “You always did look good in red” 

• awww Henry meeting Cisco and Caitlin

• Dr. Wells confuses me so badly 

• WHAT? WHAT? WHAT? WHAT? WHAT? WHAT THE HELL JUST HAPPEN??????? WHAT??? (Wells is not really Wells, he was Carrie Bradshaw’s father all this time whaaaaaaaat?!?!)

• after this I wasn’t really shocked when Barry told Eddie abt him being the flash but it was a pretty good episode wow #impressed