Horror Art by Bryan Baugh

Bryan Baugh is and illustrator and the creator of the comic Wulf and Batsy. By day he works as a storyboard artist in television animation including “Transformers: Prime” as well as kiddie shows like “My Friends Tigger and Pooh”. By night he draws MONSTERS!


Some OTP AUs:

  • au where one of your otp is dying from [random incurable illness] and the other goes nuts trying to find how to cure them, even going so far as to willingly kill his friends for it
  • au where one goes evil for [reasons] and tries to kill the other and have his friends in total misery…but after he fails and becomes good again the other loves him so much he acts like nothing happened and only chides him for nearly killing himself.



EVERYONE W/ A CAMERA: Film yourself from the neck down wearing your School Outfit. 

VIDEO EDITORS: Use this footage to make a montage of different School Outfits. Please refer to THIS SONG by WunderBoy when cutting together your montage. Or, cut the footage to a different song on the site.

i’ve been away the last few days settling into university. it’s been pretty rough; but i brought jane along with me to remind me that even the shyest, most socially awkward monsters can fit comfortably into new places if they just take their time and do things their own way. 

here’s a jane boolittle for everyone starting college or university this week and having trouble settling away from home in a new and scary place. she was brave enough to do it; we can too!