"All these Snappers on the ship, and not a single Nature dragon." Venka grumbled from his position at the Boundless’ bow, intently watching the swarm of monsters ahead of them. “You’re sure the source of this is Arcane?”

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Peter Capaldi’s turn in the TARDIS is giving us one of the most consistently good seasons of Doctor Who since Matt Smith’s first year. And, just as Smith’s adventures with the Ponds framed the emotional arch of season five, Clara Oswald’s courtship with ex-soldier Danny Pink provides a grounded narrative for The Doctor’s outlandish attributes to work with. It works best in an episode like this week’s “The Caretaker,” when the sci-fi hijinks take a backseat to the relationship drama, even though they’re the source of conflict in the drama in the first place.

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Final day of the light source. We’re starting up our new facility across the street, but I’m still gonna miss this old place.

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Hi beautiful! This question is going to sound vain, but I find you a beautiful person inside and out and you're a great source of inspiration for me. Lately I've been feeling down about my appearances. I go to college in the U.S. and I know guys don't find me hot. No one tries to hook up with me or check me out. Usually I don't let this bother me and I know their opinions don't matter, but I wish desperately that I looked and acted differently. I've had an ED years ago and this is triggering me

i’m sorry but i don’t know what the question is here? like i don’t know what you’re asking me. i’m sorry you feel this way, the only advice i have is to love and accept yourself for who you are instead of hating the infinite possibilities of who you are not. guys don’t care about “hotness” (the ones who do aren’t worth your time). good people are attracted to good people. mentally, physically, universally. put out into the universe the energy you want to get back and you’ll find people to connect with. just do your own thing - insecurity and worrying about how “hot” you’re coming across in social situations aren’t very welcoming energies to be putting out there if you’re hoping to meet anyone, male or female. someone worrying about whether they’re getting checked out or whether they look perfect isn’t appealing on a human level - people want to connect with people who are passionate and comfortable with themselves. are you only interested in people for their outward appearance? if not, why do you think anyone else is either? 

don’t use uteruses as symbol for feminism ok

here’s why:

  • you’re excluding trans women
  • you’re including some trans men
  • you’re excluding cis women who may not have a uterus because they’ve lost it because of or to avoid #cancer .

stop doing this it’s so gross

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Good evening friends, just wanted to fill you in on the latest episode of White Cops Gone Crazy. Earlier this month, a black male by the name of Levar Jones was pulled over for a minor seat belt violation by above pictured highway patrol trooper Sean Groubert. Groubert instructed Jones to retrieve his license and registration, according to protocol. When Jones reached into car to retrieve his license, Groubert shot at him multiple times. Luckily it was all caught on his dash cam. Jones survived and Groubert is facing charges. That’s all for tonight. Oh and remember, white cops are not your friends. Unless you’re white. :)



The last day at the National Synchrotron Light Source. We’re shutting down in a few hours.

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We’re back! Actually, I’m not surprised that all 5 Nordics were voted one after another considering that they’re such a tight knit group. Personally, Iceland is my favorite Nordic, so I’m glad to finally be able to do him!

  • He is the second shortest of the Nordics
  • Iceland’s age is said to be somewhere between 16 and 17
  • Though he has no canon name, Himaruya has stated that he liked the names Emil Steilsson, Egill, Sigurður, and Eiríkur as names he liked for Iceland
  • Iceland is uncomfortable with his thick accent and tries his best to hide it.
  • He thinks cola is “okay”
  • When it comes to Mr.Puffin, Iceland can be short-tempered
  • As a child, he was introverted and lonely
  • He has a nice relationship with Turkey, and the two get along well to where Iceland affectionately refers to him as “Pops”. Iceland also seems to view Turkey as a father figure and wants to protect him
  •  He was one of the last Nordics to be designed, despite appearing in the comics before Denmark and Norway
  • He is very fond of licorice and hot springs
  • Due to recent financial problems, Russia has been helping him out. Although Russia is nice to him and treats him kindly, Iceland is suspicious of him.
  • Norway is considered to be the “home where Iceland’s heart truly is” and the two do care for each other.
  • Iceland will try to speak English whenever he can
  • Though in The Beautiful World Iceland’s hair is blond, his hair color has been stated to be white

That’s if for now! Sorry this was late. From now on Character Of The Week’s will be held on Saturdays. Voting ends at 6pm EST!

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The art of Marguerite Burnat-Provins (1872-1952)

1 Anthor et l’oiseau noir, 1922, picture by Claude Bornand, Lausanne, Collection de l’Art Brut, Lausanne
2 Frilute le peureux,1915,picture by Claude Bornand, Lausanne, Collection de l’Art Brut, Lausanne
3 Cover for Le Livre pour Toi, 1907, Ed. de l’Aire, Vevey.
4 Grape Leaves
5 Profil à la coiffe, 1899, picture by Xavier Lecoultre, Perroy, Collection particulière, Suisse

Source : The Blue Lantern and Association des amis de Marguerite Burnat-Provins

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Upper Body Work Out/Bodyweight Fitness Routine

  • Pull ups, dips, rows, and push ups. 
  • 3-5 sets of a progression you can do no more than 10 of. 
  • Rest days, 
  • Lots of food 

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Note: For handstands I just pop into one against a wall and hold it for as long as possible. Didn’t really want to do that one on camera, it’s pretty simple. 

The EGX developer sessions recreate the behind-closed-doors intimacy of a private industry presentation for hundreds of gamers to experience in person.

Each speaker will present new information on their project and, in many cases, there will be an opportunity to ask questions at the end of the session.

All developer sessions will be streamed live via the EGX Twitch channel so even if you can’t make a session in person, you won’t miss a thing…

Psst- By “Thursday”, they mean September 25th. You’re welcome.