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5 Seconds Of Summer Talk One Direction Tour & Answer Fan Questions!

so basically jeff loves frankie and zankie?

jeff sad ‘sadly’ frankie was evicted.
he said ‘my man’ when referring to frankie
he called frankie a ‘showstealer’
he compared frankie to himself
he knew frankies game and defended the ari reveal
he said ‘lets get back to this superstar’
zankie questions galore
‘you blew up the spot frankie’ (he said this TWICE)
talking about interview with julie, jeff said ‘lets put it this way, you were fabulous’
‘you were awesome then you are awesome now, seems like you didnt change at all’ :)
‘zankie for amazing race’
they laughed non stop, hugged, and touched a lot.
Jeff did Frankie’s heart thing.

i say we get jeff on allstars 2 and we can have a zankie/jeff alliance

Nathan is the one who’s saying, She’s still great in there! I realize that she is kicking my bottom all around town, but I still believe in her! I’m going to take this one for the greater good, because she means well!
It’s just that he has maintained this faith, this blind hope that he has, in being able to believe in Audrey and that she is the answer, and to save her is to save the world

Lucas Bryant [x]

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Dancing With The Stars Results | Val & Janel | AfterBuzz TV

Five On It: Ben Fama


I met Ben Fama approx. 69 million years ago, when we were both baby dino interns at Ugly Duckling Presse—back when everyone wore thin headbands and listened to Crystal Castles and you only knew of maybe one person with a smart phone maybe, and anyways it was that one fancy friend of yrs who was a lil bit older and worked out in a pashmina and literally never sweat once in their entire life. It was a vibrant time for culture. Ben was very good at making books. I was very bad at it. When Ben sewed/glued/printed/folded and finished a book, it was put in a pile to send subscribers. When I finished a book Matvei (Yankelevich) would look at it, then look at me, and say, “Well… that’ll be a review copy.” Ben is the author of the artist book Mall Witch (which I pledged for on Kickstarter!), as well as several chapbooks and pamphlets. His poem sunset, which I put in my first poetry mixtape, has been one of my favorite things I’ve read in the past few years. In 2015 Ugly Duckling, where we met o those millennia ago, will publish Fantasy, his first full length collection of poems. Don’t worry Ben, I will not be making any of them. 

1. What’s the last song you listened to?

2. What did you want to be when you were ten?

  • First place

3. What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given?

  • Never say anything about someone you wouldn’t say to their face

4. What’s the last thing you were obsessed with?

  • This peach sweatshirt that says SAINT TROPEZ

5. Give me some poems or poets you’ve been taken with, recently—


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at 1:37 Dylan starts talking about how Fox wants him to shave the beard

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EXTRA Interview || Val and Janel @ 1:34

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New/Old Dakota Fanning interview from the time she was promoting Night Moves during the 2013 Rio Film Festival.